Authentic North Indian Dish In Bangalore

Authentic North Indian Dish In Bangalore

If there’s one thing that pops into your mind when someone goes “North India”, it’s food. From Punjab’s Makki Ki Roti and Sarso Ka Saag to Rajasthan’s Daal Baati Churma, we, as North Indians, practically live for food.

Now since Hamara Bharat Mahan is a highly diverse country, the diversity that we have in food is not much of a surprise. So, we as North Indians do miss our masala-filled, extra Makhan dishes down South. Just to tackle that problem and get you North Indians living in Bengaluru homesick, we have our Top 20 North Indian food serving restaurants in Bengaluru.

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1. Samarkand

Gem Plaza | Infantry Road, Bengaluru

(+91) 9902198798

For all the non-veg sweethearts who wouldn’t fret getting their hands grimy while delving into their kebabs, Samarkhand is the place. Giving an exceptional yell out to their lamb biryani, one of the fascinating nourishment things is chuza baked where the chicken is served from sword. Yes, you read that privilege. Furthermore, this place feels so at home with their waiters actually dressed in pashtuns. Samarkhand is a highly recommended place for the meat lovers!


2. Baba Fattoosh

Address: Marathahalli, Bengaluru

(+91) 77957 71000

A place that delivers Delhi-style finger-licking-good food in Bengaluru, what more could you ask for!

Though not exactly a restaurant, Baba Fattoosh is a great option if you are too lazy to get out of the comfort of your bed and roam the streets looking for good food to eat. They serve in spill proof packages, so, you don’t need to worry about receiving messy packages either. One other thing to note – they change their menu every alternate day (Yay!)


3. Farzi Cafe

Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru

(+91) 72594 00900

Delhiites are no strangers to Farzi. And with the name Farzi, the owners probably wanted to “create an illusion” with the wide range of gastronomic experiences they provide to their customers through the food they serve.

It’s not just the food that is the highlight of this place, their ambience is qually grand. With a life size mirror wall on one side and innovation in all their dishes, Farzi takes the responsibility of breaking the orthodox ways. They take pride in the rich culture we have and inspire the youth for the same. The people in Bengaluru must get Farzified!


4. Kopper Kadai

Address:Cygnus Chambers, JNC Road, Bengaluru

(+91) 80496 52518

The attention to detail is the highlight of this place. From the lights to the cutlery, this place reeks of royalty. So does their food. For the meat lovers, Ganna Chicken and Butter Chicken are to go for. As in others, this place knows how to marry mutton and cream perfectly. And, no, we haven’t forgotten you, vegetarians, out there. The Tandoori Mushrooms are what would remind you of tandoors at those roadside dhabas. Other than that, Challi Kolmi Kebab is something you cannot miss. All in all, this place is a win-win for both the veggies and the nons!


5. Barbeque Nation

Address:Whitefield, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 6060 0000

Thought we missed this place? Oh, absolutely not! With several outlets all over the country and multiple in Bengaluru alone, this is one buffet we all know about. With in-built grills at every table, your barbeques couldn’t get any hotter! The highlight of this place is the recurring change in their menu. And, of course, the all you can eat buffet with a shout out to their cheesecake. With every dish being as awesome as the previous one, you cannot help but go back for more.


6. Punjabi By Nature

Address:Koramangla, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 4913 8800

Punjabi by Nature started its culinary voyage in Noida in 1998. It later extended to Vasant Vihar, Raja Garden, Gurgaon and Bengaluru. It initially wander far from the capital city was in 2012 in Bengaluru. Punjabi By Nature is the home to probably the most genuine tasting North Indian cooking styles. Their dishes are made utilizing the finest fixings, new herbs and flavours, and loads of aptitudes to give their clients the best sustenance encounter. For every one of the Punjabis in the house, this is put you go to for your chicken tikka! Go, savour your taste buds now!


7. Empire Restaurant

Address:Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49653239

With several other outlets of Empire available, what’s best is that they all have a consistent flavour in their dishes. All their dishes taste the same in all their restaurants, so, you don’t have to worry about the quality at Empire. With special mention to Shaadiki Biryani, the place gains more points in service too. The staff is hospitable and extremely good at what they do. Visit this place for sure!


8. Punjab Grill

Address:Koramangala, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 4090 2161

Another Punjab theme restaurant for that Punjabi in you. And it’s just as good as the others. They start with serving Papads with a variety of chutneys (awesome, eh?). With their Murgh Tikka being the more popular dish (which is as succulent and juicy as it can be), the Mutton Raunaqeen Seekhan is one of the best Seekh Kebabs you’ll ever have. Wanna go already there, don’t you?


9. Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

Address:Whitefield, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 2266 7345

Are you vegetarians feeling left out? Oh, don’t you worry, I’m here, your saviour, with an authentic Rajasthani-Gujarati restaurant which is sure to give you that Marwadi feels with the dishes it serves. From Daal Baati Churma (a highlight), they have Jalebi with Rabdi as one of their more popular desserts. Oh, just go dig in, will you?


10. Sultans Of Spice

Address:Koramangala, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49653172

Let’s start from the beginning, the chicken curry soup they serve is just as good as your homemade soup (Yumm!) Further as the name suggests, they serve mainly the Mughlai cuisine. Though the menu is not as long as the others, but every dish on it is exceptionally delicious. If you are on a team lunch, the buffet is what you want from this place. Greeted with a pink lemonade, the desserts at the end are what you can’t miss. The staff is just another add on. Prompt and efficient. Just how the customers like it.

Sultans of Spice

11. Kapoor’s Cafe

Address:Whitefield, Bengaluru

(+91) 9739267702

Another authentic vegetarian restaurant on the list with painted roofs, wall hangings with quirky jokes on Punjabis and rustic music (cue the Dhaba nostalgia!) The buttermilk and the lassi here are to be tried. The Chilly Khastas are to be devoured. The Paneer Bhurji is not to be missed. The highlight is the quantity they serve. Trust me, they don’t hold out on serving their customers the right amount of food they deserve. Great going, yo!


12. Big Brewsky

Address:Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

(+91) 80 49653450

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in the city. Can’t think of a place to take your date to that serves excellent food and has an exceptionally serene environment? Then, my friend, let me introduce you to Big Brewsky. The perfect seating environment to devour the flavours with live music, Brewsky provides you with this and then some. With every dish complimenting a drink in their menu, dimsums are what you can’t miss. Sushis, pizzas, salads, steaks, gourmets, slow cooked and curries, yep, this place is awesome!


13. Kota Kachori

Address:Koramangala, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49652458

As the name suggests, Kota Kachori is what every Rajasthani needs in Bengaluru when the homesickness comes running! An only vegetarian restaurant that serves Jain food, this place is filled with right-out-of-the-kadhai jalebis, samosas and what not! The food is fresh and a high recommendation for those looking for places to have an amazing breakfast to get their day a mind-blowing start. oh, and don’t forget the kesar badam kulfi before you leave. You’ll definitely come back for more!


14. Post Brew Pub

Address:Koramangala, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49653036

This place is for all you North Indians out there who like their chicken. Even claimed as one of the best in the country, PBP is a place that makes you not want to leave even after you are done. The ambience of this place is just another add-on along with the friendly staff. Cheers!


15. Karama Restaurant

Address:Frazer Town, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49652612

Karama too is a restaurant of the Empire group. This place starts amazing you as soon as you enter. With the entrance being adorned by a massive arch, you just can’t miss this place. Not just delicious Punjabi meals, this place even offers delicacies from Karachi and Arabia. This place is a heaven for all the biryani lovers with over 8 variants. The biryanis here are available in chicken, mutton, fish and prawns variants. Dig in!


16. Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs

Address:ITC Windsor, Bengaluru

2226 9898

Delight your taste buds with absolutely top range Anglo-Lucknawi delicacies offered by Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs. With a shout out to the Kakori Kebab, other dishes served include Forest officer’s Pullaow, Peter Mundy’s Brinjal Bharta and 365, which is a caramel custard. Even the menu keeps you entertained, doesn’t it?


17. Baluchi

Address:Kumarakrupa High Grounds, Bengaluru

3052 7777

If you’re into the North-West Frontier taste in food then Baluchi is one place you just can’t afford not visiting. Including North Indian and North-west Pakistani flavours with a touch of spice from Eastern Afghanistan, their special is Raan Baluchi. Other than that Nazakat Ki Gucchi is one dish that has a name. Oh, and don’t forget the onion-tomato based curries! Enjoy!


18. The Legend Of Sikandar

Address:Magrath Road, Bengaluru

4125 2333

The main flavours served by The Legends of Sikander are North Indian and Lucknowi. The more interesting thing about this place is their menu. Arranged in a very historical manner, it includes dishes like Tundewali Galouti Kebabs, the Lamb Nali Potli Masala and the Paneer Kothmiri joined by the Ulta Tawa which are all a must-try. Even the seafood lovers can have their share of food awesomeness with their special seafood menu. Knock yourselves out!


19. Angeethi

Address:Museum Road, Bengaluru

4111 3340

Another Dhaba style restaurant that is going to make you miss home (yet again!). From the ambience to the menu, there’s nothing here that isn’t Punjabi. The cots, the movie posters, the paanwala, Angeethi is absolutely authentic. For the menu, nothing gets better than Makki ki roti and sarso ka saag with fresh hot jalebis in the end. Yum!


20. Umerkot

Address:Koramangala, Bengaluru

(+91) 80 49653210

Umerkot is where King Akbar was conceived. In this way, you can figure this place offers a great deal of Mughlai and Lucknowi cooking styles. With the menu being generally speaking to the meat significant others, a couple of the rarities offered by this place are Gosht Chaanp Narangi and Tandoori Ananas. I mean, who could leave without a pineapple prepared in a Tandoor and served with some ice cream, yeah?


Hope this list made you reminiscent of all the memories that we, as North Indians, have with our food. Go visit all these places to get your share of food nostalgia!

Bon Appetit!