Top 20 Places To Have Food In Nainital

Top 20 Places To Have Food In Nainital
Top 20 Places To Have Food In Nainital

We have here listed 20 places where you can eat when you are in Nainital.

1 Boat House

This is one of the most royal restaurant in Nainital. It is located just next to famous Naini Lake in Mallital. They give an exclusive lakeside dining area which is the most impressive thing observed from there. You  have many food options there with reasonable prices. The most important thing of this Boat House is you can enjoy your food on the boat along with the view of the lake.


2 Sonam’s Momos

This food corner is famous for their mouthwatering momos and thukpa, the most popular dishes of Tibetan. This food corner is located at the Tibetan Market in Mallital. You can enjoy their momos with your loved ones in the chilly atmosphere.


3 Embassy Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the main market which is known as Mall Road at all hill stations. This restaurant offers a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from delicious food, they are giving a relaxing atmosphere with very light music too. Their Pizzas are must-to-try. You can enjoy the food with your loved ones.


4 Sakley’s Restaurant and Pastry Shop

This is a restaurant which offers different platters, starters and delicious desserts. They are especially known for their delicious pastries and  desserts. Their Thai Curries, Chinese, Sizzlers, and pizzas are must-to-try. This restaurant is located at the Mall Road.


5 Machan Overview

This place is located at the top of the Mall Road. You can have a beautiful view of Naini Lake from there. If you want a place to eat in some peace, warm and chill atmosphere then this place is must visit. With delicious food, they offer the best service which will surely win your heart. You can even get a huge discount there if you are in a group.


6 Chandni Chowk

This place represents the famous place of Old Delhi i.e. Chandni Chowk. You can have the perfect delicacies of Original Chandni Chowk situated in Delhi. The menu of this restaurant contains North Indian Food and some sizzlers. You can have some other snacks too like Chaat, Golgappas, Tikki and much more. You will surely experience original Chandni Chowk in Nainital.


7 Sher-E-Punjab

If you are Punjabi Food lover or you traveled from the Northern Part of India, then this place is a must visit. This place offers a perfect variety of North Indian food. With delicious Punjabi food, they are giving typical Punjabi hospitality. This dhaba will surely crave you for Punjabi food.


8 Cafe De Mall

This café is located at the Mall Road. This is a place where you can enjoy your day with a cup of tea in the mountain hills. You can even have a delicious breakfast there. After shopping, you can relax in this café with a cup of coffee or tea in the Chilly atmosphere.


9 Gardenia

It is a part of the Manu Maharani Hotel. This coffee shop offers starters, platters and the very aromatic cup of coffee. This is a place to spend memorable time with your partner in the chilly atmosphere. You can have many delights at one place.


10 Nanak Restaurant

If you are a veggie lover and even want a place who offers only vegetarian food  then this place is  must-to-visit. Their variety of breads (roti, naan, stuffed paratha) served with veggies are just fabulous. This place offers their delicious food at very reasonable prices.


11 The Nature Resort Restaurant

This is an in-house restaurant of the luxury hotel “The Nature Resort”. This restaurant offers an enormous menu, beautiful interiors, and well-mannered staff. You can have a wonderful dining experience with your loved ones. This is a good place for couples to have their lunch or dinner.


12 Lakshmi Restaurant

This place is quite famous for their Bun Tikki all over the Nainital. The place located on the Mallital. If you are in Nainital you will never miss popular Bun Tikki with a cup of tea. Their samosa and masala tea is also famous among people in Nainital.


13 Cafe Chica

This food joint is quite famous among people in Nainital, especially for their English breakfast. Their menu has this enormous range of snacks, starters, soups and salads. The place is located at the Mallital. You can have a wonderful experience of English breakfast and evening snacks at the hills of Nainital. This is advised that whenever you  visit Nainital, visit Café Chica and try their pasta and soups.


14 Garden Valley Resort

This place is approx 15Km away from the main city. This place might be far for you but if you are the food lover and have a habit to try  different food at  different places then this place is just for you. The amazing Restaurant at Garden Valley Resort with the lavish menu includes Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian and much more. Just try their mushroom pies and desserts variety. And if you are visiting there with your family then this place is a perfect picnic spot in the mountain hills.


15 Udupiwala Restaurant

This place serves perfect South-Indian food all over the Nainital. The place located at the Kathgodam Road, Nainital. This restaurant offers perfect dining arrangement, lavish menu, and best client service for their customers. Just visit and order their crispy dosas and soft idli along with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. If you are a South-Indian food lover then this place is must-to-visit for you.


16 Panorama Restaurant

This is an in-house restaurant of the royal hotel “Manu Maharani”. This restaurant serves the enormous menu with beautiful sitting. This place offers royal assistance to their visitors. You can have beautiful looks of Naini Lake from this restaurant. The food in this restaurant is prepared by expert chefs. You will have a memorable lunch or dinner with your loved ones.


17 Giannis

This place serves pure vegetarian food in their restaurant. If you are a vegetarian then this place is must-to-visit. They offer a huge menu with  many vegetarian food options. You can have Chinese, Indian and Asian food there. The place is located at the Mall Road.


18 Zooby’s Kitchen

The place is not much popular or old in Nainital but it serves best. If you are a group of friends or a family then this place is perfect. You can have vegetarian and Non-vegetarian varieties there. Their menu includes Indian, Chinese, Grilled varieties. You can visit there after shopping to feel relax in the chilly atmosphere.


19 The Dhaba by Royal Kitchen

This Dhaba serves royalty in their food and services. This place is located at the lower Mall Road. They serve a huge variety of Indian, Asian, International dishes to their customers with excellent client service.


20 Moti Mahal Restaurant

This café is located at the Mall Road in Nainital. This restaurant has small space availability but serves delicious food. You can fine dine here with your loved ones at reasonable prices. You will have a wonderful time here with your loved ones.