Top 20 Street Food You Must Try In Sarabha Nagar, Punjab

top 20 street food you must try in sarabha nagar punjab
top 20 street food you must try in sarabha nagar punjab

Punjab is a beautiful place. The people of Punjab are very sweet and kind. Punjabis love to eat street food. They are Food lovers. They like eating a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Punjabi people love to eat chaats, paratha, lassi, butter chicken, and many more. You get excellent street meals in dhabas and eateries in Sarabha Nagar. It has ingredients from South Indian, Rajasthani, Chinese cuisines, and many more. You will like every street food of Punjab as they are very delicious. Here are the top 20 Street food you must try in Sarabha Nagar:


Golgappas is each chaat lover’s favourite.  The crispy and hollow puris, full of sweet and tangy chutneys, dahi, chaat masalas, potato, or peas, while served with flavoured water, brings approximately a burst of taste to your mouth. The Punjabi ones are larger and more tangy and spiced.

2.Dahi Bhalla

It is less for the belly, however, oozing with sweet and tangy flavours. Dahi Bhalla is a favorite street Food of Sarabha Nagar. It has deep-fried puris. Puris are crispy and hollow. Then the puris are filled with sweet, and tangy sauce. The chutney is spicy. Then it is topped with dahi.


The chaats have so many varieties like Papdi Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Bhalla Papdi, Aloo Tikki, Ragda Patties, Kachori and others. It has many delicious chutneys on top of it. Chutneys are sweet and tangy. They also contain potatoes, onions, corns, herbs, and many more things.

4.Chole Bhature

You must try them if you are in Sarabha Nagar. Chole Bhature combines the richness of gravy filled with chickpeas and with that of the fluffy bhature. While eaten together, they form an important North Indian dish, which may be consumed any time, morning breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bhatures are cooked on tandoors or clay ovens and can be undeniable, or with a filling of paneer or potato.


It is a mixture of condensed milk, and loaded with nuts, raisins, pistachios, saffron, and other dry culmination. Kulfi is a dessert item typically served after dinner. In the searing heat of Sarabha Nagar, there may be nothing like licking the cold sweet milk and biting chunks out of the bar of kulfi.

6.Pav Bhaji

The most popular street meal in India, Pav Bhaji is a thick vegetable curry, crowned with butter, and served with soft bread. The kind which can be prepared in North India are spicier and have extra butter. The crimson coloured bhaji while served with crispy fried bread, makes it a favourite snack of Sarabha Nagar.


For street food lovers of Sarabha Nagar, there’s not anything like eating tikkis with chole. Tikkis are spiced potato cutlets, generally shallow fried, and served with chole, and garnished with onions, sweet and highly spiced chutneys. Tikkis can be eaten alone too, but in North India, you can have it with chole or make into a Chaat dish.

8.Paneer Tikka

This tandoori street food is well-known in India, even in Sarabha Nagar. Paneer cubes are char-grilled on skewers and served with mint chutneys and different sauces. Different vegetables like capsicum and tomatoes are also introduced to the paneer.


This favorite street meal of Sarabha Nagar is eaten many times as Fast Food. Essentially it is far from a Kathi roll, filled with a collection of various greens and spices. It can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but both of them are similarly juicy and delicious.

10.Cheese Chili

This Chinese dish has emerged as a favorite street meal of Sarabha Nagar. It carries various kinds of green vegetables and pieces of Paneer, organized with spicy sauces, and garnished with herbs and different seasonings.


The steamed momos have become a favorite avenue meal for people of Sarabha Nagar. Momos is basically a Tibetan dish, having chunk-sized dumplings full of greens or meats, and served with highly spiced sauces and a mixture of chutneys.

12.Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are deep-fried pancakes, rolled and packed with vegetables or meats, and served with various sauces and chutneys. It’s far from a street food that is light at the stomach, however dripping with flavour and aromas.


Street meals enthusiasts in Sarabha Nagar love this Chinese delicacy. As Sarabha Nagar loves highly spiced food, noodles too have a spicier flavor and excessive flavours. Noodle Soup is likewise a favourite.

14.Amritsari Kulcha

An eternal North Indian dish, Amritsari Kulcha is made of simple flour, filled with a number of stuffings like paneer, cheese, potatoes, and prepared on a clay tandoor, and served with chole, chutneys, pickles, and curries. They are the excellent street Food of Sarabha Nagar.

15.Rajma Chawal

A typical north Indian street delicacy. Rajma chawal is red kidney beans prepared in rich gravy and served with rice. It is different. It is the most nourishing dish and most famous amongst the street food fanatics of Sarabha Nagar.


This well-known Punjabi lassi is chilled in the warm summer months. It is favored among people of Sarabha Nagar. It is made with yogurt. It has many ingredients like spices, fruits and other toppings.

17.Sarson Saag And Makki

A dish synonymous with Punjab, it has gained the hearts, or stomachs, of hundreds of thousands across India. Sarso or mustard greens are made with various Indian spices and eaten with flat cornbreads, or Makki di Roti. It is an essential food of Punjab, eaten within the Winter season, as it offers warmth and lots of nourishment. In Sarabha Nagar, you get those at well-known dhabas and various other eateries.


There is no one who makes parathas better than the North Indians. In Sarabha Nagar, you get the best Parathas with lots of butter and served with curries, pickles or raitas. Parathas are made from wheat flour and are available in specific kinds like plain, butter, cheese, paneer, keema, various herbs, dals, and others.

19.Chicken Tikka

A famous Street Food in Sarabha Nagar, chicken Tikka is char-broiled hen meat on skewers or grilled oven, made with vegetables and flavoured with spices, and served with mint chutney, and different sauces.


Burgers filled with vegetables, meats, herbs and sauces, is the excellent Street Food in Sarabha Nagar. It has a big fan following throughout Sarabha Nagar. Burger manufacturers and street Food eateries serve the most delicious burgers.