Top 20 Fast-Food Restaurants In Jaisinghpura, Ujjain


Jaisinghpura is the city of Ujjain, where the very popular temple of Ujjain is located. This temple is Shree Harsiddhi Mata Shaktipith Temple, located at Harsiddhi Marg in Jaisinghpura. The pilgrims visit this temple to look at the great shrine with eternal lamps. If you ever go to Ujjain to see Jaisinghpura, you may also crave for fast-food. Here are the top 20 fast-food restaurants in Jaisinghpura, Ujjain.

1.Bhoj-Yumm Restaurant

It is a small restaurant located near Mahakal Temple. It serves freshly cooked home-like food. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The food tastes fantastic at an affordable price. The staff is humble. You must visit here.

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2.Damruwala Restaurant

It is a Gujarati restaurant located on Mahakal Marg. It serves ‘Farali Dish’, which is not available at any other restaurants. The food is cooked in shudhh Desi ghee. The waiters are quick to take orders. You must visit this fantastic restaurant.

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3.Shree Atithi Restaurant

Visiting this restaurant is an enjoyable experience. The staff is cooperative and humble. It is a family-friendly restaurant. The food is tasty and unique. It serves traditional food along with a few Chinese recipes like haka noodles.

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4.Hotel Damruwala

Hotel Damruwala is present near Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga. It serves good quality traditional food with desserts. The price of one thali is budget-friendly. The service is satisfactory. Cleanliness is also maintained.

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5.Agarwal Restaurant

It is a budget-friendly restaurant in Jaisinghpura, Ujjain. It serves brilliant vegetarian food at low prices. The thali for 100 rupees is very popular here. The staff is humble and friendly. It is a good restaurant for travelers.

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6.Nand Restaurant And Everfresh

It is an excellent restaurant in Jaisinghpura, Ujjain. It serves breakfast, dinner, lunch, and ice- cream. It also has a photocopy machine. It is also the place where adding a little sugar to salty dishes, which is very common in Ujjain, isn’t done.

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7.Triveni Family Restaurant and Bhojanalaya

It is a family restaurant where you can have food with friends or family. This restaurant serves local dishes along with Chinese ones. You can take your family here for snacks or lunch.

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8.Satvik Restaurant And Sweets

It is also a family restaurant situated inside the Bharat Mata Mandir campus. The service is so quick. The food is freshly prepared, and delicious. The service of unlimited thali is available here. You can have various dishes like Shahi paneer, palak paneer, daal fry, rice, roti and many more. You must visit this restaurant if you are near Mahakaleshwar temple.

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9.Shree Dhar Dham Bhojanalaya And Restaurant

It is a traditional restaurant in Jaisinghpura . The food is made without onion and garlic. The food is cooked in desi ghee or groundnut oil. You must visit here to have onion-garand-free food in Jaisinghpura.

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10.Shiv Kripa Restaurant

It is quite a popular restaurant in Jaisinghpura, Ujjain. The service and cleanliness are satisfactory. The taste of the food is terrific. It is near Jyotirlinga. The taste of rabdi with jamun is excellent. You must try the rabdi at this restaurant.

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11.Kailash Lok Restaurant

It is present in front of Mahakal Lok in Jaisinghpura. It is quite a spacious and well-furnished restaurant. The food has a good taste with good quality. The owner of this restaurant is humble and pleasing.

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12.Madhur Restaurant

It is a pure-veg restaurant with good quality food. It is a family restaurant. It serves multiple dishes with lip-smacking flavor. The sitting area is bright and spacious. The staff is so cooperative and humble.

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13.Gurukripa Ghantawala Family Restaurant

It is a traditional food restaurant near Mahakal Temple in Jaisinghpura. It has a lovely interior. It serves yummy desserts like rabdi, rasgulla, lassi, and jalebi. It also serves other Indian dishes like Shahi paneer, masala dosa, aloo sabzi, rice, chapatti, naan, etc. The taste of lassi is unmatchable.

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14.Tripund Restaurant

It is a hut-shaped restaurant made from bamboo and gives you an exotic feeling from the inside. It serves delicious malwa food. The behavior of the owner is fabulous. The food tastes like home-cooked food. Your money is worth spending here because of the best quality of food.

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15.Guru Kripa Choti Wala Restaurant

It is a newly renovated fast-food restaurant at Mahakal Marg in Jaisinghpura. The ambiance is lovely. The service is excellent. The Punjabi thali is a must-try thali. A parking facility is also available.

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16.Nand Food Parcel Service

This restaurant serves tempting food at cheap prices. A variety of fast foods is served here. The service is also excellent. You won’t be disappointed by the taste of the food here.

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17.Your Taste

It is a Punjabi restaurant located at Mahakal Chouraha in Jaisinghpura. The quality of food is good, and hygiene is also maintained. The food is so delicious, especially sandwiches and rice-based foods. The food is spicy here. If you love spicy food, then go for it.

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18.Jaladhari Restaurant

It is also a newly renovated restaurant located on Mahakal Chouraha in Jaisinghpura. The food is hygienic with authentic taste. The cost of food is affordable. The interior is well-furnished. You must-visit here if you want to have peaceful family time.

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19.The Magic Restaurant

It is a newly established restaurant in Jaisinghpura. It has good service with cooperative staff. The prices are affordable.

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20.Kripa Restaurant

It is an excellent restaurant at Harsiddhi Road, Ujjain. It is excellent restaurant to have lunch and dinner. Special thali is a must-try here. The waiters are quick to take orders. It is close to Mahakal Temple.

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