Top 20 Must-Try Food Items in Jagamara Food Court, Bhubaneswar

top 20 must try food items in jagamara food court bhubaneswar
top 20 must try food items in jagamara food court bhubaneswar

Jagamara food court, also known as Jagamara Khau Gali, is famous for its variety of food stalls selling enormous diversity of food items, from steamy momos to meaty shawarma and many more yummy bites. This place is in the Jagamara area near Laziz Pizza, Bhubaneswar. The Khau Gali opens in the evening. You can find many snack items to satisfy your evening appetite.

1.Chinese Veg Platter

Best budget-friendly and belly-filling platter for vegetarians. The shop name is “Chinese veg combo”. It is a part of RFC. You get a platter of Indo-Chinese food items here for only Rs 100. They sell Indian and  Chinese combo. You get 6 items on a Chinese platter: fried rice, veg schezwan noodles, paneer chilly, mushroom chili, Manchurian, and soya in hot garlic sauce. In the Indian combo, you get 5 items: green peas pulao, paneer lababdar, aloo gobi masala, mixed veg, and mushroom chili. This is an item worth being on your bucket list.

Chinese Veg Platter

2.Chicken Spring Roll

Another delicious popular Chinese snack is the chicken spring roll, filled with juicy chicken covered with a crispy coating. It tastes very good. The price is Rs 40 per plate and the name of the shop selling this beautiful creation is” S.Special Food”, besides Spice & Chillys. They also sell shawarma rolls, Bali prawns, etc. There are many veg items also which are equally yummy and delicious.  It is one of the must-try food items in the food court.

Thai Chicken Spring Roll

3.Chicken Pizza

A very famous item of RFC is chicken pizza. It is a  pizza, but the twist is pizza with fried chicken as a base, topped with tomato sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, onions, and bell peppers. The price is Rs. 120 per plate. The chicken base is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Another popular non-veg item of Jagamara food court is worth being part of your checklist.


4.Chilly Garlic Momos

Momos are the popular street food among us and have a lot of varieties. Momos swimming in the chilly garlic gravy, the chilly garlic momos. This is one of the varieties of momos sold by “King Momo World”. The price is Rs. 60 per plate. Delicious, affordable, and satisfying snack for quenching your evening hunger.

Chilly Garlic Momos

5.Blue Lagoon Mojito

If you are fond of cocktails, you should try out this drink. Nice minty-flavored soda drink and blue. You can get this refreshing drink at the shop named “The Gaurmis” for Rs 60. The affordable price and the taste are worth the price. They also sell eatables like pizza, pudding, brownies, etc. Give this drink a shot!

Blue Lagoon Mojito

6.Chicken Nachos

It’s nacho time! Here is another popular food item sold by “S&C Wafel & Maxicorn” chicken nachos.  Nachos topped with chicken and a lot of cheese. It is a must-try food item if you like Mexican food. The cost of this delicious delicacy is Rs. 120. The taste is worth the price. This item is a favourite among chicken lovers. Delicious!


7.Tandoori Gravy Momos

Another delicious type of momos is tandoori gravy momos. Grilled momos dipped in a delicious gravy.  Affordable snack with a cost of Rs 60 per plate. This is another delicacy sold by “King Momo World”. There are many other varieties of momos sold by this shop. This is complete “icing on the cake” for momo lovers, or in other words, mayo on the momo. Well, a must-try food item.

14.Momos Manchurian

8.Chicken Tacos

Another Mexican delicacy of “ S&C Wafel & Maxicorn”. A simple dish made of tortilla with juicy chicken filling and topped with onions, tomato sauce, oregano, and chili flakes. The price is Rs 120 per plate. A delicious option for chicken and Mexican food lovers. Another must-try food item of Jagamara food court.

14 Tacos with Rotisserie Chicken

9.Chicken Sticks

Delicious grilled chicken on sticks sold by the very first shop of Jagamara food court, “Tandoori and kebab”. These chicken sticks are juicy and tender with a smokey grilled flavor, sold worth Rs 20 per stick. It is very cheap but very good in taste. One of the finest chicken sticks one will find all over Bhubaneswar. Try your taste buds on these yummy tempting sticks.


10.Blueberry Milkshake

This is a perfect combination of fruity tanginess and milky goodness.  This is sold by the “Unnis juice and bar”. The price of this drink is around Rs 120. It is also sold by “GAURMIS”. It is very much affordable and delicious. The quantity, quality, and taste are worth the price. The milkshake is very smooth and tastes good. It can be a  perfect drink after a delicious savory snack. A must-try drink.


11.Chicken Shawarma Roll

Another popular dish is the chicken shawarma roll. It has come into the limelight recently. It is a middle eastern dish where chicken is stacked on a stick and continuously roasted by rotating the stick. It is in demand among youth in Bhubaneswar and is one of the most selling food items in this food court. You can try out the Chicken shawarma roll of “RFC”, “Spice & Chilly” and “S. Special Food” (just beside RFC). You can also try out the cheese chicken shawarma roll of cheese.  More variety of chicken shawarma rolls is also available here. The price is around Rs 70 in both the shops.

chicken roll

12.Soya Chaap

Soya chaap is also known as chicken for vegetarians. It is a popular vegetarian snack made of soya beans. It has also come into the limelight recently in Bhubaneswar. The snack price ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 80 and it is sold by the famous  “Delhi wala soya chaap”. There are a variety of soya chaaps sold here like afghani chaap, peri peri chaap, etc. These are delicious and made with proper hygiene. A must-try food item.


13.Crispy Chicken Samosa

Samosa + chai = the perfect evening snack. But this samosa is not just a regular samosa, it has a filling of crispy juicy chicken packed with blissful flavor and then dipped in a coating of batter and breadcrumbs and deep-fried in oil. The outcome is a crispy texture on the outside and a soft-juicy texture on the inside. The price is `Rs 60 where you get 4 pieces of samosa. A perfect snack option for chicken lovers.

Crispy Chicken Samosa


Waffle is made from leavened batter and is popular for their characteristic shape and pattern. A sweet dish to satisfy your sweet cravings. There are many varieties of waffles you can get here in the shop “ Wafels & Maxicorn” prices ranging from Rs 120 to Rs 200, like blueberry waffles, cream cheese waffles, etc. You can give this dish a try if you visit here ever.

Sweet Potato Waffles

15.Paneer Cheese Pav Bhaji

It is popular Indian street food, vegetable curry drizzled with grated cheese and served with toasted pav(soft bread). The price of this food item is Rs 70. You can get this in the shop “Shree Vinayak Pav Bhaji” where you can also get other varieties of pav bhaji. Keep calm and eat pav bhaji!

Paneer Cheese Pav Bhaji

16.Mathura Cake

It is like sweet bread, round-shaped that is fried in oil and then coated with powdered sugar. It is slightly sweet and a little salty. If you have a sweet tooth, you should give this a try. The price starts from Rs 20 where you get 4-5 pieces.  You can find a shop just near the entrance of the food court selling these balls of sweetness.

Mathura Cake

17.Potato Twister

A whole potato spiraled around a stick, dipped in batter, and then fried in oil. Then it is sprinkled with the seasonings for flavor. It’s READY! It is also a trendy snack that you’ll find in the food court. You can get this in “Tandoori Nights” for a price of around Rs 60-80. You should try this out.

Potato Twister

18.Prawn Cutlet

Another delicious dish for seafood lovers. Prawn cutlet is made of minced prawns, the cutlets formed in a beautiful heart shape #Loveforfood. The cutlet is then dipped in batter and given a coating of breadcrumbs, then fried in hot oil. It is bliss for non-veg lovers, especially prawn lovers. The price of this item is around Rs60-80. But you will love this. You can find this item in the Tandoori Nights.

Prawn and Eggplants Cutlets

19.Crispy Fried Chicken

Tender chicken pieces are dipped in their special batter and fried in hot oil. The outer texture is very crispy while it is soft and juicy inside. The fried chicken is served with mayonnaise, green chutney, and sauce and garnished with julienned onion. The price of one plate is Rs 60 and has about 8-10 pieces of chicken. This is a perfect snack item for chicken lovers and is affordable.


20.Crispy Chicken Bar

Last but not least, crispy chicken bar. Another lovely, savory and delicious snack for chicken lovers. Jagamara food court is all about non-veg lovers. Minced chicken is put on ice cream sticks and given a triangular shape, then dipped in batter and deep fried in hot oil. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, you will love it a lot. The price range is from Rs 40 to 60. You can get this delicacy in “the Tandoori Nights”. Give it a shot!!

Crispy Chicken Bar