Top 20 Rooftop Restaurants Of Mysore

Top 20 Rooftop Restaurants Of Mysore

The fascination for a serene dining experience and the aesthetic views has popularized the concept of rooftop restaurants. Rooftops are modified into luxurious dining areas. The social media frenzy has given rise to the frenzy for a lavish culinary experience in the escape from the hustles of daily life. Here are the top 20 such rooftop restaurants trending in Mysore:

1.By The Blue

By The Blue has an amazing rooftop arrangement for you to have a luxurious dining experience. Their menu encloses many fusion dishes and North Indian cuisines. The food quality and overall hospitality makes your visit a value-for-money deal.

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2.Purple Haze

Purple Haze has several options on their menu priced at an affordable rate. The decent interiors and the lovely music make it a preferred place to hang out with friends. Although it is a laid-back cafe, the services are noteworthy.

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3.Café Luna

This restaurant is particularly famous for it chicken dishes, burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant is well-known for its delicious coffee. The atmosphere is quite homely and the prices are very reasonable. You must try their sweet potato fries.

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4.Infinit Lounge

This restaurant is perfect for a comfortable dining experience on a weekend. The menu includes a fusion of several dishes to satiate your foodie soul. The modern furnishings and the admirable hospitality add an icing on the cake. You can even stop by this outlet for a refreshing seasonal fresh fruit juice.

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5. Ambara Fine Dining

This restaurant has an extremely welcoming ambiance. The menu has several varieties of soups and healthy greens, apart from the South Indian, fast food and Chinese delicacies to give you a sumptuous dining experience.

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6. The Urban Deck

The Urban Deck is a rooftop restaurant frequently visited by the young crowd. The food can be customized as per your requirement. The steak and Chinese cuisines here are a must-try. The chicken slider and kiwi cooler of this restaurant are also popular.

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Havana is a rooftop vegetarian cafe situated in Mysore. The location is easily accessible. The food has very good quality. The prices are quite reasonable. The cozy environment at this restaurant blends well with the variations of Continental and Chinese dishes along with several finger foods and shakes.

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8. Highpark Revolving Restaurant

This rooftop restaurant presents a 360° panoramic view. It specializes in Indian and Asian cuisines. The restaurant is kids-friendly and has facilities for buffet. Apart from the variety of foods, they have fun games for your entertainment as well.

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9.La Uppu

La Uppu is famous for being well known for North Indian, Chinese, and fast food preparations. The comfortable seating arrangement and the sophisticated ambiance add to the overall experience. Their hospitality is worth appreciation.

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10.Hotel Sandesh The Prince

This restaurant is well-known for its ambiance and the varieties incorporated in the menu. They have many variations of salads to cater to vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste buds. They have several Continental, Indian, Tandoori and Chinese cuisines on the menu. The seafood served here is of very good quality.

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11.Hotel Roopa

The restaurant housed in this hotel is well-known for its good hospitality and quality food. The menu has good options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The decent seating with the rooftop view is sure to amaze the visitors.

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12.Terrace Lounge

The outdoor seating arrangement and the lovely decoration make this restaurant a must-visit. The restaurant chiefly specializes in grilled and barbecued dishes. The grilled chicken and American chopsey are must-try dishes here.

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13.Rooftop Cafe, Hotel Pai Vista

This restaurant with a rooftop pool is a favorite among the visitors. The delectable cuisine and the quality food items included in the buffet make your visit to this restaurant a value-for-money experience.

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14.Oyster Bay

The relaxing ambiance of this restaurant is complemented by a wide variety of fast food, North Indian, and Asian cuisines. The calm surroundings and the good hospitality of this restaurant are worth mentioning.

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The rooftop ambiance and its lovely quality of food make Scirocco a popular name. They have a large variety of chicken dishes available along with many fish preparations as well.

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16.Sepoy Grande

The serene ambiance of this restaurant is complemented with various vegan options apart from the American, Italian,Indian, and Chinese cuisines. The food quality and hospitality makes it highly preferred for family celebrations.

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17.Black Pepper

This rooftop restaurant has sophisticated interiors and serene vibes. The food and beverages served in this restaurant are of very good quality. The Mushroom Manchurian is a must-try dish at this restaurant.

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What should someone expect at the Ambara Restaurant? You will be greeted with a peaceful rooftop ambiance, lip-smacking starters, and a wide variety of Chinese cuisines. The quality of food, the price, and the service are worth recommending to food enthusiasts.

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19.Neon Castle Restaurant

What makes the Neon Castle Restaurant famous? The homely aura with the outdoor seating arrangement makes it a must-visit restaurant. The Litchi and Green Apple Mojito are refreshing. Their Ramen is a must-try. It is a pocket-friendly cafe suitable for all types of crowds.

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20.The Terrace Grill Tandoor

Terrace Green and Tandoor Restaurant is a popular rooftop restaurant with dim lights and green grass on the floor. The grilled food and cocktails at this restaurant deserve a special mention.

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