Top 20 Types Of Sandwiches You Must Try

Top 20 Types Of Sandwiches You Must Try

Sandwich is loved by one and all across the world. The sandwich is actually named after a British statesman, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. It is a portable food item which got recognition in the Western World. It is a snack that goes great at any time of the hour maybe it be for breakfast during the mornings or even on a rainy afternoon. Simple or elaborate, grilled or toasted, stuffed or layered all types will indulge you. This item not only takes less time in preparing but also wholesome. They can not only be made effortlessly but also gulp down. You can never get bored of Sandwiches because of the varieties it has to offer. Here are the top 20 types of Sandwiches you must try at least once in your lifetime.

1 Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

This can be cooked on a Tawa in a very short time span of about 10 minutes. It saves time and also fills you up for quite a few hours. This can be served both as a meal or breakfast.


2 Bombay Veg Sandwich

This is very popular in the streets of Bombay (Mumbai) and hence the name. It is made with vegetables (Cucumber, beetroot and boiled Potatoes). A very common canteen snack also available in the tea stalls.


3 Aloo Grilled Sandwich

This potato stuffed sandwich with spices taste awesome. A heavy and healthy quick bite for breakfast or even lunch goes great. It can be made on the tawa or grilled in the oven.


4 Mushroom Sandwich

These are great to have at any hour of the day for breakfast, lunch, brunch or even as an evening snack. Full of nutrition serves as a grand bite. It is kids friendly too. Pair this Sandwich up with the Tomato soup for better taste.


5 Mixed Vegetable Sandwich

A simple Sandwich made without using the grill or the oven. It is prepared with boiled Potatoes, Veggies (Onion, Corn, Bell Peppers, Carrots and Beans) and the cheese is used to bind these ingredients together inside the sandwich.


6 Corn Cheese Sandwich

These are loved by the kids especially because of the frozen sweet corns used in the sandwich. The cheese melts to bind the corns in the sandwich. You can make it in the pan, oven or the sandwich maker.


7 Boiled Egg Sandwich

Your love for Eggs can now be teamed up with Bread. This Sandwich makes a great brunch or meal. Have it with chutney or Ketchup.


8 Chana Sandwich

This is high in protein and nutritious because of the vegetables used as fillings in the Sandwich. The spiced up Chanas with the Veggies gives it an amazing taste. It is mostly prepared in the Sandwich maker.


9 Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

Chicken is being loved by one and all. This delicious grilled chicken inside the sandwich makes it really yummy to gulp down at once. It is a great starter for parties and get-together also, as an evening snack.


10 Chicken Mayo Sandwich

This tastes as yummy and delectable as it sounds. The chicken is shredded and combined with Mayo and also a few sprinkle of spices and spread over the bread which is grilled in the oven or in the Pan/Tawa. It is a flavoursome food that you can eat at any hour of the day.


11 Russian Salad Sandwich

The combination of Veggies (Beans, Green Peas and Carrots), Fresh Cream, Mayo, Potato, and Pineapple gives it a crispy feel. This is a perfect bite on a sultry afternoon. The Pepper adds to the aroma. Team up the Sandwiches with Ketchup and Potato Wafers.


12 Onion Capsicum And Cheese Sandwich

This tastes similar to Pizza and is equally delicious. You can team this up with a cup of Coffee or tea. May it be a lazy afternoon or the busy mornings, this will fill you up to the brim. Also, craved by children for it is less spicy and the melting Cheese is intriguing.


13 Dahi Sandwich

This is another great Sandwich which you can try out during summertime. The ingredients like Onion, Coconut and Green Chillies are being mixed with Curd and then you garnish this mixture with Pepper and Coriander leaves. Serve hot with Tomato Sauce.


14 Peas And Potato Sandwich

This Sandwich has a piquant flavour. The Peas, Potato, Curry Leaves, Spices and Lime juice all together brings out an amazingly mouth-watering Sandwich.


15 Chicken Sandwich

The overnight marinated Chicken with Vinegar, Ketchup, Gherkins, Chilli Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Honey, Garlic, Oregano and seasoning is what makes the sandwich tastier. It is a tasty mixture of the Chicken, Avocado spread and the Chilli Onion that will linger for hours in your mouth.


16 Onion Tomato And Cheese

This is an appealing Sandwich especially for the Cheese and the limited time it takes for preparing. The flavours are great when baked in the oven. The juicy Tomato and the crunchy Onion will make you crave for more.


17 Paneer And Cabbage Grilled Sandwich

Cabbage and Paneer, both being basic ingredients for a sandwich, are teamed up with Green Chillies and Coriander Leaves for the alluring flavours that will excite your taste buds. Pair this platter with a bowl of spicy Tomato soup and treat your inner hungry demons well.


18 Panini With Leftover Chicken

Fresh and nutritious sandwich with the leftover last night Chicken. Use some Cheese, Rocket leaves, Bell Peppers and have it with the Tomato-eggplant Chutney.


19 Open Masala Toast

This Tava cooked crunchy butter layered Toast with Raw Mango Pickle topped is a treat to eat. Added to the above ingredients are the mouth-watering fusion of Green Peas, Potato and Spices which are garnished with Chaat Masala and Onion. This is a desi style sandwich which tastes brilliant.


20 Potato Tikki Sandwich

This is what you can call a Desi Burger!The bread is lightly buttered and then the Potato Tikki gives it a crunchy twist. The Carrots, Lettuce and the Ketchup Splash make it a delectable bite. The use of Amchur powder gives it an excellent flavour making it yummy enough to excite your taste bud.