Top 20 Food Items That Help You in Getting Rid of Diabetes

Top 20 Food Items That Help You in Getting Rid of Diabetes


Garlic has several benefits. Apart from serving as a flavoring agent in different curries it also serves as a medicine. Some studies show that consuming garlic can help in reducing the level of blood cholesterol in your body. But garlic really helps in controlling diabetes and thus very nutritious for healthy living.



Kale is tasty and is a rich source of copious amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Kale being one of the greenest vegetables helps in reducing the risk of diabetes to a considerable extent. It’s been said that people who eat green vegetables are 14% less prone to diabetes and other diseases as compared to the people who doesn’t eat.



Melon is such a fruit which is craved by many people. It serves many purposes right from satisfying the appetite of the people to controlling their diabetes. Like tomatoes, watermelon is a reliable source of the antioxidant lycopene, that can also help in making a combat against cancer and other heart diseases.



I’ve seen people who don’t eat food and chew nuts throughout the day. This is because nuts are highly nutritious and are a rich source of copious amounts of minerals and vitamins in your body.  Moreover, it is always advisable to consume nuts when you are suffering from diabetes.



Generally eaten as a breakfast, nothing is more nutritious than eating a bowl of oatmeal in a day. Oats was the first ever food to be approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it has the highest level to prove itself as the one of the most nutritious and healthy food. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it during diabetes.



This is a nutritious stuff for vegetarians. It is highly eaten by vegetarians. It is advisable to eat quinoa when suffering from diabetes because it cures diabetes to a larger extent.



Big nutritional things come in small packets. Well, these little berries serve a large amount of nutritional value in your body. Raspberries are rich in vitamin C; one cup serves almost half of the requirement of vitamin C in your body.


8Red grapefruit

It is always said that this red grapefruit has more nutrients than the white grapefruit. It is always advisable to drink grapefruit juice or consume fresh grapefruit before the meals than drinking a glass of fruit. Such people who drink or eat grapefruit before the meals have been proved to have a level of HDL good cholesterol. It also helps in reducing the blood pressure with both who has normal and high blood pressure.


9Red onions

Apart from proving itself being one of the major flavor agents in sandwiches, curries, salads etc. it also has the high antioxidant power in comparison to the other yellow and white onions.


10Red peppers

These are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. They help in promoting good health and aids in diminishing the risk of the chronic diseases like diabetes, and heart diseases.



Soy always help in providing a high quality of protein in the body with accurate cholesterol and saturated fat in the body. This also helps in preventing diabetes to a considerable extent.



This is a known fact, that drinking a glass of spinach juice daily in the morning can help you in getting rid of various most prevalent diseases of late. Most common of all is diabetes. Yes, it helps in controlling diabetes also up.



Did I just mention tea? Yes, apart from satisfying the taste buds of almost all the people now a day, it can also help in doing your health a favor. Is the part and parcel of the daily routine of many people’s life. It helps in improving the cholesterol level in the body, reducing the amount of stress and also helps in reducing the risk of cancer.



We know tomatoes are part and parcel of our daily routine. It is also known as a major ingredient in our day to day life, is a rich source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. our elders always say that we should eat tomatoes early in dawn because it helps in making a smooth flow of digestion in the body and helps in cleaning our bowels faster. It also helps in getting rid of diabetes to a great extent.



Yogurt contains health-enhancing bacteria which helps in ensuring the smooth digestive health and helps in getting rid of irritable bowel. This really helps in reducing the risk of diabetes in your body.



Flaxseed helps in getting rid of chronic diseases like several types of cancers and heart diseases. Flaxseed contains a lot of other nutrients which really helps in healthy living.



For all the fish lovers out there, fish not just satisfies your taste buds but also helps in preventing your body from lots of diseases. Fish contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that one fish a day can help you take a step further towards healthy living.



Carrots can be eaten cooked as well as raw, both the ways it helps in a healthy addition to any meal. When carrots are cooked they contain the rich texture of starch like how we see in potatoes but raw carrots are termed as absolute no starch vegetable because it doesn’t contain a lot of carbohydrates.



Beans are a rich source of fiber and contains a lot of proteins. So, this is gain a one more prominent reason to add it into our diabetic diet. In order to get a good blood sugar control, a cup of legumes helps a lot. Also, it helps in lowering the pressure of blood in your body.



Avocados are of great help, apart from reducing the risk of diabetes. This can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases and can improve the cholesterol level in your body.