Top 20 Substitutes For Refined Sugar

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top 20 substitues for refined sugar

Sugar is an essential ingredient we all need for making our regular dishes. But it’s not always Healthy using sugar, especially for diabetic patients and people who take diet seriously. Therefore, it has become necessary to find substitutes for refined sugar. Sugar doesn’t receive priority health-wise because of its high calories. We always need to choose healthy for ourselves. Sugar is primarily used in baking and making desserts. It’s also used for making jam and sugar syrup. Its sweet flavor gives us a satisfying feeling and changes our mood. However, the substitutes will make it easier for you to choose and make healthy dishes.

1. Apples

It’s one of the healthiest ways to include apples in our daily diets. Apples can be pureed for making applesauce. Applesauce is also used for baking instead of butter and can also be used instead of sugar. Apples are good for our health and readily available. Applesauce can be homemade and stored at a lower temperature for a few days.

1 Apples

2. Raisins

Raisins are a yummy way to spice up our desserts and recipes. It can be used for garnishing daily meals to give them a sweet flavor. However, we should consume them properly for better health results. They can easily be used for baking. They give our recipes a fantastic taste. 

2 Raisins

3. Cranberries

Their content of antioxidants is good for our bodies. Their tart flavor is quite refreshing to taste. They’re widely available and can be used in baking goods like muffins and scones. They can be used in fruit salads for gaining health benefits. You can easily use them instead of sugar to make your recipes delicious.

3 Cranberries

4. Dates

They’re naturally sweet and can be used for garnishing in desserts or rice recipes. They can be used in making homemade granola bars and in brownie batter for a lip-smacking result. They contain natural plant chemicals and phytochemicals which can control cholesterol levels in our bodies.

4 Dates

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruits aren’t always tart in taste. The green ones are more delicious. You can use them for making desserts at home. Use them in salads for snacking. They are high in vitamin C and can be used instead of soda in tonic water. Consume them in a proper amount for better health benefits.

5 Grapefruit

6. Coconut Sugar

It is extracted from coconut sap and is lower in glycemic index than our regular sugar. It also has various nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. Incorporate this in your recipes and notice the difference in your health. Choose wisely to stay healthy. Its fantastic flavor and aromatic smell give the dish a distinct taste.

6 Coconut Sugar

7. Lemon

This is a fantastic way to cheat your taste buds from having sugar. Drink lemon water to avoid the sugar rush in your body. The tangy and tart flavor will change the flavors of your taste buds. However, Meyer lemons are sweet and can be used in recipes for their unique flavors. They can be added to the gin tonic instead of sugar.

7 Lemon

8. Pureed Banana

Bananas are readily available in the market and are pretty cheap. They are used for baking and cooking various recipes. Their sweet taste makes them a fresh substitute for sugar. Use it as a topping over frozen yogurt or fruit salads for its sweet taste. They can be used for making pancakes and spread over bread to escape the extra sugar intake.

8 Pureed Banana

9. Apricot Puree

High in iron, fiber, and vitamin C, we should include them in our daily diet for a healthier lifestyle. They can be swapped with butter and sugar for baking. Apricot puree can be used as a spread over whole grain loaves of bread or can be mixed with yogurt for snacking. Its sweetness gives the recipes an alluring taste.

9 Apricot Puree

10. Agave Nectar

It’s derived from the plant that’s used to make tequilas. It’s high in fructose; therefore, it should be used in a limit. Overuse of it can lead to heart disease and diabetes. It tastes like honey and can be used in tea. Its sweetness can be used in desserts for its unique flavors.

10 Agave Nectar

11. Maple Syrup

Whenever we hear this name, we become suddenly aware of freshly made pancakes. Its nutrient level is going to surprise you. It has a high content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It also contains antioxidants. Make sure to buy authentic ones. Different varieties are available, so choose wisely.

11 Maple Syrup

12. Honey

Honey has been treated as medicine in historical days. It’s consumed while we are suffering from cold with basil leaves. It’s used in tea for its sweet flavor. It’s helpful to reduce inflammation. It can improve itchiness in the throat if consumed with hot tea. It gives out the skin a glowing effect. Moreover, it can be used to garnish salads and desserts.

12 Honey

13. Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice has always been a nutritious choice for our daily diet. Brown rice syrup is another way of including it in our recipes for the young ones at home. It can be used for making granola bars with a nutty taste and creamy texture. However, it’s rich in calories, and we should be aware of using it to a minimum extent.

13 Brown Rice Syrup

14. Barley Malt Extract

Barley is a nutritious whole grain we should incorporate into our diet for healthcare. It is extracted from barley and can be served with pumpkin or pecan pie for lip-smacking results. It’s used for baking for its sweet flavor and molasses texture. Its nutty taste gives a fulfilling satisfaction to our snacks.

14 Barley Malt Extract

15. Yacon Syrup

It’s derived from the yacon plant found in South America. It contains three times fewer amounts of sugar than our regular cane sugar. It tastes sweet like honey and can be used for dressing salads and baking goods. It has a molasses texture which makes it suitable for baked goods. 

15 Yacon Syrup

16. Molasses

They are a fantastic treat to our taste buds. They are primarily used in baked goods. They have a high content of calcium, iron, and antioxidants. They add a sweet flavor to our cookies and make them look alluring. They can also be chewed up as snacks, but we should be careful of their sugar content.

16 Molasses

17. Balsamic Glaze

It’s a fantastic way to ditch frosting. Balsamic glaze can be spread over cakes and pastries and sometimes over cookies. It’s made by thickening balsamic vinegar. Its sweet syrupy texture is rich in sweetness. It’s low in sugar content and makes it a unique substitute for sugar.

17 Balsamic Glaze

18. Milk

Though it’s not for vegan and lactose intolerant people, its natural sweetness can be used in a cup of tea to reduce sugar intake; milk is a nutritious drink containing protein. It makes our teeth and bones stronger. It is also used in baking goods and cooking traditional recipes.

18 Milk

19. Orange Juice

Starting the day with a fresh glass of orange juice gives us a refreshing and nutritious punch for the ongoing daily chores. Oranges are packed in vitamins and minerals that help our bodies to grow stronger. It can be used in homemade cakes and pieces of bread for an orange flavor. Orange pops can be made by freezing fresh orange juice.

19 Orange Juice

20. Cinnamon

The flavor of cinnamon is quite refreshing and unique. If added a pinch of cinnamon powder to your daily tea or coffee consumption, it helps in boosting immunity. It adds a mild sweetness to our everyday cooking recipes and makes our baking goods refreshing. Try this fantastic spice to spice up your day.

20 Cinnamon