Top 20 Herbal Foods

Top 20 Herbal Foods

The twenty-first century is moving faster than anything else. We have changed our habits from traditional ones to modern ones in no time. However, there are still a few things the older generation is passing down to their grandchildren. The herbal foods we will discuss today are one of those things. You will be surprised to know about the diseases these herbal foods can help you with. They can help fight cancer and acne. Everyone should include them in their daily diets. They will help you prevent medications you take for your health conditions.


Dealing with stress and anxiety has never been easy for nobody. Ashwagandha is the ultimate solution for both. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce stress and anxiety. With that, it is an excellent solution for high sugar levels too.



We use Asafoetida in everyday meals. It has a good history of dealing with chest congestion, asthma, blood pressure, blood sugar, diarrhea, and treat other digestive conditions. People have been using it for a long time to cure many diseases. Hence, we have included it in the list.

A picture of asafoetida powder isolated on a white background

3.Bay Leaf

If you like Biryani, then you might like Bay Leaf too. People avoid consuming it. However, they love the taste it gives to food items. Furthermore, Bay Leaf has antimicrobial, antifungal, and Antioxidant properties. Hence, you can use them for treating cancer, cholesterol, wound healing, and dandruff.



Cardamom is the queen of spices. Furthermore, you can refer to it as an ingredient that adds flavor to many sweet dishes. It can also help you prevent bad breath, cavities, and digestive issues, lower blood sugar, and fight cancer. Hence, you can consume one grounded cardamom every alternate day.



Cinnamon is a bark of a tree. Irrespective, it is an excellent spice with a different hinge of flavor. Medically it can protect your heart, boost immunity and help you fight cancer. Furthermore, it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that keep you away from many diseases.

Close up view of dried cassia cinnamon sticks sell in a local market.

6.Curry Leaves

Practically, I have hated curry leaves the whole of my life. They were a reason for irritating me. However, now I see what health benefits it has. That makes me understand its importance. It has fiber, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E. Also, it supports heart health, fights diabetes, and cholesterol, and prevents anemia.

green basil leaves isolated on white background


Every Indian house has a bottle of fennel in their homes. They serve it after a heavy meal. Fennel can be useful for the same. It can cure many digestive problems like bloating, gas, heartburn, and colic in infants.


8.Ginkgo Biloba

This prestigious plant comes from China. It has antioxidant properties that will help you deal with age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, it is a proven solution to anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, and Migraines. Do try including it in your daily meals.

3 green leaves of ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) isolated on white

9.Holy Basil

We have been eating it since childhood. Holy basil has many properties to keep us healthy. It relieves conditions like anxiety, stress, adrenal fatigue, and acne. It can help fight cancer, and lower cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. It is an all-in-one herbal food.

Holy basil seed in macro

10.Horse Radish Root

The habit of eating horse radish root comes from many Asian movies. They have been using it as medicine for many years back. Today, we use horse radish root to make stalks. People serve the stock as comfort food to the ones going through one or the other health challenge.

Horseradish roots and leaves isolated on a white background.

11.Aloe Vera

Not everyone likes to eat aloe vera. However, it has got lots of good health benefits. No one would love to miss these benefits. Furthermore, you can try new ways and recipes to consume aloe vera deliciously. Do you know there is a thing called Aloe Vera Ice Cream?

Aloe Vera slices fresh green natural cactus plant


You must have found a star shape spice in the authentic Indian dishes. That is Anise. It is a soothing spice. It has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe period cramps. Furthermore, it helps you deal with urinal infections and increases milk flow in lactating women.

Close-up view of Indian spice


People use Cilantro while cooking steak. It is a kind of versatile herb. It has anti-inflammatory properties dealing with anxiety, blood sugar, heart health, digestion, and more. It can help in the detoxification of heavy metals.

"Left to Right: Cilantro, Italian Parsley, Plain Leaf (Flat) Parsley on White."

14.Lemon Grass

Do you drink a lot of Lemon Tea? Lemon tea comes from lemon grass. It is a herbal plant with lots of natural health benefits. It can soothe depression and hypertension. Also, one can maintain weight and get high metabolism through lemon grass tea.

Kitchen lemongrass photo Plants, taken from a close-up angle


You must have eaten peppermint tablets since childhood. Some technique is applied here. Some people eat mint leaves daily. This habit helps them with respiratory issues, heart issues, digestion, headache, and depression. You can make a mint drink and have it.

Mint and coffee beansPlease see some similar pictures from my portfolio:


Peppercorns are one of the most used spices in Indian homes. You will see them in almost every Indian curry or paste-like vegetable. They have a distinctly strong taste. Furthermore, they specialize in dealing with gut health issues, digestive issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight management.



Saffron is one of the costliest spices in the Asian continent. It is famous for the color it gives to the food it goes in. Furthermore, people use it in different sweet dishes in India. It has properties to deal with many cardiovascular conditions. It can help treat anxiety, depression, weight loss, and cancer.



Sage is a medicinal herb popular since ancient times. It is closely related to the rosemary plant. Furthermore, people use the herb to maintain strong memory and concentration. It prevents inflammation, boosts immunity, and keeps your skin healthy.

green colored oregano leaf with hairy texture


You will see Thyme next to the steak. It adds a different flavor to the steak. Medically Thyme is rich in Vitamins C, A, iron, and calcium. You can use it to treat respiratory issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, mood swings, and other health conditions.



Practically, this herb should be number one on the list of top 20 herbal foods. But we have saved the best for the last. Tulsi is nutritious in every way possible. It is a holy plant. It has got the power to treat humans from head to toe. Plus, it is a herb that can be available easily everywhere in the world.

Medicinal holy basil or tulsi leaves with ground paste in a pottery