Top 20 Food Items Made Using French Beans


French beans are one of those few vegetables which not only look good on the platter but is super healthy too. French beans are packed with nutrients, and they have few calories. They are also a great source of dietary fiber, and reduce constipation. Besides, French beans also lowers cholesterol and lower the chances of heart disease. French beans contain manganese, antioxidants, vitamin K, and carotenoids. They are also a source of vitamin K. French beans are easy to cook yet gorgeous on a plate. It can be used in almost everything from soups to salads to curries etc. These are cooked in great varieties too. In the northern part of India, French beans are generally stir-fried with desi masala. Whereas in the South, they are used in stews such as sambar and moist curries. Given below are twenty French bean dishes, that are not only healthy but also tasty.


It is a dry, steamed dish made with French beans. In this dish, beans are cooked with ingredients like mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal, red chillies until tender. Later coconut is added along with curry leaves in this dish. Poriyal is easy to cook and quick to make.


2.Beans Patoli Vepudu

It is a delicious dish from Andhra Pradesh. In this dish, French beans are cooked with mild spices. Afterwards, coconut and sesame seeds are added to it. This dish turns out to be excellent with the use of spices and renders an exquisite taste.


3.Beans Thoran

Beans Thoran is a flavorful as well as healthy recipe. This is a popular dish from Kerala. It is made with ingredients like onions, coconut, and spices. The ingredients are stir-fried together. In this dish, coconut oil is used as a cooking medium.


4.Beans Aloo

It is a Punjabi-style dish made with French beans and potatoes. It is effortless to make. Beans Aloo is a flavorful side dish that tastes a little tangy. Although it is made with few ingredients, it tastes great. It can be served both with Roti or Rice.



It is a mixed vegetable dish which has originated in the city of Surat, in Gujarat. For this, it is also known as ‘Surti Undhiyu.’ Undhiyu is a dish prepared with all seasonal vegetables, including French beans. All the vegetables are cooked in an aromatic blend of spices until tender. Traditional Undhiyu is cooked for a long time to attain perfection.


6.Beans Gajar

This simple sabzi is adopted in many variations in Indian households. The main aim is to enhance the taste of vegetables. It can be gajar and french beans sukhi sabji or sabji with a bit of gravy. All that is needed is a balance of flavors and a great result.


7.Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

It is a Gujarati dish. In this recipe, french beans are tossed in tamarind and jaggery to give it a sweet and sour taste. A spicy coconut mixture is added to it to make it more flavorful. It can be enjoyed with Rotis, Parathas, or Rice.



8.French beans Casserole

The main ingredients of this recipe are French beans. It is cooked with onions, cheese, mushrooms, etc. It is a delicious dish. It is lightly spiced but flavorful.


9.Grilled French Beans

It is a very easy and great way to enjoy French beans or green beans. Flavored with mild spices, this simple yet flavorful dish can make your day better. In this dish, beans are grilled till they are tender and juicy. It has a sweet, charred flavor to it.


10.Air Fryer Green Beans

If you are health conscious then ther is nothing like air fryer beans. It is just the beans cooked in an air fryer with little hints of spices. It is packed with nutrients. It can be taken as an anytime snack. It is a vegan dish and very popular among health-conscious people.


11.Stir Fried French Beans

This Chinese dish, with French beans, is popular amongst food lovers. This delicious dish is made with minimal ingredients. This dish gets its flavorful rich taste from two factors. First is the stir-frying technique that brings out the flavors of vegetables and, the second is the topping of roasted sesame seeds.


12.Beans Salad

Another exciting way to eat French beans is to eat them as a salad. Extremely healthy and flavorful at the same time, this dish is very easy to make. It is blanched French beans tossed with a few vegetables, olive oil, vinegar and mild spices.


13.Sautéed French Beans

It is a classic preparation for green beans. It is a quick and easy recipe. In this dish, green beans or french beans are cooked in mild herbs and spices to make a delicious dish. It is pretty easy to make.


14.French Beans Chaat

Nothing is more exciting than the nutrients of French beans and the bursting flavor of chaat blended together. In this dish, french beans are tossed in spices and herbs. It is topped with yoghurt and chutney. This dish is sweet, salty, and tangy dish and, can be enjoyed as a snack.


15.Gujarati Fansi Dhokli

Fansi Dhokli is made with tender French beans. It is a very popular Gujarati sabzi. ‘Dhokli’ is a type of dumpling made with besan, and ‘fansi’ is french beans in Gujarati. Here, french beans are tossed with dhoklis and other herbs and spices. It has minimal use of spices, but at the same time, it is very delicious.


16.French Beans Soup

One of the healthiest ways to consider French beans is to soup them up. This delicious treat is packed with nutrients. It is a perfect healing tool during cold seasons.


17.French Beans With Lemon And Sea Salt

It is a flavorful way to enjoy French beans. The French beans are cooked in such a way that their bright green color and juiciness are kept intact. The beans are served with sprinkled sea salt and some lemon zest, which makes the flavor more stunning.


18.French Beans Foogath

It is very popular in Goa. This dish is made with steamed French beans and lentils. It is a perfect comforting side dish. French beans foogath can be served with hot rice and dal, or simply as a sabzi to rotis.



It is a French beans and cauliflower soup. It is loaded with vegetables like French beans, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, etc. It is made without onion and garlic. It is an extremely flavorful soup.


20.Veg Pulao

Veg Pulao is a celebrated dish all over India. It is an exotic dish and highly aromatic and flavorful. It is made with French beans, carrots, Peas, etc. The presence of French beans makes them yet tastier.