Top 20 Themed Restaurants in India

Top 20 Themed Restaurants in India

Don’t we all love to escape from reality once in awhile? To be transported into a different land altogether, or a different planet perhaps. Though this out of the world fantasy can be readily experienced by reading a good book, the only sad part is that we cannot take others there with us. We may explore new continents through our wings of imagination but the mere thought of living our fantasies casts an excited hope in our fragile minds. Hence, we present to you Top 20 Themed Restaurants in India which, though minuscule, provides an opportunity to get in touch with one’s sensuousness.

1. UFO’s, Kandivali East, Mumbai

Are you someone who gets thrilled at the mention of UFOs, aliens, and spaceships? If yes, then this is the go-to place for you. This mesmerizing restaurant coated in a cool blue and white theme will give you a real-time adventure of being in a spaceship. What’s more exciting is that it revolves! Additionally, the food is delicious too. What more can one want?


2 Tabula Beach Cafe, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

In the hustle-bustle of Delhi, who doesn’t want the exotic beach experience? Tabula beach is ‘The Place’ for the ones who want to loosen up. With a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating area. Moreover, the restaurant also has a dance area for the wild dancers present inside all of us. We advise you to give yourself a break from that annoying boss and complaining family, and just enjoy at this Beach Cafe!


3 Chor Bizarre, Hotel Broadway, Daryaganj, Delhi

Have your phones or precious belongings ever been stolen? If you haven’t traced them already, try searching for them at the Chor Bazaar, though unfortunately if lost there, they are almost impossible to find. Anyway, this concept of Chor Bazaar (Market of Thieves) has been intelligently used for the interior and decor of this vintage restaurant in Delhi. Exquisite, antique treasures of history decorate the walls as if it is a gallery whereas a vintage car, which also acts as a buffet corner, takes this theme up a notch. Interestingly, it is quite popular for its ethnic Kashmiri food. With such a description, this place deserves a visit.


4. The Black Pearl, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Pirates, aren’t we all excited to know about them? Even more after watching the Pirates of The Caribbean series. Well, if you desire to relish the experience of being in a pirate ship then you must stop by at The Black Pearl. Ranging from skeletons, dead pirates, decorative skulls to those intimidating eye patches, this restaurant has got it all covered. Fascinating, isn’t it?


5 Ciclo Café, Kotturpuram, Chennai

Built on a unique, simple yet eye-catching bicycle based theme, Ciclo Cafe provides for a cozy and comfortable dinner. The furniture is made from recycled parts of various bicycles; dining here surely takes you on a trip down the memory lane, the good old days when bicycle rides with our friends were enough to cheer us up.


6 Garam Dharam, Connaught Place, New Delhi

If you happen to know an Dharam Ji fans, do treat them at Garam Dharam. The restaurant is based on a quirky Bollywood theme inspired by the one and only veteran actor, Dharmendra. With a pure Punjabi touch, the restaurant has elevated to the level of a modern Dhaba and offers lip-smacking Desi food too!


7 The Vault Cafe, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The name gives a glimpse into the style of this chic restaurant. Enveloped in a dark theme, it is built with private vault chambers wherein one can enjoy a delectable meal peacefully. Moreover, if you’re someone who is accustomed to loud music and enjoys it, then this place is custom made for you. Do pay a visit here and let us know if you unveil perhaps, another ‘Chamber of Secrets’ here.


8 Bhaijaanz, Off Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai

Salman Khan has always had an overwhelming fan following, no wonder there is a restaurant in Mumbai dedicated to the actor. The interiors have been intricately designed which reflect the actor’s journey in Bollywood; even the menu is fun to read, featuring dishes named on the movies he has worked in. This restaurant is every Salman Khan fan’s dream world, where he or she can get transported into the land of Bollywood’s dear Bhaijaan.


9. Chokhi Dhani, Tonk Road, Jaipur

A few rustic souls aren’t pleased by the alluring urban lifestyle or the luxuries it provides. For them, true contentment can be felt only in the countryside. The Pink City caters to the wishes of such people by its magnificent resort, Chokhi Dhani. The rich, colorful culture of Rajasthan can be experienced here alongside scrumptious Marwari food. The children too can get in touch with the ancient Indian way of storytelling through puppet shows known as ‘Kathputli Ro Nach’. In addition to this, folk dances and tribal art of the state can be seen here.


10 Manchester United, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai 

The name says it all. This pub must be visited for a stunning experience of dining in a place which reverberates our favorite football team’s achievements and facts.


11 Kaidi Kitchen, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

Want to get a feel of being in prison? If yes, then Kaidi Kitchen is the place for you. Its interior is designed like a prison where the servers are dressed as the mighty police officers. One may try out the ‘Kaidi uniform’ too. Moreover, the restaurant is divided into various cells which are assigned to a varied group of guests.


12 Gufha, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

True to its name, Gufha is designed just like a cave. If you ever feel like hiding from the world, away from its distractions, then you may try it at this restaurant. The quiet and calm felt amidst somber lighting makes one relatively calm. All this packed with a delicious menu of Indian and Afghani food makes this one a must visit restaurant!


13 The Bar Stock Exchange, Sakinaka, Mumbai  

This outstanding place is based on the theme of a stock exchange. Living to the core spirit of a stock exchange, this restaurant features a unique system of fluctuating prices. The prices of beverages rise or plummet according to their demand Intriguing, isn’t it?


14 Café Torque, Vasant Vihar, Delhi  

Call up your dear biker friends and share the address of this exclusive place right now! Infused with the hardcore biker culture, the decor comprises of enthralling graffiti on the walls, display of leather jackets along with a few heavy machines. This unique place also has branches across India.


15 Silver Metro, Koramangala, Bengaluru  

Humbly given the look of a metro, this restaurant in Bengaluru gives you the chance to dine in a metro. Their food is well liked by everyone. For a simple yet unique experience do visit this place.


16 Lord of the Drinks, Connaught Place, New Delhi

If you constantly feel that you don’t belong in this age, that this time just isn’t meant for you then why not try to get transported to the beautifully rough medieval times? This restaurant welcomes you with a dimly lit staircase going right through a dungeon. Upon entering, you will be motioned towards a seating area which has a rustic feel to it, the furniture is made of wood, and the restaurant includes a great choice of drinks and food. It is also popularly known for its community table concept. You may depart now to foster the acquaintance of new bosom friends or allies.


17 Howzatt: The Galaxy Hotel, The Galaxy Hotel, Gurugram

If India has a pub dedicated to football, how can it possibly miss out on cricket? Howzatt is heaven for cricket enthusiasts. The interior is wholly based on cricket; this includes glove-shaped seats Watch the next live match at Howzatt; it will be a memorable experience!


18 1857 @ Ohri’s, Opp Necklace Railway Station, Hyderabad, Telangana

The Nizams of Hyderabad are well renowned for their immense wealth, grandeur and lavish lifestyle. This captivating way of life is reflected in the decor of 1857 @ Ohri’s. This ambience added with a blend of Chinese, Continental and Thai cuisines makes this place quite different from the rest.


19 Boombox Café, Tagore Garden Extension, New Delhi

For many, music is the source helping them to wade through the troublesome ocean of life. So, why not a visit a place with a hip-hop music theme? Wall graffiti, metal shutters, and a colorful ambience gives Boombox Cafe a lively appeal. This vibrant place has outlets in Rajouri Garden, Connaught Place and Khan Market.


20 Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Want to feel the Himalayas in Delhi? Go to the Yeti which has a traditional Himalayan and Nepalese Theme. It can be seen in their mind-blowing cuisine and solemn interiors which will have a tranquilizing effect on you. One visit here and your next plans will be directly for the Himalayas!