Top 20 Items to Try in Telangana Spice Kitchen

top 20 items to try in telangana spice kitchen
top 20 items to try in telangana spice kitchen

For a person who loves spicy food, Telangana Spice Kitchen is the ultimate place to try. It is in a good area with vast open spaces near Andhra Prabha, Park View Enclave, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033. Telangana spice kitchen introduces us to the cooking style and variety of spicy Telangana foods. It has a great place to have lunch or dinner with friends and family. Karimnagar Fried Wings, Gharelu, Dalcha Mutton with Bagara Rice, and Pullihora with Country Chicken are some bestselling items.

1. Paneer Kurkure

This paneer Kurkure is stuffed with Telangana spice kitchen’s special Tandoori masala, coated with cornflakes, and fried until it gets gold in color. They are the yummiest and no one will ignore it. Beat away the midweek blues with this delicious starter with one of their signature cocktails as the best pair. “I don’t want Kurkure paneer,” said no one ever. Coated with cornflakes and fried to perfection, this crunchy appetizer is a crowd favorite.

1.Paneer Kurkure

2. Malai Broccoli

Malai broccoli makes for a delicious starter to kick start a boozy Sunday brunch at Telangana Spice kitchen. It is an easy, delicious, excellent, and delectable vegetarian broccoli appetizer. This recipe doesn’t involve much time or ingredients. Broccoli is not only less in calories but also helps neutralize toxins in the body. Broccoli is a natural detoxifier and also tastes great.

2.Malai broccoli

3. Garelu With Ooru Kodi Kura

TSK delicious garelu with ooru Kodi Kura will bring back all our favorite memories, our amma’s house, lazy Sankranti holidays, and endless feasting. Garelu with ooru Kodi Kura is the most famous dish of all ages. It is the mandatory dish for the south Indian festivals.

3.Garelu with ooru Kodi Kura

4. Karimnagar Fried Wings With Bira Beer

Telangana spice kitchen bestselling Karimnagar fried wings are the ideal choice to kickstart the weekend with, especially when paired with chilled Bira beer. It looks very appealing and drooling with its colorful garnishing. Karimnagar fried wings in Telangana spice kitchen are crispy outside and tender inside. It has natural Telangana spice, is a bit spicy, and is a must-try dish.

4.Karimnagar fried wings with Bira beer

5. Grilled Lemon Prawns

Grilled lemon prawns in Telangana spice kitchen are tender and juicy shrimp with a crispy charred crust. These prawns look gnarly and weird, but they taste so delicious. It is the recommended dish in kebabs.

5.Grilled lemon prawns

6. Chicken Tikka Kebab

Chicken tikka kebab is low in fat and is a great option to have for lunch. With chicken, we can make hundreds of delicious dishes. Chicken tikka kebab tops all varieties and loved by many people. These chicken cubes are marinated in yogurt, Telangana spice kitchen aromatic spices, and lemon juice. These chicken cubes are grilled to perfection to give us a delicious smoky taste.

6.Chicken tikka kebab

7. Kobbari Bondam Cooler

Kobbari Bondam cooler is the perfect cocktail to pair with your meal today. It is also available as a mocktail in the Telangana spice kitchen. Coconut water has natural sugars, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Drinking coconut water will improve exercise performance because it contains electrolytes. It is a healthy drink available in both cocktails and mocktails section.

7.Kobbari bondam cooler

8. Martini

Start your weekend with their favorite brews and bites at their jubilee hills or Secunderabad branch. It is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth. Over the years, the martini has become the most popular mixed alcoholic beverage worldwide. Ingredients for martini are 2 1/2 oz gin, ½ ounce dry vermouth, and one teaspoon orange bitters. The most popular garnishes are lemon twists and olives. But in Telangana spice kitchen’s martini is garnished with fresh rose.


9. Mint Margarita

Your mid-week refresher is here- a mint margarita cocktail. A twist on the classic cocktail, this cool and minty drink will freshen up your mood and give you the push you need to get through the rest of the week.  Francisco “Pancho” Morales invented the Margarita on July 4, 1942, at a bar located in Mexico. Ingredients for preparing Margarita are Tequila, Mint leaves, Sugar, Lemon juice, and lots of ice, then carefully pour into the glass. Then garnish and serve over Ice.

9.Mint Margarita

10. Southern Spice Cocktail

Layered with seven different ingredients, it captures the taste of Telangana in a beverage. This delicious cocktail is just what you need to wind down after a long, hot day. Ingredients used in the southern spice cocktail are Cinamon, Curry leaves, Ginger, Jaggery water, Dark run, Cardamom, and cloves.

10.Southern spice cocktail

11. Sweet Lassi

Sweet lassi, from freshly churned curd adds a refreshing ending to a delicious meal. It is a famous Punjabi cuisine. Sweet lassi is a popular drink in North India. It is beneficial for the digestive system. This lassi has less amount of lactose.

11.Sweet lassi

12. Qurbani Ka Meeta

Meet their Qubani ka Meetha, the famous Hyderabad dessert made out of dried apricots. Telangana spice kitchen serves a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream to make this dish more prosperous and more indulgent.

12.Qurbani ka Meeta

13. Biryani

Nalli ghost biryani, the dish they introduced in 2021 and now it is their best seller dish. Its unique style of preparation and melt-in-mouth taste has made it their signature dish in just a few months. Telangana has been a land full of surprises. The diversity of people living in this state has also left a strong influence on their food. I tried out the famous nalli ghost biryani in Telangana Spice kitchen, and I would say it has to be one of the most exciting yet scrumptious Biryani that you can have in Hyderabad. The Meat is been cooked separately with spices and then served with biryani rice. I would have it yet again.


14. Mudda Papu Pachi Pulsu

Muddapappu pachi pulusu with white rice will become the instant favorite for vegetarians in the main course. Muddapappu in Telangana spice kitchen is a dal and tomato-based thick curry with a subtle flavor. It is being served with tangy, spicy, and a bit sweet (tamarind-based) pachi pulusu. It is a must-try item for all food lovers. Muddapapu and pachipulsu, when mixed with little ghee in the plain rice, make the most epic taste, which is just incredible.

14.Mudda papu pachi pulsu

15. Jamun Ka Ghosla

Jamun ka Ghosla is the newest dessert in Telangana spice kitchen. Mini jamuns placed over a bed of payni and served with a jug of delicious Vanilla-flavoured milk. This dessert will cure all your weekday blues. Try this at the Secunderabad branch, CVK Park square, 4th floor, Where it is exclusively available.

15.Jamun ka ghosla

16. Koramenu Fry With Yelipay Karam

Koramenu fry with yellipaya Karam is been flavored with robust spices and an unforgettable garlic flavor. This appetizer is a must-try when you visit Telangana spice kitchen.

16.Koramenu fry with yelipay karam

17. Ooru Gallu Mutton Pulav

Orugallu Mutton pulao is a dish from Warangal, Telangana’s second largest city. They were inspired by the recipes of the ancient capital of the kakatiyas. Telangana spice kitchen offers a delicious mix of meat and spices. They are trying to keep traditions alive.

17.Ooru gallu mutton pulav

18. Gutti Vankaya Koora

Telangana serves the best Gutti vankaya koora you will have in Hyderabad. Slow roasted top perfection with sesame, dry coconut, and peanut gravy, this famous stuffed brinjal curry is truly a gift to our flavor-loving taste buds. This dish is everyone’s childhood favorite. The Telangana classic is just the right mix of comfort and deliciousness.

18.Gutti vankaya koora

19. Golchina Mamsam

 We can almost smell this picture. For spicy lovers, Golchina mamsam is the best choice in the Telangana spice kitchen. The smell of meat cooked in a traditional Telangana spice kitchen restaurant with Telugu spices and roasted to perfection is enough to lift anyone’s spirits on any gloomy day. If you haven’t tried Golichina Mamsam yet, try it asap in Telangana spice kitchen.

19.Golchina mamsam

20. Golchina Panner

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? Try Golchina panner, a vegetarian take on the famous Golchina Mamsam in Telangana spice kitchen. A lip-smacking vegetarian side made using aromatic spices and fried to perfection. Pair it with their signature cocktail or mocktail for a great start to the meal.

20.Golchina panner