Top 20 Exciting Dishes of Rice Cake

Top 20 Exciting Dishes of Rice Cake

Pithas (a type of rice cake) has its origination from the eastern part of India. This dish of rice cake is favoured all across Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Assam. But, every state has a unique style of making pithas although, the key ingredient, rice or wheat remains the same. Let’s have a look on these exhilarating recipes of rice cakes.

1. Gur Ki Idli

This dish is made from fermenting the batter of Rice and Urad dal in a ratio of 2:1. Some freshly grated coconut, an adequate amount of jaggery, milk powder, and some dry fruits such as some chopped cashew nuts, almonds are added to the batter while grinding. The batter is then poured on the idli maker after greasing the holes with ghee. Idlis are steamed for nearly 7-9 minutes, and the dish is ready to be eaten.


2. Arisa Pitha

These customary sweet pancakes belong to the beautiful state of Odisha. It is made from a semi-solid mixture of rice flour, jaggery, cinnamon powder, and a tablespoon of ghee which is transformed into flat round shapes of pitha. It has a thick crispy crust from outside as it is deep fried in oil and has a sweet coconut and sesame stuffing inside. The dish is finally garnished again with some sesame seeds.


3. Kakara Pitha

It is an authentic Odiya dish which is offered to deities in the temple as well as in homes during festivities. This dish is prepared first by roasting some cardamom powder and shredded coconut in a pan. The second step is to add a good quantity of water along with some salt and sugar in a larger bowl and let it boil. At the time of boiling, nearly 150 grams of Rawa is added to the boiling mixture. In the next step, the mixture is converted into small flat round-shaped dough. The dough is then filled with shredded coconut and deep fried in oil.


4. Ghila Pitha

It is the most desired Assamese sweet dish prepared especially during Bihu festival. It is prepared from rice flour which is first soaked for some time in water and then coarsely ground into powder. A slurry of water and jaggery is prepared which is then added to the powder along with some orange rind to enhance the flavor. A spherical dough is prepared out of it which is flattened a bit in the center and then deep fried until crispy.


5. Malpua Pitha

It is a soft and layered sweet dish offered to guests during festivals. It is made from a thick mixture of flour, semolina, sugar, beaten egg, and some vegetable/ soyabean oil. This thick batter is then poured on a heated pan with some oil in round shapes (The process of pouring is same as the process of pouring dosa batter on a pan). It effortlessly gets cooked, and the delicious Malpua Pithais all set.


6. Chitau Pitha

It is a dish made from soaking rice in water for nearly 2-3 hours. A mixture of rice, grated coconut, and milk is ground to form a batter and then some sugar, baking soda, and cardamom powder is mixed thoroughly in the mixture. A wooden pan is taken and the mixture is poured gently into the pan and covered with a lid for 2-3 minutes, and the lovely dish is prepared.


7. Assamese Mohura Pitha

This Assamese sweet dish is made by mixing grated coconut, rice flour, and cardamom powder with 2 cups of lukewarm water. From this mixture, a whippy dough is created and divided into some equal pieces. Next, the dough balls are pressed to flatten and further stuffed with a tablespoon of filling. In the last step, a sufficient amount of water is boiled in a pot, and the prepared mohura pithas are added to cook completely. This is how it is made. Give it a try!


8. Dal Pitha

A typical bihari style dumplings are waiting for you to cook. This traditional dish of Bihar has a fine lentil filling. The dal stuffing can also be sweet if some sugar and grated coconut are added to it. The pithas are given the shape of gujias or momos. Also, it is a perfect nourishment for breakfast and tiffin and has a delectable aloo chokha or aloo dum curry as its accompaniment.


9. Manda Pitha

It is a perfect Odiya deep fried sweet course. It is made by heating up a pan and melting a finite amount of jaggery. When the jaggery starts melting, a cup of desiccated coconut is added along with some grated ginger, black pepper powder, and most importantly some salt. The outer covering of the pitha is made from boiling water, adding a cup of rice flour, and mixing it well. The next step is very certain, that is when the mixture of rice flour and water is cooled, small pieces of dough are made and stuffed with the jaggery mixture. Lastly, the pithas are deep fried in oil and served hot.


10. Assamese Ketli Pitha

The key ingredient of this steamed rice cake of Assam is the Gobind bhog Rice. The process of making this dish is simple. 2 cups of rice are soaked in water for 2 hours and then dried on a muslin cloth. Next, the rice flour is ground along with some salt. Sufficient amount of water is boiled in a kettle, and then the dough is created by splashing some water to the rice flour. The stuffing has grated coconut, jaggery, and date palms. This dish is cooked in a kettle and therefore called Ketli pitha.


11. Bhapapuli Pitha

It is a simple, authentic Bengali dish. The dough is prepared from rice flour(Chaler Gura), water, and salt. The stuffing has a cup of grated coconut, a piece of cinnamon, and a piece of cardamom. The pithas are steamed in a stainless aluminum/ steel steamer.


12. Sweet Sesame Rose Pitha

This dish has the dough made from all-purpose flour and different added colors. The dough is then divided into pieces, and given any shape (here, rose-shape is given), and deep fried in oil. Once it comes out of oil, it is dipped in sugar syrup and cardamom powder for some time, and finally garnished with some dry roasted sesame seeds.


13. Enduri Pitha

It is a dish prepared during Prathamashtmi. The process of making this pitha is same as idli. The only difference is the idli maker holes are greased with some oil, a turmeric leaf is placed on the hole, the first layer of batter is poured, then some coconut-sugar filling is added, and then the second layer of batter is poured. It is then steamed for some time and the dish is ready.


14. Chakuli Pitha (Dosa)

It is a very quick and simple recipe for dosa. If you know the process of making dosa, then this recipe can be prepared within no time. The rice flour and white lentil batter are gently poured on a heated pan after greasing some oil and then it is done. Yes, it is that simple. It can be eaten with Chutney and Sambar.


15. Poda Pitha

It is a simple black gram cake, traditionally cooked across Odisha. A fermented batter of black gram, rice, jaggery, and coconut is created and kept overnight. The next day, it is baked and served hot.


16. Karanji

It is a traditional dish of Maharashtra. It is same as Gujia. The outer covering is made from maida, milk, water, salt, ghee, and transformed into a dough. A definite shape is given stuffed with grated coconut, sugar, cardamom, cashews, and deep fried in oil.


17. Rice Boil Pitha

It is a very alluring dish. A mixture of rice flour, water, and grated coconut is prepared. Some paper cups are taken and the batter is poured in each cups. These cups are then kept in a cooker containing water, and the lid is covered and no whistle. Look! The dish is set.


18. Taal Pitha

This dish is prepared from the pulp of palm fruit. This pulp is mixed in 2 cups of water, flour, and rice powder. A paper cone is taken, the bottom of the cone is removed, the batter is added in it, and then with the help of the cone, the batter is poured on a heating pan, cooked for some time, and there you go!


19. Til Pitha

This dish is prepared from any glutinous rice soaked in water overnight. The rice batter is prepared. For the stuffing, some black sesame seeds are dry roasted and mixed with some jaggery. The stuffing is filled inside the thick mush, and pithas are given long cylindrical shape. It is then cooked on a pan for some time.


20. Sunga Pitha

It is a classic dish of Assam. The pithas are made from bora rice. The rice batter is poured inside a bamboo tube, with one side closed and the other side covered with coconut leaf after pouring of batter. The bamboo tubes are then cooked on the fire, and the thrilling recipe is ready.