Top 20 Evening Snack Outlets In Konnagar, Hooghly

top 20 evening snaks outlets in konnagar hooghly
top 20 evening snaks outlets in konnagar hooghly

Are You a newbie in Konnagar and Struggling with the evening cravings? Here are some lip-smacking Destinations Which Would Give a boost to your taste buds, Starting from Egg chicken rolls to Diamond-shaped fish fry(cutlets), from momos to Chinese combos from Masala Dosa to Tandoori chicken. We got you covered. This City has the best Solutions for all your evening time cravings.

1. Konnagar Coffee House

Just Beside the Konnagar station, This Restaurant has an array of Options starting from Starters, main courses, and beverages of various kinds, and the ambiance, and the hospitability of the staff make this outlet to the top of this list.

1.Konnagar Coffee House

2. Crown Resto

In the heart of the city, This restaurant is known for its ambiance and hospitality. With a blend of several mouth-watering cuisines and kebabs, like “Fish tikka” and “Murg Pahari kebab” this restaurant successfully made its place to the second of its list.

2.Crown Resto

3. Swade Ahlade

A restaurant that justifies the Quantity with Quality at pocket-friendly costs. Special mention to its chicken tandoori, kebabs, and Mughlai paratha, which is delicious. The social nature of the owner and other staff members truly makes This A favorite place to visit for every local in konnagar.

3.Swade ahlade

4. Red Chili Chinese Fast-Food Centre

For the Chinese lovers out there, this is one of the best Chinese Snacks You can grab. Special Mention to its Special Egg Chicken Chow Mein and Dry chili chicken Combo, which would make you say that” I love it”.

4.Red chili Chinese Fast Food Centre

5. Abar khabo

As same as its name this is one of The best-Fried snack Shop in konnagar with a Wide variety of items starting from Rolls, Chicken pakoras, chicken lollipops, and much more at affordable rates

5.Abar khabo

6. Bhondul Fry Shop

One of the most famous shops in the town serving the best range of fried items and other kinds of stuff including “Ghugni”. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that this shop opens at 5 pm and usually goes out of stock by 7

6.Bhondul Fry shop

7. Drews

Talking of Fast food and easy-to-get snacks and Forget in Momos that isn’t acceptable, so now We would be looking at the Most popular Momo shop in konnagar serving the best and the widest varieties of momos directly to your platter.


8. Bombay Spice

This shop in konnagar has the best range of Authentic Chinese cuisines and soups within a pocket-friendly cost range

8.Bombay Spice

9. Jompesh

Thinking of Burgers and French fries, we have got your back With some huge Burgers accompanied with Coke and fries


10. Domino’s Pizzas

In these kinds of easy-to-get food options it would be unfair if we don’t include Domino’s. This outlet has recently opened up on the station road and within a small period has been able to garner a vast customer base.

10.Dominos Pizzas

11. Mio Amore Cakeshop

Cakes and Pastries have been a Favourite evening snack for many. This shop provides the user with a significant variety of cakes along with a good range of hot dogs, burgers, chicken internets, and much more

11.Mio Amore Cakeshop

12. Mukherjee’s Royal

This shop in the heart of the city is known to provide the best chops and Chinese dishes with a blend of Indian Spices in the town

12.Mukherjees Royal

13. Sankar’s Cabin

Thinking of tandooris, then this shop is your destination as they provide the best of roasts and chaps directly from the tandoor(oven)to your platter

13.Sankars Cabin

14. Baisakhi Chop Center

This 50-year-old shop provides the best kachoris and fried pakoras in the town. Special mention to its chicken, egg, and mango chop

14.Baisakhi chop center

15. Jolojog

This Shop serves the best Mughlai paratha and noodles in the town and the most impressive thing is its iconic cutting style and garnishing style, which may be a distinctive feature


16. Grand Royal

This shop provides a variety of items starting from fish fingers and fish fry to jumbo chicken drumsticks, and some mouth-watering chicken and mutton cutlets, Distinctive features of this shop are pocket-friendly prices and a wide range of food items

16.Grand Royal

17. Gopal Aahare Bahare

This shop provides a creative ambiance revolving around the iconic Bengali character Gopal Bhar and is said to provide the best traditional Bengali Food items

17.Gopal aahare bahare

18. Chow Konnagar

Authentic Chinese Seekers may opt for This Shop for a beautiful eating experience

18.Mr . Chow Konnagar

19. Chilli Flakes

This shop provides the best varieties of pizzas, kinds of pasta, and juices. That too in the most affordable rates and is thus a Favourite chit-chat location for the youngsters of the town

19.Chilli Flakes

20. Bhadrakali Sweets

The best destination for anyone with a sweet tooth, this shop is well known for its fresh and most tasty sweets in the town. A special mention to its ‘misti doi’ and ‘Samosa’

20.Bhadrakali Sweets