Top 20 Famous Punjabi Foods To Try In Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a perfect blend of rural Punjabi authenticity and urban flavours and if you want to treat your taste buds to the delicious Punjabi cuisine Chandigarh should be your go-to destination. So here we bring to you the top 21 famous Punjabi foods to try in Chandigarh.

1. Sarso Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti

Nothing says Punjabi more than this hearty meal. Sarso or mustard ka saag is a delicacy usually consumed in the winters, and hence it also helps to drive away the winter blues. Generous amounts of butter are added for the taste and texture. Usually enjoyed with makki ki roti. Sarso ka saag usually consists of spinach, mustard, mint, and coriander. These green leafy vegetables are packed with nutrients like iron and zinc. Hence apart from being healthy and tasty this dish is also a wholesome and hearty meal.


2. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a famous Punjabi dish. The chicken is cooked in a rich gravy. Butter chicken can be enjoyed with naan bread. Butter chicken is a creamy, flavourful, and succulent dish. The chicken is tender and cooked to perfection. The gravy compliments the chicken. It is not very spicy but does not compromise on taste. A dash of lime is added at the end for a tangy twist along with a side of salad.


3. Paneer Butter Masala

To prepare a yummy paneer butter masala in restaurant style, cook the masala at a low flame and stir continuously. Also, add cream for a rich texture. Paneer or cottage cheese is rich in proteins. Hence this is a very healthy and hearty meal.


4. Punjabi Chole Masala

This dish includes chickpeas seasoned with spices. It tastes best with kulcha or puri. Chole is cooked to perfection and is delectable in taste. Usually served with green chutney and a side of salad.


5. Chicken Tikka

This dish is a tandoor based snack. The chicken can be substituting with paneer for a vegetarian option. Also, add a variety of vegetables like onions and bell peppers. The tikkas have been served with green mint chutney and a variety of sauces. A squeeze of lemon on the tikkas adds a zingy flavor.


6. Dal Makhani  

The best twist to the everyday dal is the dal makhani. Iit is a rich dal containing generous amounts of butter and cream. It is a comfort food all the way. Lentils or dal is highly rich in proteins and hence helps in the development of muscles.


7. Lassi

The famous Punjabi lassi is freshly prepared buttermilk. It can be consumed sweetened or salted depending on taste. Usually consumed in the sultry months of summers, so it also acts a coolant and provides instant relief.


8. Rajma Masala

Rajma is a much-celebrated part of Punjabi cuisine due to its authentic simplicity. Cook rajma and season. Serve with rice. Kidney beans are usually cooked once a week in Punjabi households and served with rice and yogurt spiced with chilli and all spices.


9. Murgh Malai Tikka

This dish is a rich, creamy and succulent chicken recipe. The gravy is cream based, and the chicken is chargrilled. Serve with salad and add a dash of lime for a tangy twist. The chicken is tender and cooked to perfection.


10. Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa is a dessert prepared with carrots. Thinly grated carrots are added to condensed milk and cooked. Carrot halwa is usually had been on festive occasions. A generous quantity of ghee is added to make it richer along with nuts like almonds and cashews and also raisins. It is delectable and melts in your mouth.


11. Samosa

Samosa is Punjabi snack that is made by deep frying pockets of whole wheat flour containing fillings of potato. Add paneer, nuts, and raisins to the filling to add to the richness. The samosa also has a few variants. The much recent ones include desert samosas. These samosas contain sweet fillings like chocolate fudge and brownie which melt in the mouth and are heart-warmingly delicious in taste.


12. Aloo Paratha

Add small amounts boiled and mashed potatoes, onion, paneer, coriander and spices to the paratha. Serve with butter or pickles. Aloo parathas and parathas, in general are breakfast food, however, they can be enjoyed whenever you feel like eating them. Piping hot parathas taste best with chilled aerated drinks.


13. Chana Masala

Chickpeas are cooked and seasoned. Served with kulcha or puri. Chickpeas are healthy and light and are hence enjoyed by everyone alike. For an even healthier option, chickpea salads are all the rage these days.


14. Punjabi Kadhi

A much-celebrated dish in Punjabi households is kadhai. It includes pakodas made out of besan. Serve with rice.


15.  Shahi Paneer

This recipe also brings together elements of Mughlai cuisine. The cream is added to the gravy. And cashews are also added to make it richer in texture and taste. It is a rich, creamy and succulent dish. Usually enjoyed with naan bread or tandoori roti. A dash of lemon adds a tangy taste.


16. Aloo Gobi

Potatoes and cauliflower are cut in cubes and cooked. This a very simple yet authentic dish. It contains minimal spices and is what is usually appreciated as simple home cooked food in Punjabi households.


17. Bhindi Masala

Seasoned Okra or ladyfinger is deep-fried. The okra is sliced into thin longitudinal sections and then loaded with a wide variety of spices including chilli, turmeric, and all spice.


18. Machhi Amritsari

The Amritsari fish is a batter fried fish. Succulent and delicious and also a must try. The fish is tender and loaded with spices.


19. Paneer Pulao

Pulao is a rice dish containing choicest of vegetables from onions and peas to bell peppers. Nuts and raisins add to the richness. The rice and vegetables are cooked to perfection and meat, or chicken is also added for a non-vegetarian version. Paneer can also be added. Usually, all the vegetables available at home are added to the pulao.


20. Palak Paneer

Thick cubes of Paneer or cottage cheese is added to a spinach based gravy. The gravy contains spinach, coriander, garlic, etc. Hence it is a highly nutritious meal with the green leafy vegetables containing zinc and iron while the Paneer is a good source of proteins.