Top 20 Easy Dishes For A Hosteler

Easy Dishes For A Hosteler

1.Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is one of the most simplest, yet filling recipes of all times. Mix in cooked rice, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and any veggies, paneer, or peanuts you could get your hand on, and bake it for 25-30 minutes, and you won’t need to go down for dinner tonight.

Lemon Rice

2.Spiced Lentils

A great choice of food when you may have exerted yourself with a lot of classes, along with their homework and projects. It is packed with protein and flavour, and will give you energy to continue with the following day.

Spiced Lentils


The saviour of all hostellers! Maggi has been in the market for a long time. The saviour was initially accused of containing lead, which removed it from the market for a while, but it has come back again, hopefully this time without the heavy metals it had packed itself earlier with.



No birthday can be celebrated without a cake being dumped into someone’s face, or the vice versa. And when you’re living away from home and short on budget, a hostel-made cake can be a good edible element, which has a low price tag too! Made with milk, sugar, biscuits, and eno, this cake would cost under 100.



Custard is one very sweet delicacy and can soothe the hungry rats of any stomach. It is made with milk, fresh cream, and custard powder, which is added and heated for a while. Following that, choice fruits can be added, like apple, mango, banana, pomegranate, and so on.

Custard 1

6.Curd Rice

Another recipe from the south, the ingredients of this dish are a secret from no one. But you might not know, that along with being tasty, this dish is also very easy to make! Cooked rice, available in any hostel mess, can be added with curd and spices (as per your taste and spice availability) to make a good meal on a hot and tiring day.

Curd Rice

7.Bread Pizza

Who needs real pizza, when we can make our own one! Bread pizza’s base is our regular old bread which again, will be available at any hostel mess, and even if it’s not, a good bread is not hard to find. Ask the mess wala for some veggies and cheese, pile them on the bread, heat, and you’re done!

Bread Pizza 1 1


Depending on the type of heating arrangements you have or can borrow, there are many different kind of sandwiches that can be made. A basic sandwich consists of veggies and paneer in plain bread, butter, jam. As your heating appliance complexity increases, the types of heating you can do with the bread – cook, bake, induction – makes it tasty.


9.Kathi Roll

A simple roti can double up into a Kathi roll in no time! Take a good soft or stiff roti, as per your preference. Lay it down on a plate and put the filling in the center. This filling can be some vegetables, chowmein, or the curry that’s made in your canteen today. Roll it up and ensure the filling does not fall from the sides, and the Kathi roll is ready.

Kathi Roll

10.Fried Potato

This one would be easy and filling but would require something in which you can heat with oil. If you have a microwave or an oven, you can heat cut potatoes with oil and make baked potatoes. If you can beg, borrow, steal induction utensils, you can use it to mildly fry the potato pieces and make your own fried potato.

Fried Potato

11.Vegetable Salad

Agreed, this might not sound the most delicious snack on the table, but when you’re doing all-nighters and gorging on junk food from everywhere, your body will start giving you signals. And those signals would not be good. To prevent that, have this ready to make salad. Take any vegetables you like, add some mayonnaise, put in chaat masala, mix, and it’s ready to be eaten. If that still doesn’t taste good, add some sev or kurkure to make it more edible

Vegetable Salad


For this dish, you will have to arrange for some spices -garam masala, coriander powder, biryani masala, chili powder, turmeric, and salt. For vegetables, onion and tomatoes are a must, along with yogurt. You can make it in a microwave, oven, or on induction top as well.



Another rice dish, though this one is a delicacy. Kheer can be made by simply heating rice, cooked or uncooked with milk and sugar. All these things should be available in your college radius. Add almonds, cashews, raisins, or fruits as er your taste.

Kheer 1

14.Baked Idli

Many hostels serve South Indian food, and yours should not be an exception. Take some idlis and cut then into four pieces each. Following that, add oil and masalas and bake them in a microwave or an oven. Enjoy with chutney or sauce.

baked vegetable idli

15.Cheese Corn Monaco Biscuits

This is a five minute recipe which is good in case you don’t have something to cook on. Spread butter or chutney on a plate and place Monaco biscuits o the top. Take some corn, tomatoes, and cheese, and put them on the biscuits, and you dish is ready.

Cheese Corn Monaco Biscuits


With the advent of ready-to-make snacks, making a bhelpuri isn’t difficult at all. Buy a packet of good Haldiram or Popko Bhelpuri (or any other brand you like) and some tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. The chutney would be given inside the packet. Mix everything, and you’re done.


17.Tomato Rice

Just like its lemon counterpart, this one is also very easy to make. It would require a microwave or an oven to cook. You can add masalas and spices as per your requirements and availability, and can add various vegetables into it as well.

tomato pulao

18.Spring Rolls

If you want to spend less but at the same time want something amazing, spring rolls could be your shot. Although this would require about half an hour to 40 minutes and a microwave or oven, the result in the end would be very tasty.

Spring Rolls

19.Indian Bread Toast

This toast is very simple and would not require too much of your time. Take a fresh bread, white or brown. Smear it with butter. You can use any butter but the garlic butter tastes best with it. Toast it for a while, and after taking it out, put capsicum, tomatoes, and a cheese slice on it. And viola, toast ready!

french toast 1

20.Aloo Salad

The aloo salad is lighter for the hands (in terms of making the salad) and filling for the stomach. You can take simple potatoes or bake them a bit. Add cut tomatoes and capsicum to these potatoes and sprinkle a bit of salt, and it’s ready to serve.

Aloo Salad