Top 20 Foods Rich In Vitamin K

top 20 food rich in vitamin k

top 20 foods rich in vitamin k

Vitamins play a vital role in our body’s functioning. However, we sometimes miss them in our daily diet and suffer from their lack. There are various kinds of vitamins available in the food ingredients we use for making our everyday recipes. A medicinal supplement can also be bought for gaining vitamins. Vitamins help our bodies to fight against infections, gives us energy, aid in blood clotting, and keep our nervous system healthy. Therefore, vitamins should be incorporated into our daily diet to help our bodies work properly. Vitamins are widely available in green vegetables and fruits. Different kinds of vitamins are responsible for treating various disorders in our bodies. Let’s focus on vitamin K and which ingredients have high vitamin components.

1. Kale

Kale is a fantastic natural source for gaining vitamin K for bodily functions. For example, vitamin K helps blood clotting, which is necessary for our bodies. Blood loss can result in death in severe conditions. It is also rich in folate, calcium, and potassium. Blend it in your smoothies and use it to make your salads more nutritious.

1 Kale

2. Collard Greens

Vitamin K helps in bone strengthening and blood clotting. Collard greens can be used in salads and vegetable curries for a delicious meal. Try to consume it in adequate amounts to live a healthy life. They are widely available in the marketplace. Use fresh ones for fantastic results.

2 Collard Greens

3. Spinach

Spinach is one of the favorite green vegetables used in making our daily vegetable curries. Use it in smoothies or salads for adequate vitamin K. It is rich in folate, magnesium, and iron. They also consist of vitamins A and B. So don’t miss out on this delicious vegetable.

3 Spinach

4. Turnip Greens

They’re primarily used for making side dishes and served with steaming hot rice for a full-fledging meal for lunch or dinner. They contain calcium which strengthens our bones. Beet and mustard greens contain vitamin K. Make delicious recipes using turnip greens for favorable health conditions.

4 Turnip Greens

5. Broccoli

Sometimes broccoli doesn’t seem to fit in our delicious recipes but is cooked well in olive or canola oil; it serves our body with vitamin K. It can be used in salads and stir-fried or in vegetable curries for a fantastic meal. Don’t hesitate to try different recipes with it to gain vitamins naturally for your body.

5 Broccoli

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is loaded with vitamin K. It can be used in salads and as a garnishing agent for better flavor and health benefits. Use it in various recipes to notice the differences in your body. Consume healthy foods for a better health experience. However, lots of vitamin K foods shouldn’t be consumed daily.

6 Asparagus

7. Lettuce

Lettuce leaves are very famous among youngsters for filling burgers and sandwiches. It’s used in salads and smoothies for health nourishment. It can be used in our regular curries for gaining vitamin K naturally to help our body cope with blood clotting and bone strengthening.

7 Lettuce

8. Soybeans

Soybeans are a fantastic source of vitamin K that can be boiled and used in different recipes for delicious taste. It can be used in salads and stir-fried with various vegetables and local spices for yummy side dishes. Don’t neglect your health for a better living. Choose wisely and lead a joyful life.

8 Soybeans

9. Cucumber Pickle

Pickles are essential for turning our bland foods into yummy and fulfilling meals. They can be homemade and stored for months in a cool place. Pickles can be consumed with rotis or parathas for breakfast or dinner. Please include them in your diet to gain vitamin K and live a healthy life.

9 Cucumber Pickle

10. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a versatile vegetable and can be cooked in various ways. We can easily make pumpkin soup at home and use it in smoothies to gain vitamin K. It can be used in our regular curries for a full-fledged meal. The mildly sweet taste of pumpkin is very alluring, and its creamy texture will leave you wanting more.

10 Pumpkin

11. Pine Nuts

Craving crunches for munching? Go for pine nuts; they are nutritious and delicious. They can readily be added to salads for a crunchy feel. In addition, these nuts are loaded with vitamin K. Try to incorporate them into your meals to stay fit and disease free. Natural sources of nutrients are always better than gulping down medicines regularly.

11 Pine Nuts

12. Blueberries

Blueberries are used in fruit salads for their tart and sweet flavor. In addition, they can be used in smoothies and baking goods for a creamy texture. Blueberries cut down the sugar intake in our recipes and add their unique flavors to elevate the recipe’s taste. Try snacking on them to gain vitamin K naturally.

12 Blueberries

13. Chicken

Non-vegetarians pretty well devour dishes made from chicken. Consuming chicken soup while suffering from a fever feels relaxing and fulfilling for our stomachs. Chicken is loaded with vitamin K and should be consumed for better health benefits. Its curry or keema can be made and served with white rice for a delicious meal.

13 Chicken

14. Kiwi

We love fruits and their juices. Various fruits are available in the marketplace containing vitamins. Kiwi is a fruit overloaded with vitamin K and is delicious. You can add it to your fruit salads or smoothies to gain health benefits. In addition, it can be snacked upon alone and used in baking goods for its rich texture.

14 Kiwi

15. Avocado

Avocado is creamy in texture and is a fantastic choice for baking goods and can be consumed with loaves of bread for a healthy breakfast. Use it in fruit salads or smoothies for a unique and alluring taste. Loaded with vitamin K, they are immensely suitable for our health. Choose wisely to stay healthy.

15 Avocado

16. Green Peas

Green peas are mainly used in traditional curries with vegetables and paneer. However, they can be added to our salads for a mild sweet taste. Try to incorporate them into your diet, gain vitamin K, and help your body strengthen your bones. Vitamin K is a necessary nutrient for our bodies that we shouldn’t lack.

16 Green Peas

17. Cheese 

Hard and soft cheeses comprise vitamin K; however, the hard ones contain more. Cheese is a loved ingredient we mainly use in pasta, pizzas, and burgers. We love licking off cheese from our fingers when we snack on these food items. However, overconsumption of cheese isn’t good for our health.

17 Cheese

18. Parsley

Parsley is primarily used for its flavors. It can be freshly chopped and used for garnishing our delicious recipes. It changes the flavors of our recipes, taking them to a higher level of appreciation. It is naturally loaded with vitamin K and helps our body to function well. Choose wisely to stay disease free.

18 Parsley

19. Cabbage

Cabbage can be cooked in various ways for yummy meals. It can be fried, made into pakodas, and served with a sweet and spicy sauce for appetizers. Cabbage is a natural source of vitamin K. Try to incorporate it into your regular cooking recipes for fantastic health benefits. Have it for a healthier self.

19 Cabbage

20. Bacon

Bacon is a delicious food item used in various recipes made for breakfast. In addition, it can be used to fill burgers and sandwiches for better health results. So don’t miss out on bacon if you’re a non-vegetarian food lover. Choose wisely and live a happy life. It can be slightly sauteed with local spices and used with other vegetables for delicious recipes.

20 Bacon