Top 20 Food Items In Mysore To Eat During Iftar

top 20 food items in mysore to eat during iftar
top 20 food items in mysore to eat during iftar

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar in which they are obligated to fast from sunrise to sunset. This fasting doesn’t only involve keeping yourself away from having food but also stops you from drinking water, drinking, smoking and even having any kind of sexual intercourse as it is meant to be the time of spiritual discipline. The food that they eat every evening after sunset is known as Iftar. Since iftar is basically a feast that people consume after long hours of fasting, they want it to be energetic and full of taste. This holy month brings everyone together – irrespective of their caste or religion just to enjoy the kind of food culture bought by it. As people gather for the mouth-watering delicacies, many famous food items come on the top of the charts that are extremely delicious and craved by many. As much as Mysureans enjoy Ramadan and have different food varieties all over, it’s completely worth it to be there at this time of the year to enjoy the festive spirit and exotic food.

1. Non-Vegetarian And Vegetarian Samosas

One of the best food items that you can start your iftar with is Samosas. In Mysore, SF Samosa Centre is a famous place known for its delicious Vegetable Samosa, Keema Samosa, Brain Samosa, and Fish Samosa. The popularity of this food item as well as this Samosa Center is immense selling at a nominal price of Rs20/piece.  Another famous shop that sells the same variety with great taste is Zam Zam Samosa Center.


2. Payasam

This one is a sweet dish that mostly resembles the famous North Indian ‘Kheer’.  With a creamy texture, this rice pudding has a flavor of cardamom and is topped with tasty dry fruits making it completely mouth-watering. This popular South-Indian sweet dish can be a great option for Iftar. Anima Bhavan has gained great admiration when it comes to this dish. You can get it at Rs. 50 to Rs. 125 per plate.


3. Bisi Bele Bath

Another famous and tempting dish that can be eaten during Iftar is Bisi Bele Bath. The name means hot lentil rice and thus this dish is a great option for filling your stomach. The spicy, rice-based dish can be combined with chutney or salad. Mahesh Prasad Chamrajpura is a famous place in Mysore where you can get this popular item of Karnataka at about Rs.50 per plate.

bisi bele bath recipe 1

4. Poori Saagu

Though this dish is served as a breakfast item, it can also be a good option when it comes to having something during Iftar. This consists of poori that is served with spicy and tasty vegetable curry. This delightful dish can be bought from Vinayaka Mylari, Doora at about Rs.30 to Rs.80 per plate.

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5. Juice / Shakes

To break your fast with juices or shakes gives one a good amount of energy and helps with any kind of dehydration. Kesar Badam Milk, Milk Badam Faluda, Kashmiri Faluda, and Dry Fruit Khova Kesar Lassi are some specialties that are mainly available for the month of Ramadan. Mughliya Juice Center is one of the best-known places to get all of these with a delicious flavor just at a price of Rs.20 to Rs.50.

5.Juice Shakes

6. Biryani

South India is a hub of great biryani dishes and Mysore comes in one of the top cities known for exotic biryanis. Eithad Arabian Restuarant in Siddique Nagar serves finger-licking Arabian dishes and specializes in Mandi Biryani, Arabian Biryani, Biryani-rice Kebab, Mutton Biryani, and many more varieties for the month of Ramadan. A plate costs around Rs.200 at this restaurant.


7. Bonda

This south Indian street food dish is another great one from the city of Mysore. It’s basically a potato pakora in the shape of a ball, generally eaten in lunch. This recipe can be enjoyed with a cup of tea and coconut chutney at the famous Suvarna Bhavan. You can get it at a cost of just Rs.35 per plate.


8. Kori Gassi

The dish resembles any chicken curry but with a twisted flavor of finely ground fresh coconut and spices. Also famous as Mangalorean Chicken Curry, it can be combined with dosa or rice. Hotel RRR is famous for this food item and one can get it at a price of Rs.150.

8.Kori Gassi

9. Arabian Dessert

Another famous food item for Ramadan is served at Eithad in Sidiqque Nagar. These Arabian Desserts are prepared in complete Arabian style with cinnamon, saffron, rosewater, and raisins. You can get it at just Rs.100 per plate.

Arabian Dessert9.

10. Mysore Pak

This incredibly delicious and tempting sweet dish is famously sold in the city of Mysore. The sweet is made of cardamom, a good amount of ghee, sugar, and gram flour in a rectangular shape with a fudge texture. Guru sweet mart is a well-known shop on Sayyaji Rao Road for Mysore Pak and you can get it at Rs.400 per kg.

10.Mysore Pak

11. Nannari Sharbat And Gond Katira

Red in color, Nannari Sharbat made from the roots of the sarsaparilla plant is a mind-blowing option for Iftar as its cooling effect can just detox your body instantly. Another great drink is Gond Katira which is made from edible gum and can have the same effect. One can get it at the Rahmania Cool Corner at just a price of Rs.10 to Rs.30.


12. Kashmiri Falooda

An ice-cream-based dish, mainly famous in South Asia and Turkey seems to be another mouth-watering one on the list for Iftar. Covered with layers of ice cream, vermicelli, rose syrup, and chilled milk, the item is completely mesmerizing to even look at. Sabir Kashmiri Faluda is a famous place for Faludas and one can get it from Rs.50 to Rs.100.

12.Kashmiri Falooda

13. Hyderabadi Haleem

As suggested by the name, the dish is famously known in the city of Hyderabad. This one can be another incredible option for Iftar can one can get it at the same famous Eithad Restaurant. The dish consists of meat, lentils, and meat which are made into a thick paste and originate from Arabian countries. You can get it at just Rs.200.

13.Hyderabadi Haleem

14. Iranian Kheer

An exquisite sweet dish, famously known as the Persian kheer, is made with rice and milk, topped up with phirni, rosewater, kalakand, and nuts. One can get it at the famous Etihad.

14.Iranian Kheer

15. Tilapia

A kind of fried fish famous in the holy month of Ramadan in Mysore. The fish is coated finely with red chili making it spicy and tasty. The best place to get this one from is Bismillah Fish Center at Rs.200 per kg.


16. Vada

If you’re a south-Indian food fan living in Mysore at the time of Iftar then Vada is the best food item to choose. The crispy crusted vada is served with red chili tomato chutney, coconut chutney, and sambar. A famous shop for vadas is Nalpak and you can get them at just Rs.20 to Rs.60 per plate.

16.Vada 1

17. Shavige Bath

Another famous dish of Mysore that can be an option for Iftar is Shavige Bath. Though it resembles upma but it is made of vermicelli, combined with dry fruits and vegetables with a flavor of curry leaves and turmeric. This light yet filling dish is served with coconut chutney. You can get this one at Gayatri Tiffin Room at just Rs. 40 per plate.

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18. Kesari Bath

Also famous as Sooji ka Halwa in North India, this food item is a delicious sweet dish generally eaten in breakfast one can opt as a food option during Iftar. You can get this with many other flavors infused at Anima Madhva Bhavan, Vani Vilas Mohalla for just Rs. 40 per plate.

18.Kesari Bath

19. Arabian Kebab

This popular dish can be found at the famous Eithad Restaurant. It is smoky and spicy in flavor and smells like heaven. This mouth-watering dish can is sold at just Rs. Rs.230 per plate.

19.Arabian Kebab

20. Teetar Fry

This amazing and crispy dish is also well known in the Eithad Restaurant during the holy month of Ramadan. With its juicy flavors and spicy taste, this one is a great option for Iftar. You can get this at just Rs.200 per plate and enjoy it completely this month.

20.Teetar Fry