Top 20 Foods from the streets of Ramnagar


Each state has its own cuisine since India is a land of diverse culture. Not many people know this, but there are plenty of delicacies in Ramnagar to satisfy your hunger. While walking down the road, you’ve got different aromas from the road front vendors to the fancy restaurants. What is peculiar about Ramnagar’s cuisines is that they are cooked mainly on burning wood or charcoal, giving them additional nutritional qualities.

1 Kafuli

This dish is a boon for all people. Kafuli is a dish which all the Ramnagar residents swear about. Essentially, Spinach and fenugreek leaves are used in the preapration that are prescribed even by doctors. It is an exotic dish, made in iron kadhai with the help of hot steaming rice. It is the nutritious and most healthy food in the country.


2. Mint Chutney

In Ramnagar, mint chutney is quite famous and favorite of all. It simply adds to the taste of food and, its fresh aroma and taste lingers in the mouth. It is essentially made of Hemp Seeds which gives it the typical aroma.


3. Garhwal ka Fannah

This sky-like dish is an essential element of Ramnagar and is sufficient to satisfy your eyes and stomach. It turns out to be one of those foods that just leave you wanting more. Garhwal Ka Fannah has become a must-have food item.


4. Phaanu

Phaanu is a dish mostly known in the Garhwal region. It is a sort of sweet food. Phaanu’s special scent is sure to make your taste buds a treat.


5. Baadi

Baadi is a dish with long-lasting aroma and pungent flavor which has fascinated the locals of Ramnagar. It is legacy of all the essential nutrients which are difficult to find in a single dish. When we get nutrients and taste in one delicacy, what more can we ask for.


6. Kandalee Ka Saag

The most popular dish among visitors and tourists is the Kandalee Ka Saag. It’s a leafy green herb that is produced in an ordinary manner like every other plant, but what makes it different is the leafy vegetable known as the Bicchu Ghas.


7. Chainsoo

The dish of Urad or Kali Dal, which consists of a lot of protein is a very famous Garhwali dish. Many people find it difficult to digest, but this dish has a completely earthy taste worth try.


8. Raita

Raita is another dish which accompanies all other Ramnagar cuisines. The locals of this state cannot complete their meal without the curd, turmeric, and cucumber raita.


9. Dubuk

Duduk daal is made and served with rice. While the ideal time to eat it is in Winter, but who can prevent you from enjoying it all year round.


10. Kheer

How can we not mention the desserts when we talk about delicacies. It’s a renowned state sweet dish. Kheer here is prepared with a type of millet that is this dessert’s main ingredient. The rich texture and milk value will cause you to ask for more.


11. Gulgula

Gulgula is a pleasant Ramnagar’s sweet, yet another dish highly popular among visitors and tourists. It’s a sweet local jaggery snack that traces its origins in the region. This is a very common dish in the State because it uses very basic ingredients which are immediately available to the population.


12. Arsa

In the region of Ramnagar, Arsa is the most popular dessert. In every household in the state, it has been placed permanently. This sweet dish is high in the taste and low in the calorie meter and is very popular.


13. Singori

Singori is a well-known sweet dish in Ramnagar, also called Singodi / Singauri, which is prepared with Khoa, a dairy milk product wrapped in Maalu leaf. The sweet savoury is cone-shaped and is available in Almora.


14. Ras

A fine soup with a mixture of rice paste, stock of lentils, and iron vessel pulses. The pulses are soaked overnight in water that is then boiled and baked in iron kadhai with herbs and masala. It is best served with hot, damp rice and is a high protein dish.


15. Aloo Tuk

A typical Indian dish, made in each household, but it is called Ramnagar’s regional meal. This dish will give your soul what it wants, along with Chutney, Poori’s and Kamaoni Raita. A simple dish of cooked potatoes with coriander and red chilies is a must try for this recipe.


16. Aloo Jhol

Aloo ka Jhol is a potato recipe with many variants, served with poori’s or chapati’s. The name is also Aloo rashar, mathura ke dubki wale aloo, poori bhaji, poori masala, etc.


17. Churdkani

The local Bhatt lentil is soaked in the water during the evening and then cooked with powdered spices and served as a soupy dish with rice.


18. Chaat

The street food in Ramnagar has everything, from golgappa’s, papri chaat, dahi vada’s, to aloo tikki’s. Indubitable lip-smacking are these chat options, and we bet that you won’t be satisfied with one. And even if you can enjoy them at any time of the day, it’s best to have them at noon before lunch or in the evening before dinner.


19. Aloo Gutke

Aloo Gutke is one of the state’s most common and fundamental dishes. It’s a very delicious meal prepared from simple dry spices roasted and covered over potatoes. This dish is loved by everyone around. You can eat roti or paratha with this dish.


20. Roat

This sweet dish is cooked in mustard oil with jaggery and wheat flour. Fennel and dry cocoa are added to make it more flavourful. Roat is a sweet dish in Ramnagar you can complement and eat it with mint chutney. You will find this dish at every restaurant.