Top 20 Foods From Vietnamese Cuisine

top 20 foods feom vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam, a tiny Eastern Asian country, is a popular tourist destination. With a rich cultural heritage and unique traditions, Vietnam has found its spot on the tourist radar. Vietnamese food has become quite trendy, sometimes substituting Chinese takeout. Vietnamese cuisine is usually simple and relatively easy to make. Non-vegetarian food is abundant, with pork, beef, chicken, and seafood being a staple. Vietnamese food is lightly spiced and flavorful, and delicious. Here we compile a list of 20 Vietnamese foods you should try in Vietnam.

1. Pho

This is the dish from the Vietnamese cuisine everyone has heard about. Pho is nutritious, simple, and widely popular both with tourists and locals. It is a staple food of the Vietnamese people. Rice noodles are boiled in herbed chicken stock. Chicken or beef pieces are added to it, along with vegetables. Pho can be found in high-end fancy restaurants as well as street-side stalls.Pho:

2. Banh Xeo

It is a crepe that can have a filling of beef, chicken, or shrimp. In the authentic version of this dish, the crepe is crisply fried to bring out the real taste. The correct way to eat it is to divide it into pieces, wrap them in rice paper, and dunk it into any savory sauce.Banh Xeo

3. Cau Lao

This dish is like an amalgamation of various East Asian cultures but with a Vietnamese heart. It is pork noodles made with thick rice noodles and crispy fried pork pieces. The rice noodles resemble the Japanese Udon, while the fried pork pieces are similar to the Chinese Wonton. The cooking style, broth and herbs, however, are very Vietnamese.Cau Lao

4. Goi Cuon

This is a healthier alternative to fried spring rolls. A filling made of vegetables and seafood is wrapped in translucent rice paper and served with fish sauce. Reach for this if you have been over-indulging into too many fried foods.Goi Cuon

5. Banh Khot

These are Vietnamese pancakes in bite-size pieces. It has a crunchy outside and a decadent inside. The crust is made with coconut milk, while the filling consists of shrimp and mung beans.Banh Khot

6. Banh Mi

This dish is a colonial remnant in Vietnam. The French colonists brought their very own Baguette into Vietnam. Since then, the locals have been making this dish entirely Vietnamese style. The filling is made with pork or fish balls and spicy Vietnamese chilies.Banh Mi

7. Ca Kho To

This is classic comfort food. Fish is slow-cooked in clay pots with sugar and fish sauce. It gives the dish a sweet undertaste. It is usually cooked in clay pots for long hours to tenderize the fish.Ca Kho To

8. Canh

Vietnam is fond of noodles and soups. Canh is a tangy and sour soup famous in Vietnam. It is cooked with tamarind, pineapple, and tomatoes, along with seafood. This dish has a lot of contrasting flavors and textures.Canh

9. Banh Chung

This is a dish eaten during festivities in Vietnam. Sticky rice, fatty pork pieces, and mung beans are wrapped in banana leaves. This dish has to be prepared much in advance to be enjoyed on the first day of the lunar new year.Banh Chung

10. Goi

Vietnamese cuisine is known for the non-vegetarian food it offers. But “Goi” is an exception. It is a salad made with thinly sliced papaya, mango, cabbage, and lotus root. The “Nuroc Cham” sauce brings the salad together.Goi

11. Ga Nuong

KFC’s fried chicken is a crowd favorite. But did you know that Vietnam had its own fried chicken that can put KFC’s chicken to shame? That dish is named Ga Nuong. The chicken wings, legs, and feet are marinated with honey and glazed over flaming barbecues. It has a crispy fried crust with a tender inside.

12. Ca Phe Trung

This is a delectable dessert dish. The Ca Phe Trung, or Vietnamese egg coffee, is made with egg white and Vietnamese coffee. The egg white is beaten till it has a frothy texture, then added over the sweetened coffee. It is a delight for those who like coffee but don’t want it too strong.

13. Bo La Lot

This is a unique dish with ground beef and betel leaf. The ground beef filling is wrapped in betel leaf. Then it is smoked. It has a softer crust when compared to fried spring rolls.

14. Xoi

It is made with sticky rice and is a complete meal in itself. The sticky rice can have any accompaniment, like chicken, beef, or pork. It is served with a generous sprinkling of shallots.

15. Banh Cuon

These are pancakes made with rice flour and served with fish sauce. They have a slimy texture and are best eaten hot. They usually have a filling of minced pork or mushroom.

16. Bot Chien

It is popular street food in Saigon. Rice flour dough is rolled into balls and deep fried in a wok. An egg is then cracked into it. The dish is flavored with chili oil and rice vinegar. It is served with green onions, shallots, and papaya.

17. Chao

It is a porridge-like dish that, makes for a soothing meal. It is comfort food that is perfect for days when you want to skip oily or fried foods. The dish has rich and creamy textures. Chicken, pork, beef, or shallots can always be added to it.

18. Bun Cha

This dish is an indispensable part of Vietnamese cuisine. Apart from Pho, this is everyone’s go-to dish, especially during lunchtime. The dish has separate elements served together. Pork belly is marinated and seasoned, then grilled till they are crisp. It is served with a bowl of rice noodles and broth made with fish sauce.

19. Banh Bao

Sold on streetside stalls as well as in high-end restaurants, the Banh Bao is steamed pork buns. The filling is made with minced meat and a whole quail egg. The bun is made with flour and steamed.

20. My Xao Bo

This dish is flavorful and takes little to no time to prepare, akin to instant noodles. It is made by lightly frying the rice noodles with beef, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. It is popular street food in Vietnam.