Top 20 Family Restaurants Of Indore

Top 20 Family Restaurants Of Indore

The city of Indore is not just for the college crowd to enjoy street food at Sarafa, but also for families to have a great culinary experience. Indore has many budding restaurants and many restaurants popular over the years . The cuisines offer a blend of dishes native to the state and dishes inspired by the neighboring states. The following are the top 20 family restaurants:

1.Barbeque Nation

This restaurant has been a well-known name in several other cities as well. Chiefly known for its buffet, Barbeque Nation has been ranked the topmost in the city. This outlet serves many vegetarian starters too. The ambiance and the hospitality are at par with any of its other outlets across the neighboring cities.

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2.Nafees Restaurant

Your weekend with your family would be a wholesome experience with the traditional Chicken Tikka Masala, kebabs, and biryani at Nafees restaurant. The restaurant has been one of the most visited non-vegetarian family restaurants in Indore.

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Patang Restaurant of Indore offers a spacious arrangement for hosting a small family party. The restaurant has a rooftop view and the menu is purely vegetarian. The menu has many delicacies for the Jain community as well. The cuisines cover Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican. The affordable prices and the hospitality make it a favorite among the visitors.

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4.The Salt And Pepper

This restaurant has sophisticated interiors with a spacious seating arrangement. This makes The Salt and Pepper a favorite family restaurant. They have facilities for the buffet. Among the tempting delicacies on their menu, the Tawa Paneer is a highly recommended dish at this restaurant. The prices are reasonable too.

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This restaurant has outdoor seating on its sprawling lawn. You can immerse yourself with your family in the ample varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes here while enjoying some soothing background music.

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6.India Junction

This restaurant is a favorite among vegetarians and kids too. This junction is a multi-cuisine, inexpensive restaurant. The unique concept of food served with a railway coach is eye catchy and kids and adults enjoy this experience equally well. The food quality is exceptional.

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If you are purely vegetarian and are looking for a budget-friendly, fine-dining experience with your family, then Khaanpaan is your one-stop destination. Apart from the regular Indian dishes, this restaurant has delicious food items to satisfy your Chinese cravings. They have a good range of desserts as well.

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The rooftop view from the Mediterra restaurant makes it a must-visit place with your family. The interior decoration is very classy. The restaurant is known to serve good quality Mediterranean food. The creamy truffle-scented chicken soup and tacos are highly recommended dishes. The restaurant has incorporated fusion into the menu.

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Another well-known family Restaurant in Indore is the Monroe. Artistic presentation and humble hospitality make your dining experience a memorable one. They have many options of soups, Chinese, and various other eclectic cuisines that would make you and your family want to visit again.

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Aloha presents a decent environment with ample seating space. This restaurant has a good range of desserts, grilled food, Bengali cuisines, and rolls. The prices are affordable.

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11.Govardhan Family Restaurant

Govardhan Family Restaurant is a humble, inexpensive restaurant that sells purely vegetarian dishes. Their mushrooms and Chinese delicacies deserve a special mention. The food quality and service are appreciable.

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12.The GT road

The GT Road Restaurant is a well-known name for enjoying a buffet with your family. The sophisticated interiors with a themed concept enhance the ambiance. They have a wide range of diverse cuisines on their menu.

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13.Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is a family restaurant that serves delectable Mughlai and North Indian cuisines with some vegetarian varieties. The quality of food is a value-for-money deal here. Food is served in generous portions making them suitable when you visit this restaurant in a larger group.

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14.Blue Salt And Coffee

Blue Salt and Coffee has both private dining and family dining facilities. The items on their buffet are very delicious. Non-vegetarian dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh and the vegetarian dishes like the Paneer Tikka Masala are favorites among food-lovers.

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15.Café Terraza

Cafe Terraza is known for its Italian, Mexican, and Continental delicacies. The restaurant has options for sharing the platters. The sizzlers deserve a special mention. Paneer Jahangiri and Dilkhush Kofta are some of their must-try dishes. The overall hospitality and the environment are good for you and your family to have a great dining experience.

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16.Moti Mahal Deluxe

Moti Mahal Deluxe is a popular name for traditional North Indian recipes. The taste and the visual appeal of all the cuisines go well with the price. Few recommended dishes of Moti Mahal Deluxe are South Hall fish and chips, and Chicken Chaat. If you visit this place with your family, try the combo meals.

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17.Bella Buono

The charming interiors and delicious Sushi, Bao, and Dimsum make Bella Buono one of the most visited multi-cuisine family restaurants. The music and the hospitality add to the enriching experience. They serve delicious homemade stuffed pasta.

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The interiors of Dakshin restaurant might not be as per your lavish expectations. But, more than 20 variations on the menu and the 3 feet long Bahubali dosa would surely tempt you and your family. Apart from the South Indian dishes, the restaurant serves desserts, beverages, Sichuan and North Indian foods. Dakshin is one of the budget-friendly family restaurants.

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19.Foodie Kothi

The interiors of Foodie Kothi have an inviting appeal. It is a lovely place to enjoy pocket-friendly wraps and delicious main course dishes with your family. The menu has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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Revolution is a restaurant well known for its sophisticated fine dining experience. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with its dishes priced reasonably. The hospitality and the presentation are noteworthy. Revolution also serves delicious lips-smacking finger food.

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