Top 20 Food Outlets With Aesthetic Ambience In GTB Nagar

Top 20 Food Outlets With Aesthetic Ambience In GTB Nagar

GTB Nagar is a place full of restaurants and cafés. It is a student area where students hang out or party after classes. It is one of the largest areas with many restaurants to try. Here, we’ll list the top 20 places you should check out the next time you hang out with friends or family.

1.Catch 39

The most beautiful spot one could ever find. The lovely pink-themed atmosphere makes this establishment even more appealing. This café is best for Dim Sum and Korean cuisine. If you enjoy Dim sum and Korean cuisine and want a relaxed atmosphere, this is the spot for you. Dim Sum, Sushi, and other Korean cuisine prices range from 399/- to 1299/-. Its motto is “Fall in love with Dim Sum,” and one will undoubtedly fall in love after tasting its excellent Dim Sum.

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2.Spezia Bistro

Another visually appealing restaurant with excellent meals. Chilli Oil Dim sum, Nachos, and Pasta are the best. The crowd here is great, and the service makes this location even better. The prices here might range from 110/- to 500/-. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that anybody may enjoy. It also has a swing inside, which makes this place even more beautiful. It’s a perfect place to have fun.

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3.Housefull Café

It’s the place to go if you want excellent cuisine, a decent atmosphere, and a place to dance and enjoy yourself. The crowd is mediocre here, but the food and service are superb. Students come here to celebrate their freshers or farewell parties. DJ begins at 4 p.m., and meal prices range from 199/- to 500/-. They also offer a terrace where you may enjoy yourself even more.

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4.Cafeteria Co.

One of the most family-friendly cafés in town. The cuisine here is excellent, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The crowd here is lovely. Evenings might be a little packed, but the atmosphere and food are worth the wait. Everything is delicious here, including the non-vegetarian platter, Cheese Pizza, and Sangria. They offer a wide variety of food. This café is ideal for couples searching for a romantic place to go out on a date and groups of friends organizing a get-together.

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5.Sky Burg

A great spot for live music and an open terrace. The live music enhances the romantic atmosphere and creates a positive feeling. The food and service are both excellent. Although it is a new café, it is well worth a visit. Good photographs may also be taken here. Since it is on a corner, the terrace has a nice view. The Staff is kind, and the atmosphere is decent.

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6.Lazy Bear

This establishment has three stories, and guests may decide to sit anywhere they wish. The terrace is situated on the third floor. The crowd is average here, but the cuisine is fantastic, and this place has a vibe. DJ is also accessible here, and parties may be readily booked. Prices range from 145/- to 500/-. They have a wide variety of North Indian, Italian, and Chinese dishes. A nice venue to hang out with family and friends. Whether you’re going out with friends, or family, or on a date, this restaurant fits practically every mood.

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7.Judge And Jury

One of the most popular spot for all food lovers. It is a themed café. A perfect place with a good ambiance. Terrace is also available. The service here is 10 out of 10. A fantastic location for enjoyment and taking beautiful photographs. The atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant. The ambiance and the service are satisfying. Food is delicious and mouth-watering. Food prices are affordable.

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8.The Vintage Avenue

One of the most visually appealing and welcoming cafés around. The atmosphere is highly valued here. It’s a café with Italian, Mexican, and North Indian influences. This is a location to fall in love with. It has tranquil seating where one can comfortably converse with loved ones. Food costs might range between 129/- to 400/-. There are two floors consisting of food arrangements. One may comfortably sit outside on the top level during the winter or on a rainy day.

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One of the most well-known food outlet. Evenings might be packed, but the cuisine is delicious. One of the popular dishes served here is their Indian platter. It has a very charming and inviting atmosphere here. One should undoubtedly visit this location. Even more, the live music adds to how wonderful and enjoyable the entire experience is.

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10.Sambookas Café

This café is one of the most trending cafes in the town. The atmosphere is charming and has excellent music. Food prices range from 175/- to 300/-. The colors and aesthetics make this venue considerably more appealing and frequently visited. It is a very peaceful place to spend quality time and relax with your loveable people. Their summer special drink, Mango Smoothie, is very delicious. Both the quality and quantity of the food are fantastic.

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11.The Big Yellow Door

It is a cute little café with an appealing, oddly tilted yellow entrance. The Ambience is adorable, and it is student-friendly with good food. The meal costs are pretty reasonable, and the quality of the cuisine is not compromised. Their menu is extensive. It has been a fantastic location for many years and continues to be so. The atmosphere is great here.

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12.Mr. Crust Bakers

The best spot for all sweet and spicy enthusiasts. Pastries, Pizza, Coffee, and a Chinese platter are all here. This spot is simply outstanding. One can never go wrong by choosing this food outlet because every dish here is yummy and tasty. It is a fun spot to hang out after class, with friends, or even on a solo date. People with a sweet tooth will adore this location because the dessert selection is outstanding.

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13.Indus Flavour

It’s a fantastic location with excellent aesthetics. They are constantly changing the feel of the restaurant, and it is always better than the previous one. The cuisine is the finest in town, and the quality is outstanding. This is one of the most suggested restaurants for vegetarians. The ambiance is lovely, and the service is exceptional. The best thing is that all of the cuisine on their menu is excellent and delicious, and they provide high-quality meals.

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14.QD’s Restaurant

It’s a charming eatery, as the name says. It is well-known for its Tandoori Momos. Aside from that, the panko mushrooms, Peri-Peri Sizzler, and Amritsari Kulcha are all quite tasty. The pricing is reasonable and cheap, and the quality is exceptional. The sweets are out of this world. The hospitality is excellent and you will have a great time here.

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15.Echoes Living Room

It is one of those locations that make you feel fantastic from the inside out as it is unique. It is a lovely setting where the language of love is spoken and served by specially-abled people. They offer you a wide variety of delicious cuisine to select from that you can’t stop drooling over. It features a distinct motif with sign-based interiors, making it more creative.

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16.Mama’s Buoi

A benefit of the café is the ambiance and live music. This location is definitely for you if you want cozy surroundings and dim lighting. Incredible and astonishing talents are used in the meal presentation. It’s a fantastic place to rant out with your friends. The overall experience at this beautiful spot will be satisfactory.

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17.Woodbox Café

It is a small, charming location in GTB Nagar. The atmosphere is ideal for dining in. The menu at the venue offers a broad selection of foods at reasonable prices. It has a nice interior as the theme is photogenic. The atmosphere is relaxed. It is a beautiful location for socializing with loved ones and friends. The Valentine’s decorations are stunning.

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The best spot to eat delicious and nutritious burgers. They use brown bread, less oily, and fill their burgers with vegetables and a healthy patty. They feature an extensive selection of burgers and fries. The interior design is excellent and appealing, and the furniture is cozy. Additionally, the costs are incredibly reasonable, which makes this outlet more adorable.

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The café at this location is spacious. They provide excellent services with beautiful seating. Their specialization is that they supply the most fantastic ground seats you’ve ever had and games to pass the time. Games are the highlighting part of this café. The cuisine is good enough to try.

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20.Hudson Tower

A variety of cuisines and aesthetics are housed under one roof at this establishment. The food is excellent, and the service is prompt. With an extensive menu, they offer many levels, each centered on a particular theme. It has a charming atmosphere here. Additionally, there is a lot of natural light and comfy seats.

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