Top 20 Exciting Jain Dishes for a Wedding

Top- 20- Exciting- Jain- Dishes- for- a- Wedding

1 Jain Mixed Vegetable Handvo

 This colorful recipe of vegetables can be prepared by making a paste of masoor dal, urad dal, chana dal, and moong dal with some rice. Next, in the paste, some shredded vegetables are added along with some baking soda, salt, and sugar. In a pan, 2-3 tablespoons of oil is heated, some sesame seeds are added, and finally the paste is cooked well in the oil with some water. jain-mixed-vegtable-handvo

2 Dhokla

This lovely and popular dish of Gujarat is also on the list of the foods served in Jain weddings. This much-loved dish is made from a fermented batter of chickpeas and rice. Apart from weddings, this dish can be eaten in breakfast or as a snack.


3 Dal Makhani

Every time I look at this name, I crave for some of it. This luscious recipe is a much-favored dish of Punjab and goes best with chapati or naan. When you have dal makhani on your plate along with some hot Indian bread, then no doubt you will never search for an accompaniment. Can I have some more, again?


4. Kele ki Chutney

Banana consumed as a raw fruit tastes fine and is healthful, but when it comes to using it as an ingredient for a recipe, then it might not sound good. But, this unique recipe of banana is going to give your taste buds a new tang. It is made from boiled bananas, curd, oil, and blended nicely with some Indian spices.


5 Corn Upma

This combination of Upma and corn is served as a starter at the weddings. It is made from Rawa combined with corn kernels, mild Indian spices, and milk. This is a simple and healthy South Indian recipe, perfect for breakfast. Corn Upma is a variation brought to the normal recipe of Upma.


6 Paneer Dal Curry

Okay! So a much-awaited main course recipe is here. A wedding is incomplete without a single recipe of paneer. A slight change brought to this recipe is soaked dal along with the fried paneer cubes are cooked in oil with some Indian spices. You can have this dish with rice, roti or anything.


7 Bhakri

 It is an Indian bread recipe made from flour, ghee, cumin seeds or Ajwain. It can be prepared in two ways; the first one can be a crispier flat roti while the second one can be a puffed roti. Both the forms are served with ghee brushing as it enhances the taste.


8 Kela Methi nu Shaak

We have another recipe of banana to share with you. This dish represents how opposite souls attract each other. This healthy recipe of banana has a contrasting combination of bitter fenugreek leaves and sweet banana pieces. Well, you can have it with roti and rice. You must try this dish for a bitter-sweet experience.


9 Sev Tameta

I remember my trip to Gujarat where a hotel in Ahmedabad served this marvelous dish of tomato that is made by tempering tomato pieces in oil, Indian spices, and served with sev garnishing. It is a spicy dish, and therefore buttermilk is sometimes served with it to neutralize the effect. I wish to try it again!


10 Tendli Cashewnut

This recipe uses ivy gourd and crushed cashew nuts for the curry with Indian spices cooked in 2-3 tablespoons of oil. The curry also has cashew paste for a thicker consistency. It can be a nice side dish. Try this unique recipe in Jain weddings or at home.


11 Doodhi Kofta Curry

This mouth-watering recipe has yummy balls made from a mixture of bottle gourd, besan, Indian spices, deep fried in oil, and finally dropped into a tangy and spicy gravy. It is a must served recipe in the buffet as it has a huge fan following. You can have this with every kind of Indian bread.


12 Thepla

This wonderful Indian flat-bread dish is made from flour, gram flour, fenugreek leaves, and some mild spices. This healthy recipe needs chutney or any vegetable curry as an accompaniment. If you are tired of making chapatis regularly for dinner, try making this one. Your children will keep asking you for more.


13 Pudina Puri

Have you ever thought of frying puris in a different and a bit healthier way? All you need to do is make a fine paste of mint leaves, some mild Indian spices, lemon juice, green chilies, water, and add it to the wheat flour to prepare dough. Now deep fry these puffy puris, and have it with anything you like in the buffet.


14. Padvali Roti

Since we are talking about Indian bread, here; we have another dish of Indian bread. Padvali roti is a two-layered roti made form wheat flour. It is made in summer season, as it goes best with mango chutney. But, if you are in a Jain wedding in a different season, try eating it with some amla achar.


15 Dal Bahari

This delectable Dal Bahari recipe is made from kidney beans, and also from any type of lentil soaked overnight. The next day, it is cooked under pressure with some mild Indian spices. Have this dish with rice or any Indian bread. Cook it at home, and try something different from the regular dal recipes.


16 Lebanese Mint Rice Soup

To begin with, this Lebanese soup has mint leaves as the key ingredient. When the soup is being boiled with stock and mild spices, rice is added to the soup. It is stirred well until the rice gets cooked. If you are confused where to begin with the starters, try this soup first with no doubt.


17 Tom Yum Soup

It is a hot and sour vegetable soup recipe. This easy and healthy recipe of soup can be made from chopped vegetables of your choice cooked in stock and sauce. Along with the veggies, some tofu pieces are also cooked in the soup. If you want, then you can add in some leafy vegetables. But remember, it is a Jain dish, so you need to be particular about the ingredients you are adding. Try this marvellous recipe at home.


18 Minestrone

It is an Italian soup recipe containing fresh vegetables such as beans, celery, tomatoes, stock, and also has the addition of pasta or rice or both. Apart from parties, have this thick soup recipe at home. Serve it to your guests by making slight variations. Moreover, this can be a suitable dish for a cozy, lazy, cold night.


19 Hara Coconut Shorba

Well, this recipe also happens to be a soup recipe. The shorba is made from tempering of red chili, mustard seeds, chopped ginger in mustard oil. Once it is prepared, some fresh coconut milk and coconut water is added and churned well. Next, some thin slices of carrot and zucchini are added and boiled. The soup is seasoned with black pepper powder and salt.


20 Amla Achaar

Searching for a perfect tongue-tickler? Have this one with a heavy meal. Amla aka Indian Gooseberry is rich in nutrients like Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Protein, and Vitamin B complex. This spicy and sour recipe of pickle is made from Amla pieces cooked in oil and Indian spices.