Top 20 Ethnic Restaurants Of Indore

Top 20 Ethnic Restaurants Of Indore

Indore is also known as the Gastronomical Marvel of Central India. The cuisines reflect the influence of the neighboring States of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. The enormous variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes makes the city a favorite among food enthusiasts. The following is a list of the top 20 ethnic restaurants of Indore that not only serve good North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese cuisines and fast food but also prepare some that are native to Madhya Pradesh:


Angara is a rooftop restaurant famous for Fast Food, Mojito, Sizzlers, South Indian dishes, and some delicious Tandoori specialties. Visitors appreciate the ambiance and the quality of the food.

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2.Rajhans Dal Bafle

This family restaurant is famous for authentic Dal Bafle and traditional North Indian vegetarian food. The simple and decent seating arrangement, the ambiance and the inexpensive mouth watering dishes are loved by all.

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3.Idli Hut

Idli Hut is another famous family restaurant in Indore. Idli Hut is popular for its quick bites and savory traditional South Indian cities which a twist. Visitors also enjoy the Chinese noodles in their menu.

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4.Nafees Restaurant

Are you a non-vegetarian craving for some Kebabs or Biryani? This family restaurant is known to be the best for its seafood, Kebabs, Biryani, and Phirni. The quality of food is a value for money here.

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5.Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is a South Indian family restaurant located in Indore. The interior decoration and lighting are amazing. This restaurant also has arrangements for differently-abled people, Coorg Idli, Appam, and Chocolate Dosa, and their platters are the must-try dishes.

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Have you tried the jumbo prawns from Kebabsvilla? A visit to Kebabsvilla would be a refreshing experience to enjoy some tempting sea food and varieties of Kebabs and grilled food items. The light music and the delicious taste of the food would make your meal a value-for-money deal.

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7.The Great Kebab Factory

The food enthusiasts of Indore recommend this restaurant for a great variety of Kebabs of exceptional quality. This restaurant is a wonderful place to dine with the large group or host a business lunch or dinner.

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The residents of Indore love grilled food, seafood and non-vegetarian food items. Chick-Grill-A restaurant is famous for Shwarrma, Rolls, grilled food items or North Indian delicacies. The interior decoration, the seating arrangement, and the food quality are good.

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Alav is a pure vegetarian fine-dining restaurant in Indore. People love to visit Alav for a sumptuous dining experience with family. Paneer malai tikka is very popular here and their North Indian dishes are also delicious.

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10.Dilli Da Roll

The prime attraction of this restaurant is the generous portion size and dishes that can be customized as per your taste. They serve different types of Rolls and Momos too.

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The restaurant is famous among the food lovers who love Mughlai cuisines. All their dishes have been prepared with ingredients that add to the delectable taste of food. The visitors recommend the special chicken soup at Karim’s, named Murgh Ka Shorba.

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12.Chokhi Dhani

This resort presents an ode to Rajasthani culture. The rural theme and the authentic Rajasthani food adds to the ethnic ambiance. Along with the vegetarian dishes, the puppet shows, the folk dance, and the hospitality carries you visually to the land of Rajasthan.

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13.Vijay Chaat House

This eatery is a well-known restaurant since its opening in 1969. They have succeeded in maintaining the taste and the quality of food over the years. They are famous for spicy snacks items.

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14. The Malwa Cuisine Restaurant

This restaurant is your go-to place to taste the native dishes of the Malwa region. This restaurant serves vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts. Garlic Paratha and Crispy Corn are some highly recommended dishes of the Malwa Cuisine Restaurant. The environment is perfect or enjoying your dinner with your family or friends.

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15.The Allahabadi Restaurant

The Allahabadi Restaurant is a multi-cuisine family restaurant. They are well-known for their Italian dishes, seafood and South Indian dishes as well. Their exceptional food quality has helped them to win the hearts of the food enthusiasts of Indore within two years.

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16.Shree Chotiwala

This restaurant of Indore specializes in Jain dishes, North Indian dishes and some tempting snacks with a touch of home in them. It is a family restaurant with good hospitality and affordable prices.

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17.Kesarlal Pure Veg

As the name suggests, this restaurant serves pure vegetarian dishes. The flavors reflect a touch of the highway eateries. The ambiance is friendly for you to visit for a lunch or dinner with your friends and family.

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18.Nakhrali Dhaani

Gift yourself a luxurious treat at this multi-cuisine restaurant. The decoration showcases ethnic Rajasthani decoration with its serene rural vibes and music. They have facilities for light buffet as well. This restaurant can be your perfect weekend get away with family and loved ones.

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19.Sanchi-Dum Pukht

Food enthusiasts love this restaurant for the shorbas and the wide variety of vegetarian appetizers. Apart from these delicacies, the Awadhi food at this restaurant is also quite famous.

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20.Black Pearl

If you want to host a small party, then Black Pearl is a value-for-money deal. The quality and quantity of food is worth appreciation. This restaurant serves vegetarian dishes, fast food, North Indian food and beverages.

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