Top 20 Places In Mumbai Were You Can Get The Best Yet Hygienic Street Food


Mumbai is a hub of street food. College students, office goers, and normal people walking in the streets are always keen to try something new when it comes to food. They want something which is cheap and affordable for daily basis and which can satisfy their little hunger. And street food is the ultimate answer to this. Be it Samosas, Vadapav, Dosas, to Ice-creams and Milkshakes and Coffees Mumbai has every thing to offer everyone right in the place where the walk. So lets have a look.

1. Anand vadapav

Vadapav is the grab-and-go snack of Mumbai. Its impossible for a Mumbaikar to have not eaten a vadapav. There are numerous vadapav stalls in every streets of Mumbai in every area. But anand vadapav is special, they have this distinct taste in their vadapav which makes them attractive. They are found in various places in Mumbai, by the same name. But it was initially started in Dadar market. The specialty of anand vadapav is that they serve with a special chutney and its always fresh and hot.


2. Elco pani puri center

Pani puri is something very unique in its own kind. One who have never heard or seen it find it very weird. Specially the way it is made, poking the finger in the puri and making a hallow, and then putting the chickpea stuffing and Tamarind Chutney and mint water. But mumbaikars cant stand without pani puri. Some call it ‘Golgappa’. But we mumbaikars call it pani puri. Elco pani puri center in bandra is very famous for its pani puri with different filling and the chutney of different flavours. It is also said that on cant eat the whole pani puri in one bite in the Elco’s center. Its that big and fully stuffed.


3. Mohammed Ali Road

Mohammed ali road in Byculla is one of the oldest and most famous area for street food, specially for skewered kebabs. They are these chicken mix which are set in skewers and then grilled in coal tandoor. In the stalls they hang it for display, on look on them and they make the mouths water. Sarvi’s stall is the most famous and one of the stalls which started in the initial years of Mohammed Ali road’s beginning. And even now the taste and kebabs are the same and wonderful.


4. Chowpatty bhel puri

Bhel puri is the lite snack made of puffed rice with sweet and sour chutney and garnished with Sev and Coriander and onions for the crisp. Chowpatty is the origin place of Bhelpuri. Sitting on the beach with the crispy and lite bhelpuri is delightful, and people in Mumbai like it. One of the famous Bhelpuri stalls are Sharmaji’s Bhelpuri.


5. Bachelorr’s

Bachelorr’s with an extra ‘r’ in it is the center for smoothies and juices. It is located in Chowpatty sea face. They have the best refreshing and soothing juices and shakes, to refresh the mind with something chill and fresh. Bachelorr’s is always rushed with people, weather it is winter or rainy season they never run out of customers. It’s a unique street side place which makes you feel better than sitting in a posh restaurant.


6. Khau gali

Khau galis in Mumbai are most common thing. There are several in the city. In Ghatkopar, CST, bandra. These khau gali’s are like a market speacially for food stalls, there is the environment of fare going on. All the people in the stalls tasting different dishes. Starting from mere Vadapav to Pizza’s and Gujrati dishes, even south Indian dishes of different kind are available. Dry snacks such as wafers and khakras of different flavors are seen in these khau gali’s, specially in the Ghatkopar khau gali.


7. Bade miya’s

Bade miya’s is a stall in CColaba, they sell kebabs and tikkas. Veg and non-veg both. The kebabs and tikkas are juicy and worth spending your money. There is no reason to question the hygiene of Bade Miya’s the are very careful. It is specially known for opening late at night, as it is told Mumbai never sleeps. People here enjoy night outs and such delicious kebabs and tikkas are the best thing to have.


8. Bagdadi

Colaba is a hub of food and shopping. It is best at it, CColaba is crowded with people specially in the weekends for shopping and then eating their hearts out with all the delicious things Colaba’s streets and the stalls serve them with. Bagdadi is the cheapest non-vegetarian joint in Mumbai. On can eat their tummy full in just 50 rs per head. It is owned by a Muslim family. And they are best at the chicken they make.


9. Bhulabai Desai Road

Babul Desai Road basically known for Sophia’s College there is a street that serves the students in the college their favorite Mysore Masala Dosa. The students are very ecstatic about the Mysore Masala Dosa served there. The crispy Dosa with the masala filling which is full of veggies is healthy and tasty at the same time and is also affordable. The Dosa stall is always crowded with the girls enjoying it.


10. Mamledar kacheri

It’s the only place in thane and basically Mumbai, where we get the Puneri Missal Pav. The proper spicy and full with the Puneri taste. Maharashtrians are very fond of missal pav. It’s the authentic Maharashtrian snack and street food. Not many places in Mumbai serve Missal Pav and that to Puneri. When we take a look at the Missal Pav it is irresistible.


11. Crawford market

Crawford market is the place where one can get the cheapest things and each and every thing one can ask for. But its incomplete without food. Crawford market has a specialty with chilled sweet ice falooda. It is made of shredded ice with different milk flavor juices topped on it. Specially garnished with the straws with fruits on it which makes it more attractive.


12. Xavier’s college

Sandwich is the most love food by the students in Mumbai. As it is healthy at the same time. And students prefer to eat lite snacks at college. And sandwich is best for it. The Bombay sandwich wala outside Xavier’s college is the one students like the most. The grilled sandwich is enough to quench the hunger. Even though the stall is as the same size of a study table, but the sandwich served is clean and fresh.


13. Apollo Bandar

Apollo Bandar is very famous for its special Kheema pav. People in Mumbai love pav with every thing, be it Vadapav aur Bhaji pav and the very well Missal pav. Kheema pav is one of the items. It is basically a Mughlai item, but its loved by all the vegetarians here in Mumbai. People from far places come and visit Apollo Bandar for the special Kheema pav.


14. Juhu

Juhu is the hub for hangout for all. There’s beach for serenity, there’s park to hang around, it’s one of the most posh areas in Mumbai. Then its incomplete without food, there must be food right. One of the most famous joints in Juhu is the south Indian joint there. It serves the best of Dosa. They have various flavors of Dosa- Chinese Dosa, Mysore masala Dosa and jini Dosa. Even they offer many types of chutneys. There is one of the joint which is famous for ‘chocolate Dosa’.


15. Mithibai college

Mithibai college is one of the top colleges in Mumbai. Stalls of food and food joints come along all the college in Mumbai because students, teenagers are very fond of food and trying new dishes. Near Mithibai college there are several stalls but the sandwich joints are very famous and one of the most famous sandwich joint there serves brown bread sandwiches, even egg sandwich and special grilled, cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches. There is the constant crowd munching their favorite sandwiches.


16. Cream center

Cream center is not really a stall. But it’s a small joint with wonderful ambiance which gives the feeling of restaurant. And it sells on of the most famous street food of Delhi, the ‘Chana bhatura’ or what Punjabi’s call it as ‘Chole Bhature’. It is a football sized puri served with Chole, which is absolutely delicious. Cream center is rated as the best center for the Chana bhatura treat. Be it college students or families. It is a cozy place to be in and enjoy the savouring of food it serves.


17. Mahesh lunch house

Although its strictly not a street food which is served here. But it’s a waste that you come to Mumbai or stay in Mumbai and do not taste the crab at Mahesh lunch house. They serve the crab one has never tasted. Its huge butter garlic crab dish which is the most famous and there specialty. The lunch house may sound as to be a restaurant but its not, it’s a stall joint. Which makes it more happening and unique for serving crabs in such a manner.


18. Guru kripa

Guru kripa is in Sion near SIES college. It is well known for its Samosa’s. they started this special Samosa dish which is served with the chickpea gravy and onion and coriander sprinkled on top. With the tamarind chutney it makes it even more tasty. It also serves lassi, and Chole Bhature. Guru kripa has most stalls with Chole centers. It is famous for its dishes consisting of Chole gravy in it.


19. Mervan

Mervan is located in grant road. Mervan is well known for its Bun Maska. Its basically a fluffy bread or pav with butter. Bun Maska with a hot cup of tea is what everyone asks for in the morning for their breakfast and it makes their day. Mervan also serves this special mava Samosa which is rich with Khoya in it with a soothing taste. Cookies and tea cakes are also very much enjoyed by the people there. Mervan is one of the oldest houses.


20.Bhendi bazar  

Bhendi bazar is in Mohammed Ali road. The time to visit there is specially during Ramzan. The kebab joints specially. During Ramazan the Sheer korma the kebabs are the center of attraction. There are so many stalls there in Bhendi bazar serving mouth watering food. It literally confuses the people where to go and where not. One will never get satisfied unless and until they don’t taste each and every dish served there. Being a Mumbaikar and not visiting Mohammed Ali road and Bhendi bazar is just not fair at all.