Top 20 Famous Restaurants in Bhopal


1 Kebabsville Sayaji Hotel

Kebabsville Restaurant is a part of Sayaji Hotel. It is located on Van Vihar Road, Prem Pura, TT Nagar. The place has a buffet, full bar, and outdoor seating. The seating is at the poolside. It has the best barbecue in town. The average cost for two adults is 1800 approximately.


2 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street is the best place for casual dining in Bhopal. It is in DB City Mall, Maharana Pratap Nagar. It has a very English atmosphere.    It has a large variety of drinks. It serves North Indian, Italian, and Chinese food. It serves amazing shaken or stirred Martinis. The cost for two is 1000 rupees.


3 Kafe Kulture

Kafe Kulture is located in Jai Bhawani Housing Society. It is a cafe with rooftop seating system. The place has bohemian style of architecture. The cost for two is 600 rupees. It serves a large variety of Shakes and Drinks. They also have hookah. It is a good place for teenagers to hang out.


4 The Kasbah

The Kasbah is in Mandakini, Arera Colony. Its menu comprises Mughlai, Jain, Lakhnawi, Continental, Chinese, Thai, Punjabi, and Oriental cuisine. It serves only vegetarian food. It also has outdoor seating. It is easy to locate. The average cost for one is around 500Rs. The theme of the place is Bollywood.


5 Sagar Gaire Fast Food

Sagar Gaire Fast Food is in Number Market Arera Colony. It has a lot of branches in the city. It serves fast food items. It serves only vegetarian food. It is a known place for students to hang out. The place has self-service.  It has Pasta, Snacks, Pizza, Soup, Bread, Soft drinks, Rice, Chinese, South Indian, and Chaat items.


6 Cowboy Restaurant and Lounge

Cowboy Restaurant and Lounge is in Bittan Market Arera colony. It serves North Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Mexican food. It has a full bar, separate smoking area, free parking, live sports screening, wifi, and live music. The theme of the place is very Southern American. It is a good place to party.


7 Cafe Mojo Jojo

Cafe Mojo Jojo is in Residential Quarters Arera Colony. It serves a variety of snacks like Ravioli, Wraps, Burger, Sandwich, Mushrooms, Pasta, Banoffee pie, Rajma Chawal, etc. It also has drinks like Love Gone Wrong potion, Princess Shake, and Affogato. It has live music, free parking, board games, desserts and it accepts wallet payments.


8 Bay Leaf- Courtyard Mariott

Bay Leaf is a part of Courtyard Mariott. It is in DB City Mall, Maharana Pratap Nagar. The ambiance of the place is good. It has outdoor seating available. They also have buffet system. The music played it is relaxing.


9 Bapu Ki Kutia

Bapu Ki Kutia is behind Jyoti Cineplex in Maharana Pratap Nagar. It serves North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisine. It serves only vegetarian dishes. One should have breakfast here. The cost for one is 300Rs. The service is quick and efficient.


10 Dakshin Restaurant

Dakshin Restaurant is in Green Heights Mall Gulmohar Colony. It is a small place with outdoor seating option. It serves North Indian and South Indian food. It also has free home delivery. The food is flavorful. The taste is authentic. It is a clean place.


11 The Urban Socialite

The Urban Socialite is a part of Hotel Lake View Ashoka. It is in Shyamla Hills TT Nagar. The cost for one is 500 Rs. The view from the restaurant is good. Their menu consists of Italian, Mexican and Chinese dishes.


12 Swaad

Swaad is in Zone 1, Maharana Pratap Nagar. It serves only vegetarian food and also offers free home delivery.  They also have a branch in Kolar Road. They have buffet arrangement. The average cost for two is 600Rs.


13 Café Chino- Cafe and Patisserie

CafeChino is a part of Hotel Jehan Numa Palace. It is in Shamal Hills. It is a good looking place. It is very serene and calm. It has valet parking and lives sports screening. They have a large variety of Cakes, Tea, and Coffee.


14 Shahnama- Hotel Jehan Numa Palace

Hotel Jehan Numa Palace owns Shahnama. It is in Shymala Hills, TT Nagar. The highlights of the place are valet parking, breakfast, luxury dining, and 4/5 star. It offers North Indian, Chinese and Hyderabadi cuisine. The seating has a traditional touch. The staff is courteous.


15 Under The Jamun Tree

Under The Jamun Tree is a part of Jehan Numa Retreat. It has outdoor seating. The menu consists of North Indian cuisine. The ambiance is peaceful. The seats are comfortable. It is a quiet place. The staff is warm. The menu is limited but good. The Barbecue is unbeatable.


16 Bhopal Express

Bhopal Express is in TT Nagar. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The menu comprises of Chat, Cutlet, Sandwich, Tea, Coffee, Shakes, Mocktails, Shorba, Salad, Sabzi, Salan, Dal, Raita, andi dishes, Rice, Biryani, Tikka and Chinese dishes. It is a train-themed restaurant. The ambiance is nice.


17 Zam Zam Fast Food

Zam Zam Fast Food is in Laxmi Narayan Market. It serves North Indian Food. It has two branches in the city. It is a pocket-friendly place. Children will always love to be here. It is more of a takeaway play. The ambiance isn’t very good. The food tastes authentic.


18 Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant in DB City Mall’s food court. 500Rs is the average cost for one person. It is a trendy place. The service is top-notch. Food is well presented. The menu contains an array of dishes. It also has Japanese and Thai dishes.


19 Rice Bowl Thai & Chinese

Rice Bowl Thai and Chinese is a pan-Asian cuisine restaurant. It is in Mansarovar Complex Habib Ganj. Food portions are large. The ambiance is decent. Food variety is dense. Prices are moderate. Service is very quick. The staff is always polite.


20 Da Pizzeria

Da Pizzeria is in Zone 2 Maharana Pratap Nagar. It is a cozy place. It serves Italian, pizza, and fast food. It has a buffet system too. It serves only vegetarian food. It gives free home delivery. Under their offer, one can get Pizza, Beverages, Garlic Bread, Soup and Salad for Rs 250. It has a la carte option.