Top 20 Easy Yummy DIY Recipes

A roundup of 20 vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes and recipes that are easy to make, mouth-watering, and satisfying. This list includes both authentic traditional Indian recipes and Indian fusion dishes to inspire your next meal. Many dishes can be made in just one pot, making your weeknight dinners ready in a jiff!

1. Mint-Cucumber R

In a matter of minutes, you can enjoy this soothing and refreshing, almost perfect combination of refreshing mint and hydrating cucumber. A great side dish to add on with scrumptious biryani and mouth-watering curries. This delicious raita can turn even simple parathas into a finger-licking delicacy.

1Mint Cucumber Raita.

2. Tomato Cheese Omelette

Eggs are a rich source of protein & nutrients. They are a gift from nature to us. When one thinks of eggs, boring boiled eggs come to mind or the clichéd omelettes. This dish is an ideal tasty brunch idea and a complete meal. Delicious sunny-side-up eggs or proper omelettes cooked in butter, melted cheese, pan sautéed tomatoes, and seasonings like garlic powder and black pepper. This meal is easy to make and has a flavoursome combination of easy-to-find ingredients.

2. Tomato Cheese Omelette.

3. Chickpea Roll

Chickpea is a dish often considered a delicacy that can only be enjoyed with flatbreads, typically a fried one popularly called “puri” in India. It can also be consumed with rice. The chickpea roll is a spinoff of the famous Indian dish Kathi roll, which originated in Kolkata. Kathi rolls are excellent as it is, but adding chickpeas to crispy Rotis or parathas and adding your favourite chatnis and spices makes it a mouth-watering exquisite dish. This vegan delicacy is high in protein and a lip-smacking delicacy.

3.Chickpea Roll

4. Basic Chicken Curry

This basic chicken curry is anything but basic. This yummy chicken recipe is a combination of the best spices Indian cuisine has to offer. Still, this simple blend of spices comes together as a fantastic, delicious curry that is best enjoyed with rotis and chawal (rice). This lip-smacking dish does not need long preparation hours or pre-marination. Just the meat and the spices will result in a low-effort, tasty chicken curry.

4. Basic Chicken Curry

5. Bhajias (Pakoras)

Crisp on the outside and tenderised on the inside. Fried vegetable pakoras can bring out the best of any vegetables of your choice. Fritters is the English word used to describe them. Best made with potato, cauliflower, spinach leaves, onion, or paneer. Mix & match what you have with some sweet & sour and spicy chutney for dipping.

5. Bhajias Pakoras

6. Moong Dal (Yellow Lentil Dal)

A simple dish of moong dal, or yellow lentils, brings out the warm flavour and intense colour of turmeric, cayenne pepper, cloves, and cumin. It brings out its best flavour when consumed with white rice or naan.

6. Moong Dal Yellow Lentil Dal

7. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is famous for its smoky and slightly spicy taste and has many fans worldwide. Once you have your tandoori masala, a signature spice blend, you can make it right on your grill at home. Before grilling poultry, marinate it in a mixture of spices and yoghurt for several hours.

7. Tandoori Chicken

8. Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Similar in flavour to chicken tikka masala, these smoky grilled tandoori paneer tikka kebabs are perfect for barbecues, vegetarian or not. I like to eat it with bell peppers and onions, but other seekh kebab vegetables work well too.

8. Tandoori Paneer Tikka

9. Baingan Aloo Ki Sabji

Baingan Aloo Ki Sabji, with eggplant, potatoes, and brinjals, is a flavourful vegetable curry enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans alike. As with many Indian dishes, the spice mix tastes even better after a few hours of marination, giving the flavours time to get to know each other. Combine warm chapatis with chilled raita and chutney.

9. Baingan Aloo Ki Sabji

10. Lemon Vegetable Bhel

Fresh and light, combined with lemon juice, salt, chiwda, and pepper. This simple cucumber, tomato, and onion salad go well as an appetiser. It is perfect as a simple snack in the summer when vegetables are in season.

10. Lemon Vegetable Bhel

11. Matar Paneer

A mild tomato-based curry, Matar Paneer is ideal as a vegetarian main course or as a vegetable side dish. If you do not have fresh green peas,  frozen green peas are also used. Enjoy with chapatis, naan, and white rice.

11. Matar Paneer

12. Paneer Bhurji

This Indian version of scrambled paneer cooked with caramelised onions is bound to give your taste buds an extraordinary experience by adding spices like turmeric, red chilli, and black pepper. This tasty and easy recipe is a must-try for your next snack craving or even a fulfilling meal. A crispy paratha brings out the best flavours of the dish.

12. Paneer Bhurji

13. Egg Bhurji

This Indian version of scrambled eggs cooked with caramelised onions is bound to give your taste buds an extraordinary experience by adding spices like turmeric, red chilli and black pepper. This tasty and easy recipe is a must-try for your next snack craving or even a fulfilling meal. A crispy paratha brings out the best flavours of the dish.

13. Egg Bhurji

14. Masala Bhindi

Add the masala bhindi, mustard oil, jeera, fennel seeds, turmeric, and bhindi to a pan and stir until heated through and cooked to perfection. Enjoy bhindi with rotis or parathas. If you are a bhindi lover, you will always want more of this easy bhindi recipe.

14. Masala Bhindi

15. Simple Aloo Sabzi

Ready in 10 minutes, this recipe for Gujarati Potato Sukhi Bhaji, or Dried Potato Bhaji, combines spicy, sweet, tangy, and nutty. A delicious and easy potato sabzi with nuts for added flavour. Simple aloo sabzi is a vegan dish, so it is consumed for upvas/fasting as suki bhaji. also known as “Sukhi Aloo Bhaji ”.

15. Simple Aloo Sabzi

16. Moong Dal Chilla With Stuffed Paneer

It is easy and high in protein. Pudla or Green Moong Dal PudlaAlso known as Chilla or Childa in various parts of India. Add some pan-sautéed paneer to it, and you have a delicious, high-in-macros, easy-to-make nutritious meal.

16. Moong Dal Chilla With Stuffed Paneer

17. Masala Macaroni

Masala Macaron. That is creamy and flavorful, as well as cheesy and spicy. This is an Indian-inspired macaroni pasta that is easy to make without tiring preparations and satisfies your craving for a delicious and easy one-pot meal.

17. Masala Macaroni

18. Chilli Chana Chaat

Chilli chana chaat is a popular Indian appetiser. Crunchy chickpeas tossed in a mix of spices with onions and tomatoes. While it is best enjoyed with just a sprinkle of lemon juice, This is a versatile recipe and offers a vegan and high-protein healthy snack option.

maxresdefault 3

19. Chilli Paneer Noodles

Chilli Paneer is a popular appetiser among Indo-Chinese. This recipe uses spicy chilli paneer and turns it into a deliciously spicy pasta-based meal with peppers and onions.

19. Chilli Paneer noodles

20. Dhaba-Style Dal Fry

A simple Dal Fry with Dhaba-style tricks and options. Quickly cooked in a simple frying pan, pressure cooker, or handi(earthen pot). It is a thick, hearty dal with big, delicious flavours of garlic, onion, tomato, and spices. Serve with basmati rice or jeera rice , and dinner is ready to be served.

20. Dhaba style dal fry