Top 20 Gobi Based Dishes


Everyone loves cauliflower, commonly known as gobi in India. You can make a variety of dishes using gobi, and all of them would taste equally amazing. You need to wash the gobi thoroughly with salt water whenever you want to use it.

1 Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is one of my favorite gobi based dishes and has got a Chinese taste that is both sweet and spicy. You boil the gobi in water and cook it in soy sauce, with chopped onions, chili sauce and spring onions. You can make this dish either as dry or as gravy. There are different ways of preparing this dish.


2 Aloo Gobi Curry

When you mix two of the best vegetables, aloo(potato) and gobi(cauliflower), with each other and with various exotic spices, you will get an amazing curry called the aloo gobi curry. This dish goes well with Indian flat bread. You can also make this in a gravy format or dry, though this tastes best when it is in gravy form.


3 Gobi 65

Gobi 65 looks similar to a fried vegetable. You can easily prepare this dish by dipping the gobi in chili powder mixed with exotic spices and a little bit of salt. You then have to fry it in oil, till the vegetable has a crunchy exterior. You can have this dish as a starter or a snack.


4 Gobi Biryani

Gobi Biriyani is one of the best types of biriyani that you can have. You can make it quick  and not much of time is consumed. After you wash the small cauliflower pieces and you boil it with a little bit of salt. In a pan add the spices, masala powder and the cauliflower pieces into it and make it into a semi gravy. You have to add this to the rice that you have already cooked and mix it well.


5 Aloo Gobi Matar

Aloo Gobi Matar is a combination of three main ingredients without which this dish loses its flavor. Aloo, Gobi, and Matar are boiled together with a pinch of salt. You need to add spices, and a few curry leaves to give it flavor and taste. This dish is a dry one and tastes best when accompanied with Indian flat bread.


6 Gobi Paratha

Gobi paratha is a North Indian dish and is loved by everyone around the world. It will take some time to make as you need to make the stuffing and the dough to stuff in separately. You can make the filling by finely grating the cauliflower and add a little bit of salt and spices to give it flavor. You have to make the dough out of wheat and take small portions of it and fill it with the gobi stuffing; then you need to roll it in and out and cook it in a pan. You have to serve it hot,with a small piece of butter.


7 Gobi Pickle

Indians are known for their pickles which they make  at home. Gobi pickle is one of my favorite pickles. It is very simple to make, and the taste will blow your mind. The recipe is similar to other pickles, all you need to change is the vegetable that you add for the pickle. We need to add the soaked cauliflower pieces. When we add it into the pickle, we need to let it ferment for some time and then eat.


8 Baked Cauliflower

Baked Cauliflower is a simple dish that you have serve when you have visitors out of the blue. The main ingredient of this dish is cauliflower and cheese. You need to cut the gobi into pieces and boil it in water for a few minutes and then place it in a pan and add grated cheese, garlic, and olive oil over it. You have to cook it for some time and then serve it hot. The cheese melts into the cauliflower and  looks mouth watering.


9 Aloo Gobi Paratha

A variation of gobi paratha, prepared in a similar manner.The only different thing about this is that you need to mash the potatoes and add it to the stuffing mix. The stuffing is filled with the dough, rolled and cooked in a pan. You can serve this hot, and it does not require a side dish.


10 Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese is similar to baked cauliflower, the only difference is that you have to add insane amounts of cheese alone into this dish apart from the insane amounts of cheese that you will add  along with the slightly cooked cauliflower. A dish that any cooking beginner can serve in minutes.


11 Honey Cauliflower

Honey Cauliflower is a sweet dish. You dip the cauliflower pieces in a batter made from flour, eggs, and salt, add it and  fry it till it is crispy. Honey and lime mix is added to the browned cauliflower and is best when served hot.


12 Bharwan Gobi

Bharwan gobi is also known as stuffed gobi. This recipe is a bit hard to make and is quite complicated. You need to make a stuffing of vegetables or any stuffing of your choice. Fill the stuffing into the cauliflower and cook it for some time and cut into slices and the serve.


13 Tandoori Gobi

Tandoori Gobi is a dish that is native to the tandoori cuisine. That is, it is a grilled dish. You have to marinate the gobi in the masala and spices, and then put them up on the skewers and roast it on the griller.


14 Corn and Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soups are always creamy and tasty, so is this one. You can make this soup using corn and cauliflower and serve it hot when you have guests over.


15 Cauliflower Bhurjee

Bhurjee is finely chopped vegetables or eggs mixed with spices and masala. Cauliflower Bhurjee is the same. You can make this by grating the cauliflower into small pieces and cook it in masala with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and peas.


16 Cauliflower Kurma

Kurma is a dish native to the Southern part of India. You can make kurma of any type. It is a curry with a lot of spices and a dollop of cream in it. Cauliflower Kurma is one of the best, and it tastes amazing.


17 Shahi Gobi

Shahi Gobi is the dish which is native to the Mughal cuisine. While making this, you need to add a lot of butter and cream, and this gives a wonderful taste to the dish. You can make this for dinner or when you have guests over. You have to use onions, tomatoes, curd, cream and the main ingredient, cauliflowers to make this dish.


18 Cauliflower Spinach Curry

Spinach is also known as palak in India, is one of the most used green leaves. If you love palak, you cannot miss out on this dish which makes use of cauliflower and spinach. You need to cook the leaves with ginger and garlic puree and grind it into a paste and then,add the boiled cauliflower pieces into it and cook it for some time. You can serve it hot and savour the taste.


19 Cream of Cauliflower and Potato Soup

Cream of Cauliflower and Potato is a simple dish that you can make when you have guests unannounced at home. You need to saute the onions, tomatoes, the thin slices of potatoes and pieces of cauliflower and add a little salt to it. You need to boil it and then blend the vegetables till it is smooth with a little milk and again cook it for a minute or two and serve it hot.


20 Dum Gobi

Dum Gobi makes use of Kashmiri style of cooking and serving. You can cook the pieces of cauliflower under pressure with different exotic spices and with onion-tomato paste masala paste. This dish tastes best when served hot, accompanied by Indian flat bread or rice.