Top 20 Ethnic Restaurants Of Kolkata

Top 20 Ethnic Restaurants Of Kolkata

The City of Joy, Kolkata, is undoubtedly a fusion of cultures. The inhabitants are extremely fond of food and are deeply rooted in their ethnicity. The fast-paced life of the present era is a hurdle to getting time to prepare traditional Bengali dishes. Many restaurants in Kolkata specialize in ethnic Bengali delicacies. Here are the top 20 well-known ethnic restaurants in Kolkata:

1.6 Ballygunge Place

This ethnic restaurant started in a 100-year-old Bungalow. They have opened many outlets in the city. The visitors have a whole range of a-la-carte, buffet, and reasonable combo deals. They customize preparations based on festivals as well. A must-try dish here is a dish cooked with large prawns in mustard in a tender coconut, named Daab Chingri.

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2.Bhooter Raja Dilo Bar

If you are looking for a themed restaurant that makes you nostalgic about your childhood favorite, ‘gupi-bagha’, then this traditional restaurant is a must-visit for you. They serve several authentic Bengali dishes including small fish fry and spicy Mutton curries. The wall art and the simple, themed décor would make you fall in love with this place.

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3.Oh! Calcutta

The ambiance, the delicacies, and the portion size are a value-for-money deal here. Their menu has been upgraded with Bhetki Gondhoraj, Hilsa, and Dum Aloo Kashmiri are some signature dishes. The menu will satisfy your non-vegetarian cravings. Oh! Calcutta is a good family restaurant.

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4.Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna has a menu of Bengali specials with some tempting chutneys and desserts. This restaurant is named after a popular Bengali film track of the 70s. The prices are very pocket-friendly. Food lovers recommend Bhekti Rongpuri Fry, Mochar Paturi, and Mutton Dakbangla as some must-try delicacies of this ethnic eatery.

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5.Sonar Tori

Sonar Tori is a fine-dining ethnic Bengali restaurant. The interiors are decorated aesthetically with soothing lights and adorable chandeliers. Are you curious to explore the taste of some lost recipes of Bengal? Then, you must try their 16 dishes platter with variations added every four days.

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6.Kolkata Rajbari

Are you a foodie with a craze to explore the yester-era ambiance? You will love the aesthetic entrance décor of this restaurant. The a-la-carte, the traditional Bengali platter, and the music will rule your heart in this restaurant. They make some delectable mutton preparations.

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Kasturi restaurant dates back to 1994 and is still famous for tasty Bangladeshi cuisine. The décor might not appeal to your luxurious expectations, but the affordable dishes make this restaurant famous. The visitors love their prawns steamed with taro leaves and mustard.

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Aaheli was established in 1993. It serves the lost recipes of the households of landowners of the past. Do you wish to try a multi-course meal? The platters at Aaheli are the best for you. You will love their spicy mutton curry. They play Bengali music and the traditional attire of the waiters adds to the cultural ambiance.

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9.The East India Room – Raajkutir

This fusion restaurant serves some eclectic vegetarian starters. They are famous for the dish named ‘mutton panthers’. The steamed prawn of The East India Room – Raajkutir is a favorite among the food fanatics of Kolkata. The prawn cocktail is a visual treat when served. The colonial ambiance makes it a perfect place to relax on a weekend.

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10.The Bhoj Company

This Bengali cuisine restaurant was founded in 2012. Bengali food lovers suggest their prawns steamed with taro leaves and mustard, fish balls, and the traditional ‘bhetki paturi’. Their menu also has many varieties of platters.

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The restaurant was established in 2011 by two chefs in NorthKolkata. Romantic Bengali music plays as you immerse yourself in their fusion delicacies. It is a well-known family restaurant. Their signature dish is chicken or mutton cooked with a generous amount of black pepper.

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12.Kewpies Kitchen

A restaurant with simple, rustic interiors, the Kewpies Kitchen is set up in the owner’s house. The seating accommodates 50 people at a time. The menu has affordable Bengali cuisine. They serve the traditional platter on a banana leaf and use clay crockery. Their desserts are famous.

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13.Koshe Kosha

This restaurant started in 2007. Their signature dish is the authentic Bengali-style mutton curry prepared using sautéed meat. Several other dishes have found a place on their menu. The prawns cooked with banana flowers are another signature cuisine here. The interiors are decorated with traditional handicrafts giving it a rural aura.

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Kopai restaurant has been named after a river that flows past Shantiniketan. They serve dishes famous in Tagore household. The mixed vegetable curry with a patty made of lentil, mutton curry, and steamed Hilsa prawn curry made using poppy seed, mustard, and coconut are their most popular cuisines.

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15.Ilish Truly Bong

If you are a Hilsa lover, you must visit this family restaurant. This restaurant is particularly great for fish lovers. They have a wide variety of fish preparations with Hilsa being the show-stopper. The eatery is crowded on weekends. The dishes have been priced reasonably.

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16.Babu Culture

They serve platters with welcome drinks. The menu of Babu Culture is a creation of Chef Joymalya Banerjee. The colonial aura and the creative art of patachitra beautifying the walls add to its ambiance. The knife fish and mutton liver curry are the popular dishes and their flavors of parsley, coriander, celery, and dill add a punch to the dishes.

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17.Himur Heshel

Himur Heshel is a restaurant that began as a home kitchen with a fusion of Bengali culture and Bangladeshi culinary treats. You might call it an Instagram-friendly eatery. Their home-style menu is a favorite among teens as well as adults. The rustic charm of the interiors is indeed a value addition.

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18.1940’s – The Calcutta

Do you want to voyage through the essence of the flavors of Bengal? 1940’s – The Calcutta restaurant has a team of creative chefs that have brought the heritage of Bengal in their dishes with an authentic blend of flavors that satiate your soul. Fish lovers would love to explore their traditional menu.

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As the name reflects, this restaurant serves some humble Bengali dishes. You must try their fried potatoes, fish curries, and mutton/chicken curry. The food quality is average. This restaurant is famous among the young working professionals.

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20.ChileKotha – Flavours Of Nostalgia

This restaurant is apt for the nostalgic Bengali, who misses the attics, wooden ceilings, spiral stairs, and gramophone. The décor is very appealing. They have an ample variety of traditional dishes for you served at affordable prices. It is a perfect place to cherish memories with friends and family.

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