Top 20 Street Foods In Chennai

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1. Bread Omelette

Bread and omelette not only makes an ideal breakfast but also acts as stomach filler at any part of the day. With tangy chutney filler, the bread toast is an instant energy booster for you. A platter full of goodness awaits you!

Best @ Shree Balaji Sandwich stall, Egmore


2. Pani Puri

The famous Gol gappas of North India is now in every nook and corner of Chennai. From star hotels to street vendors, Pani Puri is omnipresent in the city. With fresh potato and peas filling, and spicy water, this chat makes you earn for more. Get ready to pop the puris into your mouth!

Best @ Karishma Pani Poori shop, Nungambakkam High Road


3. Mini Samosa

Samosas are the little packets of happiness that has been bestowed for the Chennaities. You can find them easily on all parts of the city and while commuting, these mini samosas become an integral part of your life. These onion and potato filled samosas are pocket and taste friendly. Definitely worth a try!

Best @ The Samosa Factory, Anna Nagar


4. Spring Potatoes

The Spring potatoes are definitely a delicacy when it comes to Chennai. Found in very few places like Besant nagar, these potatoes attract lots of people. Tempered with mild spices, these potatoes are a worthy pick. Get ready to hold the stick in your fingertips!

Best @ Beach, Besant Nagar


5. Shawarma Roll

This dish originally from Arabic cuisine has carved itself a place among the predominant street foods of Chennai. The roll is freshly prepared in front of the customer, adding to the delight. Get on the roads to taste this mouth – watering preparation!

Best @ Kebab Corner, Parrys Corner


6. Sweet Corn

Blend of international and national flavours! You can spot Sweet corn stalls in every street of this metro city. Offering a wide range of flavours ranging from continental to local, sweet corn is a favourite of many. Next time when you step out of your house, grab a cup of corn and experience the bliss!

Best @ Standee shops, T. Nagar


7. Boli

Originally, this sweet was a delicacy made only during special occasions, but now its popularity has made it to be available all days around the year. With filling of either pulse or coconut, this sweet, with it rich aroma makes you buy it.

Best @ Venkataramana Poli stall, West Mambalam


8. Soup

Nothing revives your spirit like a cup of soup! Be at any time – early morning or busy evenings, one could get hot cup of soup in most part of the city. Offering vegan and meat varieties, the hot liquid just soothes your nerves throughout the day.

Best @ Soup stalls, Marina ( near Gandhi statue)


9. Bhaji/Fritters

Bhaji is synonymous with beach! Chennaities cannot forego marina and the same goes for its hot bhajis. With the wide assortment of vegan bhajis the foodies have extended option in choosing their preference.So, next time when you visit the beach never forget to try this signature dish.

Best @ Beach, Marina


10. Athos

This Burmese food is the most sought after in the city. With its history dating back a few decades, this food is wholesome with a mixture of soup, soft noodles and spices. Dominating the north part of the city, this item makes lots of its customers to travel through the city to devour it!

Best @ No. 149, Old Wahermanpet


11. Parotta

It is a type of Indian bread which has large number of fans, belonging to all age groups. With its layers and softness sticking to your heart, you cannot ignore this at any point of time. Forget the calories and just relish them!

Best @ Rahmath shop, T. Nagar


12. Egg Dosa

Dosa is an integral part of South Indian Cuisine. In synchronization with this aspect, lots of variation has been brought in Dosa preparation. But the most popular and standalone variation is the egg dosa. The spiced up egg in the dosa batter will definitely make your mouth drool.

Best @ Radhakrishnan thatukaddai, Adyar


13. Mushroom Fry

Mushroom fry is a dish that would attract spice lovers. As it comes from the south part of Tamil Nadu, it has a high notch of spices and attracts the natives of south. With its creamy texture and aroma, this dish doesn’t have a substitute!

Best @ The Kalaan shop, Arcot Road


14. Masala Milk

A hot drink to soothe your throat! With a perfect blend of spices infused in the milk this also has medication properties. This warm liquid refreshes your mind and body. When you face the next episode of stress, don’t forget this masala milk!

Best @ Hema Milk depot, Triplicane


15. Rose Milk

This cool drink, a combo of milk and syrup is refreshment that will lighten your mood at any part of the day. An adaptation from the south east, this has become a constitutive part of all cool bars across the city. It serves a treat to eyes too!

Best @ Kalathi shop, Mylapore


16. Sandwich

An adaption from the west, with its own twists and turns! Adopting the sandwich grammar from the west and incorporating the desi style to it, with spiced up chutney and Indian veggies, these sandwiches are the best to fulfil your hunger.

Best @ Royal Sandwich shop, Alwarpet


17. Panniyaram

A conservative dish of the state and with wide range of variety, this food has its own fan club. Usually it is had during evening as a snack and is sold across the Chennai. With jaggery added sweet version to salted nibbles, they form a perfect snack. Choose your version and give yourself a treat!

Best @ Standee shop, Near Khazana, Mylapore


18. String Hoppers

This traditional yet simple dish is found all cross Chennai for breakfast and dinner. This steamed dish is a favourite for people of all age group. It has two different dimensions of taking it in the form of sweet or savoury. The sweet version has grated coconut and sugar, whereas the savoury version has different types of curries. Go around, and taste the variances!

Best @ Bharti mess, Triplicane


19. Masala Egg

Yet another delicacy from the Burmese cuisine to tempt you!! This masala egg is a little bombshell to reward your taste buds. Eggs are filled with juicy ingredients that tantalize your sense, in seconds. Head towards Paris corner to have this scrumptious snack!

Best @ No. 149, Old Wahermanpet


20. Jigarthandaa

Jigarthandaa is no more confined to Madurai! Authentic stalls are sprawled across the city which provides you with this yummy dessert. Best solution to beat the heat in the city. With the flavoursome syrup and ice cream served, it is a perfect treat to quench your thirst. With variants available, this might just serve you right!

Best @ Murugan Idli shop, Anna Nagar