Top 20 Best Things To Add To Your Cakes And Muffins

Best Things To Add To Your Cakes And Muffins

With the holiday season nearing, baking is in full swing! Creating a sweet artwork is so much fun, no wonder it’s one of the most common hobbies. The joy of baking a tasty and good looking cake is irreplaceable. The whole concept of cooking is experimental and so adding random tasty bits and pieces can be so much fun.Putting a fresh batch of Muffins or a whole cake in the oven this winter is not a bad idea, is it? The smell of these joy bits brings smiles to all your loved ones’ faces.These are some delicious ideas of how you can incorporate some daily food items into your baking trays to get those oozy tasty cakes and Muffins of your dreams.

1. Nutella

Nutella had to top the list! This creamy chocolaty hazelnut wonder is probably the best product mankind has ever come across. When it comes to baking, nutella can be incorporated in a number of ways in your beloved cakes and Muffins.You could add a huge spoon into your dough to get a smooth creamy consistency. Or maybe add some midway of your mold to get that surprise while eating the cake or Muffin. Last but not the least, dab some after the cake is baked, nutella frosting is not a bad idea, is it?


2. Berries

Berry Muffins are nothing but cakes from Heaven! Berries are incredibly tasty even without any alteration or additions. But, if you have not tried tossing some in your cake mix, you are missing out way too much. There are so many types and varieties of Berries, and all of them possess very distinct yummy flavors and tastes.Strawberries are easily available and are no doubt one of the best kinds of Berries. Mashing some or adding whole Strawberries to your cakes make them so fresh and yummy. Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry are just a few of the endless possibilities to name. They give exceptional results and you will surely fetch many compliments for this batch of cakes.


3. Petha

Most of us have never ever thought of this before until now! Petha is originally from the north of India. It is a candy, very soft and translucent made from ash gourd juice. We all have eaten it sometime or the other, either as prasad or maybe just for fun. It is rather famous. But have you ever tried adding pieces of it in your Cakes and Muffins?Yes! Adding Petha can give surprising outcomes! When added to Cakes, it becomes softer after being baked. It blends in the dough yet holds shape, it tastes so good. It adds a sweet punch to your cake. Try it the next time you decide to bake a Cake. Your sweet tooth will cry out in joy!

Petha cake

4. Ice Cream

Ice Creams are a perfect cold dessert. It is one of the most developed food items with countless flavor combinations coming up every now and then. Not just kids, but we all love ice cream. Pairing up ice cream with Muffins and cakes can take place in two ways.The most loved and common way is to add a scoop on your piece of cake and eat it together like a sundae. This is perfect for people who love sundaes but are too lazy to work hard for it.Another way is unconventional and perfectly lives up to the ice cream desire. When you are filling your mold with your Cake mix, add some ice cream midway, then seal it with more cake mix on top. This results in a crisp Cake and oozy molten ice cream from thecenter. It is surely worth a shot!

Ice Cream 1

5. Coconut

Coconut biscuits and cookies are a thing, but it is lesser known for Cakes and Muffins. Coconut can be an exceptional partner for Cakes, Cupcakes, and Muffins.Coconut milk is delicious, and so is coconut flesh. Adding some coconut shredding on your cake can uplift the flavor significantly. The smooth milky taste adds smoothness to your palate. Even burnt shredding can create an interesting taste.


6. Jelly

Jelly is absolutely fun filled. The jiggle and bright vibrant color automatically improve our mood. And nowadays, it is so easy to make with mixes readily available in stores. You can even buy readymade ones.opping a Jelly or two in your Muffins or even in your Cake Mix can add raw joy to them. You can even add a layer on top of your Cake. They are perfect with Cheesecakes too.


7. Oatmeal Honey

Utterly healthy, Oats are the best thing you can feed your body. Oatmeal is known to have the ability to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and various other harmful substances in our body. Honey, on the other hand, is very good for your health too. It keeps the body temperature in safer ranges, clears system and is good for weight loss too.Together these two marvelous items create a unique taste perfectly optimum for Cakes and Muffins. They create a coarse yet creamy texture which excites our palates.With liquid honey poured on top of the cakes, even kids are going to enjoy this very healthy benefiting recipe of Cake.

Oatmeal Honey

8. Mint Cookies Or Mint Leaves

Mint has a long history of chocolate. This combo is a perfect example of ‘opposites attracts’In select stores, you get a product called Mint Cookies. They are cream biscuits with dark chocolate biscuits with mint cream in the center. They are a bit extreme, nice for people who like Mint. Adding these cookies or biscuits in your batch of Muffins or cakes can be a pleasant surprise for all Mint lovers. Even Mint extract or Mint leaves do the job well.

Mint Cookies Or Mint Leaves

9. Banana

Banana Muffins and Cakes are renowned in the whole world. It is so popular for a very valid reason. They create a killer combination. Bananas have a very think, fruity and smooth consistency. They soften even more after being baked with the dough. The end result is so good. A bite through the gooey yummy cake can make you feel so many things. Next time you bake, don’t forget to toss in some Banana slices.

Banana 1

10. Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips provide so much more than just a good looking external surface. They add in chocolateflavors in little bits to add to our excitement.he most recommended way is to add these little drops of joy before baking in the dough, and on top too. After being baked they create these Chocolate explosion points inside and on top of your Cakes and Muffins. They surely enrich both taste and texture. They are very affordable, coming in small packs as well as huge bags. The shape is also very easy to work with. Breaking big chunks of compound Chocolate can get very tiresome.


11. Dried Fruits And Nuts

Dried Fruits And Nuts have early relations with Cakes. Simply without any doubts, they are well-versed in the world of cakes. With Christmas coming soon, you might want to bake these tasty, healthy cakes for you dear family and friends.Even without discussing, these Dried Fruits and Nut Cakes bring about a feeling of festivity and holidays. The sweet smell of these freshly baked cakes is mind boggling. Nuts and Dried Fruits have a lot of nutritional value. You can add a few or maybe many, both ways, it will taste awesome.

Dried Fruits And Nuts

12. Apple

An altered version of apple pie, apple cakes or muffins are an absolute delicacy. The apples add a crunch to the perfectly soft mushy cake bringing an impeccable balance between the two.Soft apples can be mashed and added to the cake mix to add extreme apple flavors. On the other hand, hard crunchy apples can be sliced and placed on top of the mix to add punch to your muffins and cakes.Red apples and green apples both are suitable for this deed.


13. Cinnamon Crumb

Cinnamon is a very aromatic and tasteful spice used in both savory and sweet dishes. When roasted and turned into a crumb, it becomes very useful in a number of ways. Like almost all spices, it has many benefits.It has a lovely flavor which gels well with Cake items. Mixing the crumb with the dough is nice. It results in a spicy Cake which cleanses your palate in various ways.Mixing extra sugar can reduce the spice effect and bring out the flavor of Cinnamon in a sweet way.

Cinnamon Crumb

14. Marshmallow

Marshmallows are soft spongy pillow-like things made by whipping water, sugar, and gelatine together. Generally, it is coated with corn starch.Marshmallows taste so light and yummy melting in the warmth of your mouth. But, more than the taste, it is famous for its texture and consistency. They make you feel so happy because they remind you of childhood. In Muffins and Cakes, they add sponginess and love.


15. Gems

Aren’t Gems delightful? They surely are. Yes! We all love to gobble up Gems right how they are, but, adding them inside or on your Cakes can be pretty fun too!Since they have a hard sugar coating, they add crunch to your Muffins and Cakes. And the sweet molten chocolate inside is always tasty.And let’s not undermine the popping colors, shall we? The colors can add a visual dimension to your baking product which can indeed make it look more appetizing.


16. Prunes

Prunes are special dried plums that taste nothing less than sheer happiness. They live up to their appetizing look. And just like the other wonderful things on this list, even this one is smashingly tasty with Muffins and Cake.In stores, we get various types of Prunes. Some are unprocessed and some are artificially incorporated with flavors. Both ways, they are amazing.They have both sour and sweet characteristics which make them super yummy. Inside the dough, they moisten and soften.

16 Prunes

17. Carrots

Carrot Cakes are cherished by so many people. As we all know, a Carrot is an exceptional vegetable to put in sweet dishes. GajarkaHalwa is one such example. Carrots are extremely healthy. Rich in Vitamin A and fully fat-free, makes Carrot cakes a very good option. A slice of Carrot Cake can make your breakfast yummy as well healthy and nutritious. Adding grated Carrot to you cake mix does the trick. It’s that simple!


18. Peanut Butter

For those of us who do not have the peanut allergy, Peanut Butter is a very tasty companion for Cakes and Muffins. It is advised to add Peanut Butter to already baked Cakes because adding it to the Cake mix might tamper with the consistency and fluffiness of the Cake.A spoon full of Peanut Butter on any Muffin can highlight a mouth watering Peanut flavor which is to die for.

18 Peanut Butter

19. Exotic Juicy Fruits

Limes, oranges, tangerines, lemons and kiwis are really tasty and have a very complex juicy flavor. There is no doubt about their nutritional values and no doubts about their taste as well. They can be sliced, diced or made into a pulp. Irrespective of the form, they are so full of flavor.Adding slices of these exotic fruits to your Cakes and Muffins can add a real zest. Say bye to boring Cakes, these fruits add punch and juicy flavors which are unmatched. Topping Cakes with these slices is also a great idea.

Exotic Juicy Fruits

20. Ferrero Rochers

Out of all the branded Chocolates out there, Ferrero Rochers are eternally well above the pack. The alpha of Chocolates, they surely know how to make anyone happy.The combination of hazelnuts, chocolate, and crunchy wafers illuminates our taste buds and fulfill every chocolate craving.Adding half or one whole Ferrero Rocher on each Muffin or on every interval on a cake can make your Cakes and Muffin top notch.

Ferrero Rochers