Top 20 Special Rice Dish Of Kashmir

Top 20 Special Rice Dish Of Kashmir

Kashmir is the paradise of India. It is heaven for tourists. It is situated in the valley between the river in the Jhelum in north India. Kashmir is famous for its scenic beauty and salubrious climate. Kashmir also has delicious food. Kashmiris developed the art of cooking at a very high level of sophistication. Rice is the staple food of Kashmir and has been so since ancient times. In this article, I will add Kashmir’s Top 20 rice food. Kashmir rice is so famous in every part of India. Here are the top 20 Kashmir rice food:

1.Saffron Rice

Kashmir has unique and flavourful dishes. Saffron rice is a flavourful dish that is easy to make. In this classical dish, rice is sauteed in butter-laced spices. Then, cooked in saffron-flavoured water and mixed with shallowed fried dry fruits. Further, freshly cut fruits and fried onions are added on top. It is a must-have dish of Kashmir, so much delighted and flavourful.


2.Kashmiri Pulav

Kashmiri pulao is a traditional rich dish of Kashmir. Unlike normal Pulav, these are not spicy. It is known for its aromatic and sweet flavour. It is a delightful combination of long basmati rice. Pomegranate and nuts were added for garnishing. It is usually required a few minutes to make.


3.Lemon Rice

Kashmiri lemon rice is a sweet-savoury cuisine of Kashmir. Basmati rice is cooked and flavoured with cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric, green chilies, and lemon juice. These ingredients create a refreshing and zesty flavour profile. It is Garnished with nuts and coriander. It’s a delightful side dish. Whenever you have a chance to visit Kashmir, try this dish.



Modur Pulav

Modur Pulav is a unique and delicious dish. It is a Kashmiri rice dish with a touch of sweetness. The basmati rice is flavoured with saffron, giving its golden hue colour. The sweetness is derived from jaggery and making it delightful contrast to savoury spices. Modur Pulav is served on special occasions and festivals in Kashmir.


5.Chukh Vangan

It is a delectable Kashmiri rice dish featuring a combination of basmati rice and eggplants. Baby eggplants are cooked in a spiced Kashmiri red chili paste, which infuses the dish with rice. Chukh Vangan is loved for its unique species and is a staple in Kashmiri cuisine. It is a comforting meal. It showcases the band’s love for flavour.


6.Lydour Tschaman

It is a traditional dish that highlights the delicate flavour of paneer (Indian cottage cheese). The dish uses tender paneer cubes cooked in a yogurt-based gravy with mild spices. It creates a creamy and tangy taste. The flavourful basmati rice is served separately and complements the flavourful paneer curry perfectly. It is a beloved delight in Kashmir cuisine.


7.Maash Dal Chawal

Maash dal chawal is a classic and comforting rice dish. This dish is made up of whole green lentils and rice. This dish is often flavoured with Kashmiri spices and ghee to enhance its taste. It is a famous everyday meal in Kashmiri households. It is appreciated for its simplicity, nutrition, and hearty satisfaction.


8.Hakh Bhaat

It is a classical Kashmiri dish that showcases the love for Leavy vegetables. It shows a hearty combination of rice and Kashmiri collard greens (Hakh). Hakh Bhaat is a staple food in Kashmir cuisine. It is cherished for its simplicity and earthy flavours. It’s the main emphasis on the importance of using fresh and seasonal ingredients in their dishes.


9.Nadru Chawal

It is a delightful Kashmiri rice dish that Showcases The unique flavours and texture of Lotus stem (Nadru). The Lotus stems are sliced and cooked with aromatic spices. It creates a savoury and mildly spiced curry. Nadru Chawal is a famous vegetarian dish in Kashmir delicacy. It is a comforting meal for Kashmiris.


10.Haak Nadru Bhaat

Haak Nadru Bhaat is a heavenly and hearty combination of Kashmiri rice dishes. It combines two iconic ingredients – Kashmiri collard (green) and Lotus stem. This dish is Prepared with flavourful spices and mildly spiced curry. It exemplifies the essence of Kashmiri cuisine and creates a delightful culinary experience.


11.Ghee Bhaat

Ghee Bhaat is a classic Kashmiri rice dish that epitomizes simplicity and indulgence. The ghee infuses the rice with a rich, buttery flavor, which enhances its taste and aroma. It is a versatile accompaniment to various Kashmiri curries. Its comforting and aromatic Essence embodies the soul of Kashmiri cuisines, where the ghee signifies warmth and comfort.


12.Tschok Wangan

Tschok Wangan is a famous Kashmiri dish that celebrates the flavors of turnips (Tschok) and eggplants (Wangan). Sliced turnips and eggplants are sauteed with spices. It creates a flavorful and mildly spiced curry. Meanwhile, Basmati rice is cooked separately. Then, tender and savory Tschok Wangan curry is served with aromatic rice. This vegetarian dish is loved for its decency and unique combination of vegetables.


13.Kashmiri Rice Kulcha

It is a classical rice dish that showcases the unique combination of rice and local bread (Kulcha). The kulcha is a flatbread made from wheat flour. It is crumbled and mixed with spices to create a flavourful rice accompaniment. It is a delightful fusion of rice and bread that brings a twist to the dining experience.


14.Tomato Rice

Tomato rice is a flavourful and vibrant rice dish of Kashmir. It combines the tanginess of Tomato with traditional spices. Long-grain basmati rice is cooked with a delicious tomato-based gravy. It is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with various accompaniments like yogurt, raita, or roasted vegetables. It is a popular choice for lunch boxes for kids especially.


15.Palak Chaman Pulav

Palak Chaman Pulav is a delectable Kashmiri rice that combines the goodness of spinach with the rich flavor of paneer. Fresh spinach leaves are balanced and pureed to create a vibrant green base for Pulav. Soft paneer cubes are added to the spinach gravy, infusing it with a creamy texture. Basmati rice is cooked separately and combined with the flavourful spinach and paneer mixture. It is a wholesome dish.


16.Zafrani Kheer

It is a luxurious Kashmiri rice pudding infused with saffron. It is renowned for its rich flavor and vibrant colors. Long-grain basmati rice is simmered with milk, sugar, and saffron until the rice becomes tender and the mixture thickens. The saffron lends a delightful floral essence. It is garnished with nuts like almonds, pistachios, and cashews. Zafrani Kheer is cherished on festive occasions, weddings, and celebrations.


17.Mui Chawal

Mui Chawal is a unique and authentic rice dish of Kashmiri cuisine. It showcases the use of a local berry called “mui”. Here, long-grain basmati rice cooks with mui berries and a blend of spices. It results in a delightful and aromatic dish. It is a must-try for anyone exploring Kashmiri culinary delights.


18.Meethi Bhaat

It is a sweet rice dish from Kashmiri cuisine. Long-grain basmati rice is Cooked with a Combination of jaggery, fruits, nuts, and fragrant spices like cardamom and cinnamon. The jaggery adds a delightful sweetness. It is Balanced with the richness of clarified butter and the warmth of the spices. Meetha Bhaat is often served during special occasions, celebrations, and festivals, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.


19.Kashmiri Rajma Chawal

Kashmiri Rajma chawal is a flavourful and hearty dish from Kashmir. It is a cuisine that pairs the goodness of kidney beans with aromatic basmati rice. The kidney beans are cooked in a spiced Tomato gravy infused with traditional Kashmiri spices creating a rich, savory curry. It is a comforting and wholesome meal choice in Kashmir.


20.Dum Olav Rice

It is a delectable Kashmiri rice dish that features tender baby potatoes cooked in a rich and flavourful gravy. The potatoes are first sauteed with spices and then slowly cooked in a creamy yogurt-based sauce infused with Kashmiri spices. This slow cooking process is known as Dum. The long-grain basmati rice is prepared separately, and the Dum Olav is served alongside the aromatic rice. This vegetarian delight is cherished for its texture and delicate flavor.