Top 20 Herbs And Spices Good For Inflammation

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top 20 herbs and spices good for inflammation

Inflammations are painful for our bodies. Older people suffer joint pains due to inflammations almost regularly, and medicines sometimes don’t work, which causes a lack of sleep and mood changes in them. Lack of sleep can also be related to digestion problems. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find a cure for inflammation and get relief from the pain it causes us. Some inflammations occur inside our bodies, and we cannot figure out what is happening to us. We should focus on our health and the ingredients we intake daily for healthier selves. Spices and herbs can help reduce inflammation. Let’s see which of them can spice up our day, relieving us from pain and stress.

1. Ginger

It’s widely available in our homes as we use it regularly for cooking our regular meals. This is a beautiful ingredient that can reduce inflammation with its sweet and peppery flavor. It also helps cure migraine and high blood pressure. Active compounds in ginger, such as zingiberene, zingerone, gingerol, and shogaol, help to reduce inflammation in our bodies.

1 Ginger

2. Garlic

Garlic, with its pungent smell, can work magically for our health. It is used to treat cough, constipation, and infections. Use it in your homemade recipes for health-favoring results. Garlic consists of sulfur compounds that are responsible for reducing inflammation. However, aged garlic is more beneficial for our health.

2 Garlic

3. Turmeric

It’s a colorful spice mainly used to flavor and color our dishes. It has medicinal properties that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s rich in active compounds and antioxidants. Curcumin is an antioxidant present in turmeric, which is responsible for treating inflammation in our bodies.

3 Turmeric

4. Cardamom

This spice is mainly used for its aroma, but have you ever thought about its medicinal properties? Its sweet and spicy flavor makes our food delicious. We should consume it properly for better health benefits. It helps reduce inflammation and raises antioxidant levels in our bodies.

4 Cardamom

5. Black Pepper

It’s readily available at home for its spicy flavor. It can change a bland meal to a mouthwatering one. Piperine present in black pepper treats inflammation in our bodies. It can be used in making tea and regular curries for fantastic results. It can be consumed with curd for a refreshing taste. Lead a healthy lifestyle by choosing better.

5 Black Pepper

6. Ginseng

It’s a plant used for treating medical conditions. Ginsenosides present in ginseng leaves can help in the treatment of inflammation. Two types of ginseng are used primarily for their medicinal properties, Asian and American. Ginseng can be added to soups of stir-fried vegetables. Its roots can be added to be consumed with tea.

6 Ginseng

7. Green Tea

Green tea is becoming a part of our daily routine with its magical properties to help our body function. Start your morning with a refreshing cup to improve your health and mood. Polyphenol content in it reduces inflammation and weight. It is also beneficial for our hearts and brain.

7 Green Tea

8. Rosemary

It’s a fantastic herb high in polyphenols. The presence of polyphenols in this herb helps reduce inflammation in our bodies. Rosemarinic acid present in it helps in ailing stiffness and pain. Use it for making tea daily and notice the differences in your body. You can add it as a seasoning for dishes made from meat.

8 Rosemary

9. Cinnamon

It’s a delicious spice that can change the bland taste of foods. Cinnamon helps in increasing antioxidant levels in our bodies. Its medicinal properties reduce inflammation and give us relief from pain. It can be consumed by boiling with tea and used in regular curries for flavoring.

9 Cinnamon

10. White Willow

The barks of white willow trees help in reducing inflammation and treating pain. It can cure headaches if appropriately consumed. Oil can be made from the barks for application in inflammation. Try the oil for pain relief. Herbs and spices are essential for our bodies, like food items.

10 White Willow

11. Maritime Pine 

The bark of maritime pine trees is processed for making pycnogenol. Pycnogenol has been used for years for treatments of scurvy, ulcers, and wounds. It’s a potent antioxidant that is used for treating vascular inflammation. Pycnogenol can neutralize free radicals present in our bodies.

11 Maritime Pine

12. Chili Peppers

There are various chili peppers available now for regular use in our recipes. Capsaicin makes chili peppers hot. Capsaicin helps in reducing inflammation in our bodies and helps us relax. Fresh or powdered chili peppers can be used for making our regular meals or can be used in certain desserts.

12 Chili Peppers

13. Frankincense

It’s a resin derived from Boswellia trees. Frankincense has anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and anti-arthritic properties. Joint disorders can be treated well by this resin. Consume adequately for the medicinal properties to react in your body. It cannot be used in our regular meals nor eaten with salads. It’s taken in the form of medicines.

13 Frankincense

14. Cloves

We use it in our regular dishes for its sweet and spicy flavor. Its aroma is quite alluring. Clove oil helps in the treatment of toothache. Cloves help in reducing throat and mouth inflammations. It’s also used to treat diarrhea, bad breath, and nausea. Powdered cloves can be added to our regular cup of tea.

14 Cloves

15. Echinacea

It’s extracted from coneflower plants. It boosts our immunity system and helps to treat colds. Bronchitis, inflammations, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, influenza, and yeast infections can be treated by echinacea. It’s used as a supplement for the betterment of our health.

15 Echinacea

16. Oregano

We often use oregano for spicing up our burgers and pizzas, unaware of its benefits. The antioxidants present in this herb heal inflammation, regulate blood sugar, fight cancer, boost our immunity system for fighting infections, and improve insulin resistance. Use oregano in your diet for healthcare.

16 Oregano

17. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is mainly used for spicy hotness. Capsaicinoids present in it are a treatment for pain and inflammation. It helps in reducing joint pains to a greater extent. Use it in your daily recipes for its unique flavors and health benefits. It can be used in a powdered form as a spice. 

17 Cayenne

18. Fenugreek

It’s one of the primarily used spices in our kitchen for cooking regular meals. However, we are unaware of the benefits it serves us with. The flavonoid antioxidants present in fenugreek seeds heal inflammation caused due to asthma. Its powder can be used for spicing up the meals we consume daily.

18 Fenugreek

19. Thyme

Thyme is an excellent herb for treating inflammations in our bodies. It can be used as an oil or can be freshly chopped and used to make cuisines. Its antimicrobial properties are used for the ailment of rheumatoid arthritis. It can be dried and used for garnishing our regular meals or in salads.

19 Thyme

20. Cilantro

Freshly chopped cilantro is used for garnishing many delicious recipes. Flavonoid quercetin present in it helps to treat digestion problems. Cilantro seeds possess anti-inflammatory properties. Cilantro seeds can be used in making our daily recipes. Cilantro leaves can be used in smoothies or salads for snacking.

20 Cilantro