Top 20 Street Foods You Can Find In Vijayawada

Top 20 Street Foods You Can Find In Vijayawada

Vijayawada, often called Bezawada, is considered one of the most sacred and most visited places in Andhra Pradesh. It is well known for the Kanaka Durga Temple of the Hindu Goddess Durga. It acts as the ritual host of the River Krishna Pushkaram. With its second-largest population in AP, this city is well known for its lip-smacking street foods. Vijayawada is known for its excellent, extensive variety of breakfasts, lunches, evening snacks, and dinners (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) options. Street food is one of the most prominent attractions in Vijayawada. It’s astounding to discover that, besides having excellent taste, all items are available at a very fair price. In all places, whether the famous hotels/restaurants or the street-side stalls, the service is limited and has its distinct flavor. Here are the top 20 loved street foods of Vijayawada.

1.Bandar Badam Milk

This wonderfully tasty beverage is perfectly seasoned with saffron, almond, cardamom powder, and other dry fruits. As well as being flavourful and healthy, this is a protein-packed beverage. This drink serves as the fresh, sweet energy that brings joy to the hot summers of Vijayawada. It is now one of the most well-liked delicacies available on the street, and summer is when it is most in demand. Vijayawada is home to many street food stalls selling this delicious drink.



This pulihora recipe is a top pick for tangy food lovers. It is one of the most popular dishes in Andhra Pradesh. A combination of freshly cooked rice and tangy tamarind delivers a savory taste. It is a staple food in south India and is well known for its delicious taste. Vijayawada has many street food stalls that offer various varieties of this authentic pulihora.


3.Mirchi Bajji

This spicy and savory snack recipe made with green chilies is ideal for an evening snack. Mirchi bajji is another delicious street food from Vijayawada popularly known as mirapakaya bajji in Andhra Pradesh. This famous south Indian street food is made by frying battered green chilies. Onions are added to these fried green chilies to give a spicy and tangy flavor. There is nothing like crunchy spiced onions combined with the crispiness of fried green chili bajji to tantalize your taste buds.


4.Ghee Idly

In south Indian cuisine, ghee-tempered idlis are a quick and delicious breakfast. The dish can be enjoyed as a snack or breakfast and is remarkably healthy and nutritious. The main ingredient of this south Indian breakfast is lentils, which are high in protein. Ghee idly can most easily be found on the streets of Vijayawada. An idly is made perfectly by steaming the correct proportion of lentil batter. Idly is served hot with ghee drizzling over the top to give it the perfect tempering.


5.Upma Pesarattu

Upma Pesarattu is a traditional breakfast dish from Andhra Pradesh. It is a protein-packed south Indian breakfast that is easy to prepare. Upma Pesarattu is frequently served for breakfast in Vijayawada in the early morning hours. Crepes made from green lentils such as moong dal and rice are stuffed with savory upma and are a lovely combination to eat. The upma pesarattu is served with a wide range of chutneys, making it a finger-licking delight.


6.Ice Cream Dosa

A new combination of ice cream and dosa makes for a tasty treat. There is nothing like the experience of eating an ice cream dosa in Vijayawada. There are two options for serving the dosa with ice cream: ice cream coated on or scooped separately. It’s then drizzled with chocolate sauce before being supplied to the customer. Despite its unexpected popularity, the people enjoyed this street cuisine.


7.Pot Biryani

This recipe comes together in one pot and includes long grain basmati rice, chicken, fresh spices, and herbs. The pot biryani was among the most popular biryanis. All ingredients of the Biryani are placed in the pot when making the pot version of the Biryani. After that, it is sealed and cooked to make the best pot of Biryani. Due to the flavor of the clay, the taste of this pot biryani is outstanding.


8.Dry Fruit Falooda

A falooda is rich, exotic, and so delicious because of the variety of dry fruits, fresh fruits, homemade jelly, and the thick, luscious badam milk base that makes it so flavourful. This refreshing recipe has many layers of rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, sweetened milk, ice cream, and dried fruits. This dry fruit falooda is also one of the favorite street foods of Vijayawada, especially in the summer.



Typically, punugulu is a deep-fried snack composed of rice, urad dal, and spices. This snack is bite-sized. This snack is the ubiquitous street food of Andhra Pradesh and a quick snack from Andhra cuisine. The chutney served with them is usually peanut chutney, also known as Palli chutney. Coconut chutney is also commonly served with this snack. The people mostly love this, and the demand for this product is high in Vijayawada, especially during the rainy season.


10.Chicken 65

The Chicken 65 is one of the most popular chicken appetizers in South Indian cuisine. Chicken pieces are coated with a spicy masala to give them the right level of spiciness, and they are then deep-fried until they are tender. There is no doubt that it is the most popular non-vegetarian street food. Most commonly, we can find this super delicious item on the street stalls of Vijaywada from afternoon to midnight.



Boorelu is primarily associated with Andhra cuisine. Rice flour, jaggery, dal, cardamom, and dry fruits are required to make Boorelu or Poornalu. They are stuffed with a chana dal and jaggery filling, coated in a batter made of urad dal and rice, then deep-fried. Telugu people frequently enjoythis delicious delicacy during celebrations. It is also commonlysold on street corners. In Vijayawada, this sweet is widely available on street stalls.


12.Masala Vada

The spiced chana dal fritter, masala vada, is popular street food in South Indian cuisine made with chana dal and spices. A mixture of coarsely ground chana dal with chilies, onions, spice mix, and coriander leaves, made into flat balls and deep-fried. The surface of masala vada is very crunchy, while the inside is incredibly crispy. The masala vada is a popular snack in Vijayawada’s streets because of its unique flavor.


13.Egg Bonda

The egg bonda recipe is mouth-watering street food in Andhra and Telangana. Egg Bonda, also known as Egg Bajji, is a simple recipe for snack food. It is one of the loved street foods of Vijayawada. Boiled eggs coated in a seasoned batter made from besan, gram flour, or maida and fried to form this delightful bonda or bajji.


14.Rava Dosa

A simple and well-liked dosa variation from South Indian cuisine is Rava dosa. The ingredients required to prepare it are green chilies, coriander leaves, cumin, ginger, and semolina. In contrast to the conventional Dosa Recipe, this Rava dosa can be made in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require any grinding or fermentation. It is a netted crepe composed of Rava and rice flour that is thin and crispy. This quick meal is well-known for breakfast on the streets of Vijayawada.


15.Onion Pakoda

Onion Pakoda is the most well-known street food. A south Indian recipe of onion fritters called onion pakoda uses sliced onions and chickpea or gram flour. Finely sliced onions mixed with gram flour, herbs, and spices. Later, the little amounts of this batter are perfectly deep-fried. People crave it on rainy days, along with their favorite tea. The streets of Vijayawada are where one may most often see these onion pakoda stalls.


16.Sweet Pan

The sweet pan in Vijayawada is highly recognized. The most needed component is betel leaves, wrapped with various sweet, nutty, and crunchy delights, including tutti-frutti, cherries, chopped dates, and other similar ingredients. It has a refreshing flavor and is a delectable blend of sweet and mint in every bite. It works well as a mouth freshener and is a great pleasure for munching.


17.Medu Vada

Fluffy, crispy, soft, and delectable lentil recipe in the shape of donuts, described as “Medu Vada,” a typical South Indian breakfast treat. Urad dal (black gram lentils) with a few common spices, including cumin seeds, black peppercorns, and curry leaves, are used to make this crunchy, deep-fried delicacy. It is often consumed anytime, even during breakfast. When served with Sambhar and coconut or various chutneys, it is remarkable.


18.Dibba Rotti

Dibba rotti often referred to as Minapa Roti, is a popular street dish in Andhra Pradesh and makes for a yummy breakfast or snack. This traditional Andhra dish is prepared by blending urad dal and rice and adding green chilies, ginger, cumin seeds, and saltwith the riceRavabatter. A thick Kadai is used to make this rotti gradually over low heat. Dibba rotti with coconut, ginger, or avakaya pickle chutneys as seasonings.


19.Gutti Vankaya Kura

The popular Andhra Cuisine dish gutti vankaya Kura is a stuffed brinjal curry. A typical, spicy curry made with soft, little eggplant in a peanut and coconut-based sauce. The roasted herbs enhance the mouth-wateringly wonderful meal of spicy stuffed eggplant curry by giving a rich taste and flavor. So, when you tour Vijayawada, have a delicious meal of Gutti Vankaya Kura with rice for lunch.


20.Karam Dosa

Mostly found on the streets of Vijayawada, Karam dosa is a well-known dish in Andhra Pradesh. It is generally prepared with red chili chutney or with mixed spice powder. It is a crepe made from rice and urad dal, a kind of green lentil. This crepe made with the batter istopped with onions andbrushed with red chili paste. Karam dosa, when paired with coconut chutney, it is at its very finest.