20 Places To Get The Best Bengali Food In Delhi!

Best Places To Get The Bengali Food In Delhi!


Maa Tara

Maa Tara in Chittaranjan Park is known for serving the best yet simplest of Bengali cuisine to its regulars. The small hotel which is a part of Market No. 2 in CR Park is known for their Kosha Mangsho, with which they never disappoint. Other than that, the fish they serve is also quite delectable and true to the cuisine.


Oh! Calcutta

A famous chain of restaurant is this one- Oh! Calcutta. It is known for feeding Bengali specialties to Indians all over the country and has outlets spread over many cities. A part of the Specialty Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. who also own famous chains like Mainland China and Sigree, this one much like the others has seen quite the publicity, all of which is most deserved. If you want a bite of the best of the cuisine, then do not miss their Shorshe Bhapa Chingri or the Tomato Chutney!


City Of Joy

City of Joy in Alakananda is somewhere you go to put an end to your craving of Bengali home food, especially to try some of the quintessential delicacies of the cuisine. Be it the Dal-Aloo Bhaja or the Phulkopi’r Dalna, the food will bring you back for some more. Other than the popular Fish Kabiraji, the Daab Chingri is also quite marvellous.



This is more of a takeaway joint, where you can pack some of your favourite Bong dishes and take home to feed a crowd which is going to be happy with the food. Other than the obvious choice of Aloo Posto, you’ll also find another Bong special like Lau Chingri here!


Kolkata Biryani House

If you are Bengali, then there is no other Biryani you can like more than the Kolkata Biryani. This is why we have this name on the list. The Kolkata Biryani House, in C.R. Park, is an overflowing with customers making their way through a plate of Biryani and gossip. So, if you have a special Biryani craving, for the kind with the mighty potato in it, then there is not any other better place than this joint!


Ki Hangla!

Ki Hangla in Gurgaon is the perfect destinations for Bangal- Ghoti friends to argue over who is better, as this restaurant serves food from both sides of the border. Be it the Shorshe Ilish or the Chingri Maach er Malai Curry, you can all get it here. Other than usual lunch items, they sell Bengali Kathi rolls also.


Bon Appetit

This restaurant is a part of Malviya Nagar’s main market and is quite the sacred place for Bongs residing in the area, who are away from Motherland and are homesick. In short, this place makes for a great ‘adda’ place.


Big Bongg Theory

Although the restaurant is small and can accommodate a limited number of people only, it still sees a lot of fan following. They serve a great Platter of Lucchi and Mangsho which will surely grab your attention. Other than that, the Dim er Devil is quite the devil!


Bijoli Grill

Bijoli Grill in Dilli Haat is known for some of the best Bengali snacks in the city. Other than snacks, they also serve proper meals too. If you want something which is like a snack, then the Fish Kabiraji and the Kochuri are worth a try. If you want a proper meal, then the Aloo Posto and the Daab Chingri cannot be missed.



In the middle of some insane and intense pub-hopping in Hauz Khas village, if you have a Bong food craving then Mandaa is the perfect place to drop by. The Mutton Curry and the Chingri Malai Curry will speak for itself.


Maachh Bhaat

Maachh Bhaat has become quite a solace for people residing in Gurugram, for a Bong or Odia craving. Other than the usual Bong dishes, the perfectly prepared Hilsa will be enough to bring you here a second time.


Hi Kolkata

This is a specialty restaurant that serves Bengali food. One of the unique dishes they serve is the Lisih Biryani which tastes just as exotic as it sounds. Another Ilish favourite here is the Begun Ilish, which will remind you very much of the home cooked Ilish!


Bong Foodie

Enjoy some of the best Bengali dishes at Bong Foodie. Be it the Doi Maach or the Macher Kalia, all the dishes are cooked with a lot of love and are true to its recipe and origin.



They have both options of dining in or taking a delivery here. One must try the Mourola Machher Chorchori and the Papdar Jhal here.


Kitchen Calcutta

Kitchen Calcutta serves some delicacies true to its culture. Some of their best are the Dim Kasundi which is a unique dish.


Aamantran Bangla

One of the most popular joints that serve Bengali food in East Delhi is Aamantran Bangla. The dishes are reasonably priced and freshly made when ordered. If you’re confused about what to order, then Fish in Mustard and Luchi and Kasha Mangsho are the usual favourites of the regulars. Other than that, Prawn Paturi is quite recommended.



This is indeed an exclusive restaurant known for serving Bengali specialties. Although the menu is limited, the food is fresh and delicious. The restaurant is quite reasonable as well as being popular at the same time.


Madly Bangalee

One of the restaurants in Delhi that serves Shutki Maach, which is a delectable preparation of dried fish cooked in a tamarind based gravy. Also, there’s another dish that will indeed impress your taste buds i.e. the First Class Railway Mutton Curry. The dish is just as flavourful and unique as the name.


Dadu Cutlet

Dadu Cutlet in CR Park is famous for serving popular Bengali snacks. In fact, the shop is so popular, that the food gets over earlier than expected. So if you want a taste of some of the best Fish Fries and Cutlets, then head here early.


Abar Khabo

Abar Khabo is a part of the Food Court in DT Mega Mall and serves authentic Bengali cuisine. So next time you’re around, do drop here to enjoy some amazing dishes.