Top 20 Dishes In A Wedding


Wedding not only reminds us of the party but for some people the food that is served is a wedding. People say that, whoever comes to the wedding, must speak about the food served in a wedding at least for a day. Here are the Top 20 dishes that are being served in a wedding.

1.Mini Jangiri

There is an old saying also, whatever we start; we should start with the sweet. A sweet is served in a wedding. It is the wish of a person whether he wants to eat the dish in the starting or at the end.



It is added as a supplement for all the dishes that are served in a wedding. Usually, mango pickle is served, to add an extra flavor to the dish. It can also be a side dish for curd rice; it’s a nice combo.



If the marriage reception is in the afternoon, then it is a full meal served in some cases. Some vegetable is chopped and all kinds of masala powder are added and it is fried in oil mildly. Predominantly, cabbage carrot poriyal is served in a typical wedding and it gives a pleasant odor and taste.


4.Chicken Biryani

There is an option, if the wedding reception is in the afternoon, either meals or Biryani is served. A lunch like chicken Biryani is a satisfying lunch for everyone to be served as one of the dishes in a wedding.


5.Chicken 65

A perfect side dish for a perfect Biryani. Chicken 65 is a suitable side dish for a non-vegetarian lunch. Mixing the chicken with all types of masala powder and making it getting soaked in the masala powder. You can then fry the dish in oil and gives it a crispy taste.


6.Chicken Gravy

Sometimes, instead of chicken 65, chicken gravy, a chicken piece is being served with Chicken Biryani for everyone to try this combo along with the yummy and tummy filled Chicken Biryani. There is none other than stomach filled lunch in a wedding as this dish.


7.Brinjal Gothsu

Brinjal Gothsu is served along with the non-vegetarian lunch. Chopped onion, asafoetida, and green chilies are added. When the onion is fried in oil until golden brown, chopped brinjal is added and then tomatoes are added and fried in oil. It results in a spicy and tasty dish along with tummy filled Biryani.


8.Vatha Kulambu

Vatha kulambu is served along with the full meal when a wedding reception takes place in the afternoon. Chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, tamarind pulp, water is added and it is allowed to boil. The pan is closed with a pan and heated over low flame.


9.Kara Kulambu

It is also one of the dish that is served in a wedding along with full meals. Sliced tomatoes, onion is added along with sambar powder, turmeric powder, grinded coconut paste is added, allowed boiling for 2 minutes. It is served for everyone as it tastes good. Any vegetable is added, to add an extra flavor of the dish.


10.Mor Kulambu

This will surely help you to balance your lunch in a wedding. It cools down your body as we know buttermilk is always taken during the summer season so as to reduce the heat in our body. Tur dal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and rice is soaked in hot water for 10 minutes. The mixture is grinded added into the pan; green chilies are added to the pan and fried in oil.


11.Vegetable Pulao

When the reception is in the evening, vegetable pulao is served to everyone in the evening. Chopped onions, ginger garlic paste, all the vegetables are added and fried in oil. Then boiled rice is added to the mix and is stirred along with all the vegetables.


12.Mango Drumstick Sambar

It is the first dish to be tried in full meals. Mango and Drumstick makes the best pair when they are made as sambhar, it gives a pleasant taste to all people whoever tries it.



Puri is a dish which can be served in the morning or at night. Puri is served with any tasty gravy for a satisfying dish to be tried by everyone on a perfect wedding reception.


14.Channa Masala

This gravy is usually served along with puri or chapati. Chopped onions, garlic, coriander, turmeric powder, chickpeas are added and stirred. Garam masala, roasted cumin is added and fried till this is stirred well and made into a gravy consistency.



Chapati is served as one of the dishes that can be served in the night along with any gravy that suits chappati. As it is also an easily digestive food for old people and it is a food which can be easily taken by all class of population.


16.Paneer Gravy

This gravy is prepared and served along with Chappati or naan. Add grinded onions, tomatoes into the pan along with coriander powder, cashew and red chili powder, and sliced paneer is added into the pan. It is allowed to boil for at least 10 minutes.



This will be the tastiest dish when it is served with paneer gravy or salna. The layers of the parota will eventually lead people to fall in love with this dish and have a tummy filled dish at night in a wedding reception.



This gravy is a suitable one to be tasted along with parota. It is made similar to that of paneer gravy. All kinds of masala powder required an amount of salt is added and allowed to boil and is served along with Parota.



Vada is usually considered to be the concluding dish of the full meals. Medhu vada is served to everyone along with this at times; coconut chutney is being served as a side dish to Vada.



Even this dish is considered to be the concluding dish of lunch. This is a sweet drink which will be in a semi-solid state and it is prepared by vermicelli.