Top 20 Foods in Vijayanagar Food Street Mysore

top 20 foods in vijayanagar food street mysore

Mysore is famous for its scenic beauty, Climate, and Tourist places. However, it is also familiar with the chat items, sweets, and other identical dishes of Mysore. Apart from the summer season, the climate is so chill here. So, to refresh themselves, the people of Mysore get together with their friends or family to eat something hot in this food street. The aroma around the Vijayanagar Water Tank Road will attract and trigger you to eat. Here, I will unveil the Top 20 Foods in Vijayanagar Food Street, Mysore.

1. Mysore Masala Dosa

Like regular Dosa batter, Mysore masala Dosa has been prepared with rice and urad dhal. In addition, Channa dhal is added in a minimum amount to give a nice texture and crispness. This Masala Dosa shop is famous for 99 varieties of Dosa. It includes paneer cheese, veg masala, baby corn, noodles, pav bhaji, beetroot, mushroom, etc. It is prepared using butter, with cheese on a preference basis. The cost of one Dosa is Rs.90/- served with coconut and mint chutney.

Mysore Masala Dosa

2. Gobi Manchurian

When it comes to chat items in Mysore, Gobi Manchurian is the first I can remember. That much, Gobi Manchurian plays a role in Mysore. The crispy fried cauliflowers sauteed with juicy masala and sauces give an outstanding taste. It is a must to eat hot to get the feel of crunchiness and the exact taste. Moreover, you can pick either plain or egg with the combination of cauliflower, spinach, paneer, baby corn, and mushroom in addition to the masala.

Gobi Manchurian

3. Momos

Two types of Momos are available in the Vinayaka Momo center. One is steamed with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling. And another type of Momos has the following three processes cooked, deep-fried, and burnt (Tandoori). It has three different fillings like veg, paneer, and chicken. These Momos are served hot with mayonnaise and spicy red chutney. Tandoori Momos are amazing compared to the steamed ones. But calorie-wise Tandoori Momos are triple the times of steamed Momos.


4. Chicken Legs Barbeque

Along with a chutney they provided, the taste of the chicken legs barbeque is awesome. It compliments very well the chill climate in Mysore.

Chicken Legs Barbeque

5. Egg/ Kathi Roll

It is crispy and flaky outside with stuffings like egg, onion, and sauce inside. It’s a typical egg roll, but there is no compromise in the taste.

Kathi Roll

6. Pizza

Next to the Momos center, the Pizza shop is there. The main attraction of the pizza shop is the dome-shaped traditional pizza oven. These pizzas are medium-sized. It is served with tomato sauce, chili flakes, and oregano. This pizza is not overly cheesy. Those who are hating the cheesy taste of pizza surely like it. It has a crispy outer layer and a soft inner layer.


7. Falooda

The above items are hot and spicy, now why not taste a desert. Yes, it’s none other than Falooda. This dessert is plated in different layers. First, Nuts, Sabja Seeds, Gulkunth, Semolina, tutti Frutti, nuts, etc, are placed at the bottom. Following that, custard filling and a scoop of ice cream have layered at the top. In every sip, you can feel the crunchy nutty taste of sabja seeds and nuts.


8. Bread Omelet

The twinning of two pieces of bread sandwiched with egg omelet, sliced onions, tomato, capsicum, etc. When you dip the egg omelet in tomato sauce, it gives a rich taste. And it satisfies your taste buds too.

Bread Omelet

9. Fried Rice

Fried rice is also available in six different varieties. The cost of one plate is Rs.70/- Moreover, the taste is delicious when it is hot.

fried rice 1

10. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is fried puffy balls filled with mashed potato, sev, onions, and chickpeas. It is plated with mint and tamarind juice.

Pani Puri

11. Bamboo Biriyani

Apart from the taste, definitely it’s a new try to appreciate them. The filling of the bamboo biriyani is layered in a specific order. Chicken masala in the bottom, rice in the middle, and topped with a boiled egg. When the bamboo biriyani is ready, they took the bamboo and dabbed it outside. The biriyani rice and eggs with the mutton masala dropped on your plate with an extraordinary flavor. Vow! It’s just mouth-watering. The cost of the chicken bamboo biriyani is Rs.140/-

Bamboo Biriyani

12. Fish Tawa Fry

The best part of this fish Tawa fry is marination using their masalas. The marinade is a green masala and it’s the secret behind the fish fry. Particularly, they choose Katla fish. The color and texture of the fish tempted to eat. I hope it will connect with those who are fish lovers. The shop’s name is Bombat Fishland.

Fish Tawa Fry

13. Kabab Chilli and Chicken Tawa Fry

The chili kabab is the juicy, soft, and crispy outer layer. The Chicken Tawa fry is a shallow-fried, dried masala curry. Both the dishes are not too much spicy. So, it is a good choice for your children too.

Kabab Chilli and Chicken Tawa Fry

14. Banana Stem Chat

It’s almost like churmuri chat. The only difference is they use chopped banana stem instead of puffed rice. In addition, oil, sev, fried puri, onion, tomato, chili powder, etc, are added.

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15. Pav Bhaji

The highlight of the dish is the mashed potato gravy prepared using potato, onion, butter, tomato, coriander leaves, capsicum, pav Bhaji masala, etc. The pav buns are toasted with butter and chili powder. It is an excellent combination with this potato masala.

Pav Bhaji

16. Set Dosa

These dosas are spongy in texture and it’s not oily. It is served with sambar and white chutney. It is a daily basis food for office goers or bachelors.

Set Dosa

17. Chapati

Again, it is not considered junk food. Office going people or bachelors who stay outside can prefer it. It is served with a delicious vegetable kurma.


18. Noodles

The preparation method is almost the same as fried rice. It is prepared using cabbage, onions, beans, carrot, sauce (tomato and soya), and vinegar with spices. It is cooked on a high flame. Finally, they sprinkle the boiled noodles with the masala.


19. Parotta

Although this street is not the right place for getting tasty parotta, you can try it once. The taste is decent. They plate up with some vegetable curries.


20. Bhajis & Paniyaram

This stall remembers something traditional and homemade. This shop provides Vadas, Chilli Bhaji, Raw Banana Bhaji, Fluffy Paddus (Paniyaram), etc. All these delicious dishes are served with tasty white coconut chutney.

Bhajis Paniyaram