Top 20 Food Items To Try At Frankie, Bank More, Dhanbad

Top 20 Food Items To Try At Frankie, Bank More, Dhanbad

Street food is something that no one can resist. Street food is not food but an emotion to almost every person. Wherever we go all over the world, we eat street food everywhere. So, let us manifest street food and talk about it. Today’s destination is not big but a good shop at Dhanbad. It is one of the most famous street food outlets, Frankie. They serve multiple types of food and cuisine in their small shop. Let us talk about them one by one. Here are the Top 20 dishes to try at Frankie, situated at Bank More, Dhanbad.

1.Baby Corn Chilli

Baby corn chilli is a Chinese cuisine dish made from soft corn ribs. They first deep fry the baby corn to make it super crispy, then sauté it in a typical Chinese sauce with lots of onions and garlic. They serve one of the best and most tasty baby corn chillies.


2.Frankie Roll

Frankie Roll is a simple roll with mild spices and mild sauce. It has a potato roll, which is a deep-fried potato with spices. It also has cabbage, cheese and different sauces wrapped in a tortilla grilled with butter. It tastes amazing. They even customize their roll as per your liking and taste.


3.Chow Mein

Chow Mein and noodles are two different things. Many people get confused between these two. Chow Mein is the speciality, Frankie. They cook this with multiple vegetables such as cabbage, onion, capsicum, bell paper and different spices. They do not put sauces in chow Mein but give sauce as a side option to add according to your taste and liking. This dish also has mild to medium spice and is liked by many people.



Dosa is the most common street food you will find all over India. Frankie makes a huge dosa which is paper thin and super crispy. They do not put potato filling inside the dosa. They serve potato filling on the side of the plate to avoid the sogginess of the dosa. Along with dosa, they serve sambar, coconut chutney and spicy red chilli chutney.


5.Samosa Chaat

Chaat is also considered one of the most common street foods in India. It is equally tangy, spicy, sweet, and savoury. Chaat gives an instant burst of flavour. Frankie serves only samosa chaat having samosas in it. They serve chaat super-hot and tasty at the same time. They have been making chaat for decades.


6.Manchurian And Fried Rice

It is a very classy Chinese combo liked by many people. Frankie serves spicy and mouth-watering Manchurian with plain fried rice having a very mild flavour to complement each other well. Their Manchurian balls are super soft and perfectly fried. They serve Manchurian in gravy instead of dry ones to go best with dry fried rice. Manchurian And Fried Rice combo tastes heavenly to Chinese lovers.



Coffee is served as the side dish at Frankie, as many people love something to drink with their food. Hence coffee fits best in their food menu. They make classic hot coffee without anything fancy in it. It tastes simply best. People often love to have coffee after their meal at Frankie.


8.Honey Potato Chilli

It is again a tasty food to try at Frankie’s. However, not everyone loves the taste of honey chilli potato. Chilli potato is a spicy and saucy dish, adding honey to it makes it a bit sweeter side and may not be liked by many people. Savoury and sweet are two different flavours. Some might like the taste some may not. But Frankie serves tasty honey chilli potato you should try at least once.



Idli is also considered the most common street food in India. It is healthy to eat, and at the same time, it is tasty and keeps you full for long periods. Frankie serves soft, spongy white idlis to its customers. They serve Idli with sambar, coconut chutney and one more spicy chutney.


10.Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a famous street food in Mumbai, but it is so popular that you can find pave bhaji on every corner of India. However, variation in taste may be there. Frankie serves pav bhaji loaded with butter. They make them openly in front of customers. They serve this mouth-watering dish with toasted pav and lots of onion garnished with fresh coriander leaves. People love pav bhaji of Frankie’s.


11.Gulab Jamun

Eating different spicy food might make you crave something sweet. For this, Frankie has a dessert option too. Gulab jamun is something that needs not to be introduced. They serve sweet, spongy, and big-sized Gulab jamun served hot for better taste and flavour. They have variations, cardamon or just plain Gulab Jamun.



Not to forget, a burger which you can find anywhere. Whether you go to an expensive restaurant or eat on the street, you will find burgers everywhere. Frankie serves different types of burgers to customers. They have the options of a cheeseburger, plain burger, Vegetable burger and many more. They make burgers with quality buns and lots of different sauces and Alao or paneer tiki. It just hits your taste buds and tastes good.

Two homemade tasty burgers on wood table


Soups are a comfort food to have in winter. It is warm, tasty, and healthy. Frankie serves different types of soups such as veg soup, miso soup, sweet corn soup, veg clear soup, and many more. Each of the soup is tasty and are of a very reasonable price. The sale of soups mainly increases in winter as compared to other seasons.



Uttapam is a South Indian dish containing finely chopped vegetables in a semolina batter. It is tasty yet very healthy. Frankie serves different types of Uttapam, ranging from plain Uttapam to masala Uttapam. You also have a choice of vegetables. You can choose just onion or vegetables over the Uttapam. They serve Uttapam with sambar and chutney.


15.Mushroom Chilli

Mushroom Chilli is also a tasty Chinese food to have. You can have mushroom chilli just as it is or can also with noodles or fried rice. It fits well with both and enhances the taste. Frankie serves crispy and tasty mushroom chilli to customers. They keep pre-fried mushrooms, flash fry them and toss with sauce and serve them super fresh and popping hot. People love the taste, and you should also try it once.


16.Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is a dish that has come into existence recently. It is deep-fried cauliflower dipped in cornstarch slurry mixed with spices. It gives a crispy texture, then tossed in the sauce and served hot. Frankie serves one of the crispy Gobi Manchurian in Bank More. Customers like to eat this as it is and not with noodles or rice.


17.Veg Lemon Rice

Veg Lemon Rice is a south Indian dish prepared by adding pre-cooked rice with chana dal, groundnut, curry leaves and mild spices. It has a light lemon taste and a light-yellow colour. It is a very healthy and tasty food to have. Frankie serves one of the best lemon rice in the area, and people love to have this in their lunch.


18.Cheese Salad

Cheese salad is an unhealthy salad to eat. Cheese salad is prepared by mixing melted cheese with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese and other greens. It is light and savoury in taste, and not everyone likes the taste of cheese salad because it is a raw food to have, and not everyone prefers raw food over cooked food.

Broccoli and Cheese Salad

19. Boiled Sweet Corn

Boiled Sweet Corn is the best food to have as an evening snack or as a starter. Frankie serves boiled sweet corn in multiple flavours, masala, cheese, salt, and pepper flavours to serve. Customers eat boiled sweet corn as a snack. Before starting their meal or they often have this while waiting for their food to arrive.



We cannot miss Momo if we are talking about street food. Frankie has a separate stall for selling Momo. They only have veg Momo, in which you have options of paneer or simple veg. They serve Momo with spicy red chutney, spicy green chutney, and sweet mayonnaise. They also give veg clear soup with Momo to enhance the taste.