Top 20 Drinks For Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is an essential moment of life. One should take care and change their eating habits during this period. Women go through food cravings during this period. However, fulfilling all of them is difficult. She might start asking for things she is not supposed to be eating. Furthermore, they even have to leave alcohol for a good and healthy baby. Some habits ensure smooth and safe pregnancy and delivery. Hence, today we will discuss the top 20 drinks for pregnant ladies. They can have these drinks and feel safe about it.

1. Maple Peach Smoothie

Majorly, doctors recommend smoothies and shake during pregnancy. They provide the required protein to the body. Basically, the Maple peach smoothie is a tasty and refreshing drink. It fulfills a woman’s craving for something sweet and milky. Also, this shake provides a lot of vitamins, potassium, and other antioxidants.

2. Ice Tea

Drinking milk tea during pregnancy can be a little unhealthy. However, iced tea provides health and refreshment both. Ice tea provides many antioxidants to fight free radicals. Furthermore, you can add other herbal ingredients to it with your doctor’s suggestion for more nutrition.

3. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is indeed an excellent option for maintaining health and craving during pregnancy. That’s why it is third in the top 20 drinks for pregnant women. It has got an amount of protein, calcium, and fats. It is healthy for digestion and a clean stomach.

4. Coconut Water

Coconut water is the purest form of drink one can ever have. It has a hard coconut shell. Nothing comes in contact with it. Hence, it maintains its purity till the end. Drinking coconut water increases stamina and protects you from feeling tired. It is a natural energy drink.


Plain milk is a great day starter during pregnancy. Elders suggest consuming milk during pregnancy. Furthermore, turmeric milk is a healthy drink to consume. It provides nutrients to protect from all the bacteria and viruses freely roaming in the surroundings.

6. Chia Fresca

Chia seeds are a good food item to consume with normal water. It provides internal and external refreshment to the body. During pregnancy, it performs the same role again. Fresca is a great drink to take during the summer. It will keep your body cool from the inside.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

Apple cider is popular amongst the fitness freaks of the world. These days apple cider is famous for losing weight. During pregnancy, it helps with indigestion, inflammation, and balancing blood sugar levels. Hence, we place it in the top 20 drinks for pregnant women.

8. Mocktails

Mocktails aren’t the one which has alcohol in them. Mocktails during pregnancy should have no alcohol and high sugar elements. They should be short and sweet. Try to make it as healthy as you can. Henceforth, all the pregnant ladies can have fun drinking this mocktail.

9. Soups

Soups do not necessarily come in drinks. However, drinking soup during pregnancy gives a new feeling. It can have vegetables, meat, a little spice, and other healthy elements. Please concern your doctor before including ingredients in your soup.

10. Seltzer

Seltzer is an alcohol alternative for pregnant women. If you are craving alcohol, Spitzer is your answer. It is nothing but sparkling water. You can drink it as a pregnant woman and hit the feeling of partying. Hence, we include it in the top 20 drinks for pregnant women.

11. Fresh Squeezed Green Juice

Green squeezed juice is popular among dietitians. These juices might taste a little bitter and have a cringy odor. But they contain a good glass of nutrition. Basically, they have fresh undiluted vegetable juice and fruit juice. They are great for pregnant ladies.

12. Carrot Juice

Eating Carrots, beetroots, and radish is a good suggestion during pregnancy. However, pregnancy cravings never allow the intake of these vegetables. Hence, carrot juice is your answer. It is sweet and nutritious. You can make beetroot juice. Also, you can make smoothies of the same.

13. Kefir

Kefir is pasteurized and fermented milk. It is a tasty alternative to many unhealthy drinks during pregnancy. Also, it prevents Preeclampsia during pregnancy. It is delicious. Many other flavors are present in Kefir. It is the right drink to include in the top 20 drinks for a pregnant woman.

14. Decaf Coffee

Coffee is not great for pregnant people. But no one can stop the food craving at the same. Hence, you can try drinking decaf coffee. It has a similar taste. Probably, the energy level can be a little less. It is a healthy craving drink for pregnant ladies.

15. Flavored Water

You can call it water with frozen fruits too. Basically, it is normal water with frozen fruit flavors. You can use cherry, blueberry, lemon, kiwi, peach, orange apricot, and more. Also, it is a trendy alternative to many unhealthy drinks. It is tasty and refreshing too.

16. Lemonade

Lemonade has been a refreshment and a healthy juice too. It provides fiber, sugar, carbs, protein, and fats. Also, it is a tasty drink. Also, lemonade provides energy that saves you from fainting. Many women drink a lot of lemonade to protect themselves from being unhealthy.

17. Aam Panna

If you are pregnant during the mango season, you are blessed. Aam Panna is a tangy and sour option to fulfill your craving during pregnancy. Also, it has carbs and vitamins. That will provide you with energy and help you refresh. Hence, we include it in the top 20 drinks for pregnant ladies.

18. Lassi

Lassi is of two kinds. We have sweet and sour lassi. Basically, both are great during pregnancy. It is a great stomach-filling desert. You can have it at night as it is a light food item. It will fill your stomach and give you the required nutrition during pregnancy.

19. Soy Milk

Many North Indians drink Soy milk during pregnancy. Basically, it is high in protein. This ingredient is excellent during pregnancy. Also, it will cover your need for other nutrients too. Also, it will provide you with other nutrients. It is tasty to drink.

20. Water

Water should be first in the top 20 drinks for pregnant women. It ends the article. Drink plenty of water during pregnancy. Do not consume alcohol and other harmful drinks. Also, do take care of yourself and your baby.