Top 20 Lesser-Known Yet Noteworthy Restaurants In Indore

Top 20 Lesser-Known Yet Noteworthy Restaurants In Indore

Among the famous multi-cuisine and themed, ethnic or pure vegetarian restaurants of Indore, some restaurants have gained lesser publicity. The food quality at these restaurants compares well with any other top-notch restaurants in Indore. The restaurants might have gained lesser popularity than eateries that are considered a brand. But, the quality of food and authenticity of taste at these restaurants have proved to be at par with the famous restaurants. Here are 20 lesser-known yet noteworthy restaurants in Indore:

1.Sanchi-Dum Pukht

Food enthusiasts love this restaurant for the shorbas and the variety of vegetarian appetizers. Apart from these delicacies, the Awadhi food at this restaurant is also quite famous.

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2.The Creative Kitchen

The Creative Kitchen is known for delicious Asian, Indian, and Italian food. The vegetarian-friendly menu also has several vegan options to choose from. The ambiance and the presentation are beautiful.

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3.Ni Hao

The lighting and aura of the restaurant blend well with its Chinese, Thai, and Asian cuisines. The restaurant serves delicious dim sums. There are different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu and some tempting Indonesian dishes too.

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Capers is a multi-cuisine rooftop restaurant in Indore. They serve sumptuous Mughlai and Mediterranean cuisines. The service and food quality is good. This restaurant is worth visiting with your friends and family.

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5.Little Italy

Are you craving for some Italian food? Little Italy restaurant is your go-to place for the same. Little Italy presents healthy food options and juices on its menu. Bruschetta, Ravioli, and Chocolate Bombs are some recommended dishes of Little Italy.

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6.Chopstick City

Chopstick City is one of the oldest restaurants in Indore. Chopstick City specializes in Chinese and Oriental cuisines. The music and the ambiance make it desirable for enjoying your lunch or dinner with your loved ones. Cracking Spinach, Corn cubes, and spring rolls are the must-try cuisines.

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This restaurant, located on the outskirts, has a peaceful environment with good hospitality and delicious food. Manchow soup and Paneer Tikka are their signature dishes.

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8.Indore Kitchen

Indore Kitchen is a five-star multi-cuisine restaurant. A meal at this restaurant would be a luxurious treat. Indore Kitchen is known for its Asian, Italian, and North Indian delicacies.

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If you are a food lover and want to dive into vegetarian barbecue dishes, Kabelo restaurant is a must-visit fine dining restaurant. Spicy snacks or tempting starters, from a wide variety of main course dishes to desserts, Kabelo has it all to satiate your taste buds.

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Monroe Restaurant presents many South Indian dishes alongside fast food items and Goan cuisines. You will love the hospitality and the quality of the food here. It is a lovely place to dine in with your family.

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11.Little Monk Fine Dine

This restaurant has a spacious seating arrangement on the sprawling lawn that adds to its serene ambiance. The environment is apt to click photographs. Paneer preparations and Italian delicacies are a favorite among the visitors.

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12.The Waterfall

The view of the waterfall and savoring barbecues and grilled food with your special one will be a memorable experience. Waterfall Restaurant presents an enthralling experience. Cheese spring rolls and grilled food items are their signature dishes.

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13.Aqua- The Park

Aqua- The Park presents an outdoor seating arrangement with music and mouth-watering Oriental, Continental, Lebanese, Italian, and Asian cuisines. The ambiance is good enough for families and couples to have a luxurious fine dining experience.

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Vidorra is a vegetarian-friendly multi-cuisine restaurant. The restaurant serves many vegan dishes as well. The restaurant is well known for its Indian and authentic Asian cuisines. Vidorra is a rooftop restaurant with facilities for live music.

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15.Shreemaya Residency

This multi-cuisine family restaurant has a sophisticated décor with a buffet. Mughlai, Chinese, Continental dishes and the tempting starters at this restaurant deserve a special mention. People appreciate the hospitality and food quality here.

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With a rustic rooftop arrangement, the Oakaz restaurant presents savory sizzlers, crispy corn, shakes and light music for its visitors. They have many other varieties of main course dishes and desserts on the menu to satiate your soul. The food items are available at a reasonable price.

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Frieto presents its visitors with a spectacular Skyline View from its rooftop. Freito specializes in French cuisine. There are many fast food, Italian and Mexican options on the menu for the food enthusiasts of Indore.

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18.On The House

If you are strolling through Indore, don’t miss the coffee at On The House restaurant. The restaurant has decent decor and is known for its hospitality and food quality.

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19.Mangosteen Eco lifestyle

The Irish coffee is a unique attraction of this café, which gives you a bohemian vibe. The rooftop arrangement is the icing on the cake. The restaurant serves many healthy food options for fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy your Mojitos, Sizzlers or some chicken with mushrooms while soaking yourself in the Bohemian ambiance.

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20.The Café Square

You can catch up with your friend on a lazy afternoon at The Cafe Square. The Cafe Square Restaurant serves delicious pizza and Chinese cuisine while you chit-chat over coffee.

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