Top 20 Food Items to Make Quickly for Guests in the House


Atithi Devo Bhava” is a saying in Sanskrit, which is the tradition of every Indian which means the guests are to be treated in the same way as God. So it is our foremost duty to satisfy and give good hospitality to the guests coming to our home. To reach a man’s heart, the only way is to go through his stomach.  That’s why we need to prepare some delicious food items for the guests instantly.

So some of the food items which are easy to make and serve within a few minutes are-

1 Tea/Coffee with Biscuits and Mixture

It is one of the most commonly served food items in every Indian house. Tea has become a requirement for every Indian to have at least a glass of tea in the morning and in the evening. When served with biscuits and with some mixture, it becomes a small dish itself, and it can be served within five minutes of time also.


2. Veggie Fries

It is the tastiest and instantly prepared dish. As it is made from almost every vegetable, just we need to cut the vegetables and dip that in corn flour and we need to fry that in a pan.


3. Maggie and Noodles

Here comes the favorite of every child that’s Maggie and noodles like Yippee, Ching’s Chinese, etc.  It is famous as it is the instantly made dish within 2 minutes. So, it can also be served to the guests who are with their children.


4. Fruit Salad

It is the mixture of all types of fruits with a tinge of milkmaid and honey over it, and it is the best refreshing food to be made very fast. It is also very healthy for every aged people and is highly nutritious.


5. Egg Omelette

Do you remember a popular advertisement in which it is advised to children to eat eggs every day? Eggs are favorites of children as well as of every non-vegetarian person. It is also a rich source of protein so it is very healthy to have egg every day.  So, adding some small pieces of veggies will make an omelet look contrast in color as well as it would be very delicious and nutritious to eat.


6. Bread Omelette

When you are mentioning egg omelet how can we forget of bread omelet which is prepared by our mothers every evening for their children. It can also be served to the guests.


7. Upma

It is one of the most classic and typical food items in every kitchen. It is just made with Suji with some vegetables and sprinkled with some Mustard Seeds and Jeera. Now to smell good and to give a green texture it is temper with curry leaves.


8. Chole Bhature

It is a Punjabi dish but now famous in every kitchen and is sold as street food as well. It is popularly known as Puri and Curry. When add-ons like onions, carrot pickle, green chutney, boiled potatoes, and other varieties of pickles are taken it just tastes yummy.


9. Aloo Paratha

It is the most favorite delicacy for all Indians. It is prepared within short span of time. The aloo stuffing in paratha gives a heavenly feeling when served with curd and pickles. It is to be done by filling aloo stuffing in paratha made of flour and wheat, and baked with desi ghee. The smell of desi ghee with aloo paratha will mesmerize the guests and force them to crave for more of it.


10. Kanda Poha

It is the most popular and delicious Maharashtrian recipe. It is prepared from flattened rice and chopped onion.  The rice is washed and softened before frying. It is then cooked with chopped vegetables and spices. It is then tempered with chilies and peanuts.


11. Curd Rice

This dish will make your guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Curd gives a pleasant feeling and is perfect to make your guests happy. It is consumed with green chutney and to look good it is garnished with curry leaves. It is highly nutritious and will instantly give energy after long travel, and it will keep you satisfied for the whole day as well.


12. Aloo Matar Sandwich

Want to prepare some English recipe, then it is the easiest and delicious one. Need to mash some potatoes, mix the peas, and make the filling. Then, toast the bread slices, add veggies and tomatoes, and then fill the mixture in between the bread with cheese or sauce.


13. Cheela

It is a Gujarati dish which is prepared quickly and easily. You need to take besan and wheat flour in right proportions and add onions, garlic pods, salt, coriander, green chilies, and red chili powder in a bowl and add water to make a paste. Then, you need to fry in the oil till it turns brown. And your delicious Cheela is ready to allure guests.


14. Moong Usal

If your guests are fitness freaks or are on a diet then this is the perfect food for them. Sprouts are healthy and are rich in protein. To make it just heat oil in a pan, add mustard, turmeric powder, and curry leaves to it. Add the sprouts, salt, chili powder, and water. Stir it well and cook for five minutes and your dish is ready to serve.


15. Khichdi

It is a purely desi recipe which is widely famous in every Indian home. For the easiest method of preparation, all you need to do is add Rice and Dal in the pressure cooker with the appropriate amount of salt and water. Khichdi tastes toothsome when it is topped off with ghee and served with pickle and papad.


16. Soup with Veggies

It is a perfect dish for the winter season and is prepared with 10 minutes of time. When served hot it tastes rich and gives a feeling of fullness.  There are a variety of soups such as Lentil Soup, Carrot Soup, Rice and Tomato Soup, Oat Soup etc. and  each of them has different health benefits. Generally, it is recommended to start the meal with soup to soften and warm your stomach.


17. Sweet Corn Chaat

Corn is a versatile vegetable that can be used to prepare so many dishes like soups, sweet corn, fitters, or cutlets. Corn is boiled and salt, chili powder, black pepper is temper over it, and then lime is added to it. Then it is ready to serve. In south India, it is usually relished with coriander and also made little spicy.


18. Methi Thepla

A Gujarati dish which is all time favorite to be munched any time of the day and can be served to guests easily and quickly. It is prepared with flat breads made from fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour, and gram flour.


19. Roti with Dal Fry

It is also an easy dish which can be prepared within a short span of time. Chana Dal is to be boiled and then is made into the curry and then served with Roti. It is a typical Indian dish and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.


20. Lassi and Custard

Custard is a saucy dish that is prepared with cream, and milk. Readymade Powder is also available in market. The powder is to be mixed with milk and sugar and then boiled. Then it is stored cool in refrigerator and served with fruits on it. Lassi is prepare from curd and caramel. It is a typical Punjabi drink but is now available everywhere. In summer, it is like a heavenly drink quenching thirst and takes to the world of ecstasy.