Top 20 Famous Street Foods To Try In Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a city of foodies. So if you ever find yourself in Chandigarh and want to explore its street food options here are 20 of the best street foods to try in Chandigarh. The most popular street food markets are those of sector 22 and sector 15 and all of the below listed items are available there. What is unique about the street food in Chandigarh is that it has a Punjabi tadka or twist to it. Street food in Chandigarh is loaded with masala so get ready for the party in your mouth.

1. Gol Gappe

Gol gappe is a much loved Indian street food. The Punjabi variant is spicier and tangier and you cannot stop eating once you have had one. Another popular type of Gol gappe is the bharwa Gol gappe which are not only stuffed with a potato and chana filling but also with yogurt, green chutney and a wide variety of sauces.


2. Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla are also a celebrated snack in Chandigarh. Being light and healthy these are enjoyed by everyone alike. The bhalla are been had with yogurt and a variety of lip-smacking chutneys and sauces. Tamarind sauce is also added which gives Dahi Bhalla its unique and zingy taste.


3. Chole Bhature

The chickpeas are seasoned with tasteful spices. The bhaturas are stuffed with paneer or potato. The chole are cooked with perfection. Chole bhature is also been with a side of salad, green chutney, and yogurt. It is quite a hearty meal.


4. Kulfi

The kulfi rules the hearts of the Punjabi people. It is a delectable ice cream like dessert containing nuts and raisins and saffron. It is made out of condensed milk. Kulfi is creamy and rich and very delectable. Kulfi is usually consumed in the sweltering summer months. It is available in a variety of flavours including saffron, nuts and raisins and kesar badam.


5. Pav Bhaji

The Punjabi variant of the Pav bhaji is richer with a ton of vegetables of various kinds from bell peppers to cauliflowers and carrots. Generous amounts of butter are added to this dish. Pav bhaji is a hearty and wholesome meal.


6. Tikki

Tikki is enjoyed with a wide variety of chutneys and sauces and for a wholesome meal chole are also added. Boiled and mashed potatoes are deep fried and served with chutneys and sauces along with a salad of thinly sliced onion, radish and beetroot.

tikki7. Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is authentic and simple yet filling. It is a classic street food across India and hence is a much loved in Chandigarh too. The Bhel Puri in Chandigarh is spicier and tangier. It is soft and savory. It consists of veggies like onions along with puffed rice.


8. Chaat

Chaat is also a celebrated street food in Chandigarh. It is tangy and spicy and filling. It consists of yogurt and a wide variety of sauces.


9. Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is chargrilled paneer and vegetables like bell peppers. This tandoor based street food is much loved across Chandigarh. Also, a variety of vegetables, onions and bell peppers are added. The tikkas are served with green mint chutney and a variety of sauces. A squeeze of lemon on the tikkas adds a tangy flavor.


10. Frankie

Frankies and Kathi rolls are filled with paneer and veggies like potatoes. A classic street food. Frankies and Kathi rolls are healthy and light and hence they are appreciated by all. Chicken or tuna fish are also added or a non-vegetarian option. Kathi rolls are simple yet mouthwateringly delicious.


11. Cheese Chilly

Cheese chilly is a much appreciated Chinese fast food. It is heart-warmingly delicious and filling. Often enjoyed with a fiery sauce. Cheese chilly contains a variety of veggies too like onions and bell peppers. The cottage cheese or paneer is soft and melts in the mouth, and the gravy is perfect regarding flavor.


12. Momos

Momos have quickly made a place in the hearts the people of Chandigarh. The steamed pockets filled with vegetables, paneer and chicken are quite light and healthy. Enjoyed with soy sauce, fiery tomato chilly sauce and a variety of chutneys. The momos are tender and steamed to perfection. Fried momos are also available however they don’t come close to steamed momos which are pure bliss.momos

13. Spring Rolls

Another Chinese street food is spring rolls. Delicious and lip smacking. Spring rolls are deep fried and filled with a salad of thinly sliced veggies like cabbage and onions. For diet conscious people most eating joints fry spring rolls and other items in olive oil and other healthier oils and hence prioritize health.


14. Noodles

Noodles have been an absolute favorite street food in Chandigarh since a few decades now, and the huge hoards of people around the street vendors tell no different. The Chandigarh version is spicier due to the Punjabi’s love for masala. Noodle soups are also as loved as much as noodles themselves especially in the winters.


15. Amritsari Kulcha

The kulcha is a stuffed bread. The fillings range from paneer to veggies to keema. It is quite similar to the Bhatura. Usually enjoyed with chole.


16. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is an authentic North Indian meal and is absolutely delectable. For students living in hostels or away from home Rajma Chawal are the go-to meal as it is healthy and quite filling while being in their budget.


17. Lassi

The famous Punjabi lassi is freshly prepared buttermilk. It can be consumed sweetened or salted depending on taste. Usually consumed in the sweltering months of summers, so it also acts a coolant and provides instant relief.


18. Sarso Da Saag and Makki Ki Roti

Nothing says Punjabi more than this hearty meal. Sarso or mustard ka saag is a delicacy usually consumed in the winters, and hence it also helps to drive away the winter blues. Generous amounts of butter are added for the taste and texture. Usually enjoyed with Makki ki roti.


19. Paratha  

North Indians are obsessed with paratha. The paratha is stuffed with paneer, eggs, keema or veggies and are enjoyed with pickle and butter.



Chicken Tikka

The chicken tikka is a tandoor based snack. The chicken is chargrilled and succulent. Also, a variety of vegetables, onions and bell peppers are added. The tikkas are served with green mint chutney and a variety of sauces. A squeeze of lemon on the tikkas adds a tangy twist.