Top 20 Hidden Gems Of Street Food In Bangalore!

Top 20 Hidden Gems Of Street Food In Bangalore
Top 20 Hidden Gems Of Street Food In Bangalore

Bangalore is famous for heaps of reasons. The IT hub or startup capital, but what is less-known about Bangalore is that it has a variety of options of lip-smacking street food at very affordable rates. Today I bring you 20 such hidden gems of street food in Bangalore.


Did someone say street food? Bangalores hidden gem of street food list is incomplete without mentioning the infamous VV Puram food street. It is a paradise to all the food lovers looking for affordable and tasty street food available 24×7. The price of food starts from as low as ten bucks! It has a variety of stalls and shops stretched of a lane, a lot of unique cuisines like Rasugulla chat, Holige, Gobi Manchurian roll, fire pan, floating Pani Puri found on the menu.

Must try- Banana bhajis served with delicious green chutney at the Bhaji stall. Rasgulla chat and jalebi raabdi Chocolate pastry from VB baker Hot Badam milk Floating Pani Puri1

2 Veena Stores

Set up in 1977, It is a famous go-to place for anybody craving some authentic delicacies of the south. It has some mouthwatering dishes worth every penny! Sometimes the queue of this shop extends to a good 100 meters on weekends. The Veena store is also a place of interest for Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.2


Sunday morning, you wake up craving for some yummy dosa. CTR Is your place. Established in 1920, CTR is a popular name among the locals, famous for making the best benne masala dosa in town.

Must try- Benne masala dosa and filter coffee.3

4.Vidyarthi Bhavan

It is a 74-year-old establishment. There is a saying – OLD IS GOLD we can relate, here old is golden dosa. You will see waiters carrying plates of soppy and fluffy golden dosas with potato fillings inside and chutney on the side in a unique fashion. They serve the best dosa.

Must try -Masala dosa with butter.4

5. Sri Sairam Chats & Juice Centre

Located in Malleshwaram, It is a popular attraction to every street food lover. They serve delicious chats.

Must try- pani puri, chip chat, masala puri.5

6. Chatar Patar

Located in Jaynagar, This place offers a variety of options in Vada Pavs. They also have non-veg options in Vada Pav, at a very affordable price of 20-200rs.

Must try- Aloo, Schezwan and Paneer Vada Pav.6

7.Khan Saheb, Indiranagar

So it is raining again, the unpredictable Bangalore weather you crave some spicy and delicious rolls. If this sounds like you, then this place is made for you. Reasonably priced crunchy rolls and freshly grilled kebabs are their specialties.

Must try- Non-vegetarian-chicken Kathi wrap, double-egg chicken roll. Vegetarian options – Mixed vegetable-tikka roll, paneer roll and tikka, mushroom roll and tikka, baby corn tikka, and the veg roll.7

8. The Big Belly

Located in Malleshwaram, this place provides a variety of options in snacks and quick-bites on budget. With a beautiful ambiance and friendly staff, this is a popular hangout spot for friends.

Must try:Schezwan momos, pizza, loaded nachos, masala cold drink.8

9. Chetty Corner

It is impossible to leave this place out when we speak of the hidden gems of Bangalore. It is the first place to introduce Twistatoes to Bangaloreans.

Must try- Twist Atos with cheese, Nippat Bhel.9

10.99 Variety Dosa

You read that right. These food vans indeed serve 99 varieties of delicious Dosa Present in almost every street food junction. Do not miss a chance if you spot it! Must try- panner dosa,masala dosa,corn dosa10

11. Bangarpet Chats

The most infamous chat shop in Bangalore, The Pani Puri, and its Pani here is heavenly. A lot of outlets are present in Bangalore, but the taste is uniform everywhere.

Must try- Pani puri, floating Pani puri, masala puri11

12. WOW! Momos

Momos are popular street food in Bangalore. WOW, momos have many outlets in the city and provide many options when it comes to momos.

Must try- Darjeeling momos, sizzler12

13. Food Trucks- Hunger Chase

Many food trucks roam around the city. These are the most underrated street food option the city offers. One such food truck is the hunger chase! They have a variety of dishes; the Chinese food is delicious and on budget.

Must try – Schezuwan noodles, momos, mushroom chili.13

14.Hills Drive Café, Nandi Hills

Another long weekend, you wake up and decide to go to the most popular spot in Bangalore– Nandi hills. After reaching you realize you are hungry and have a budget constraint. Are you worried now? There is no need to be! We have it covered. Hills drive café, Nandi hills has a lot of options in budget. The Maggi here is delicious, on budget, and adequate in quantity.14

15. Raja Gobi, JP Nagar

Gobi Manchurian is a popular street food inside Bangalore. Every area has good Gobi stalls. One of them particularly stands out is the Raja Gobi located in JP Nagar.15

16. BBQ Ride

Located around Bangalore, they carry BBQ on bikes around the city, so when you spot one such BBQ, make sure to try it. They also have a seafood option available.

Must try- BBQ chicken strips.16

17. Corner House Ice Cream

“Macha corner house Hoganaa” is a common phrase you will hear when you see a group of friends craving ice cream. They serve delicious ice creams at a very affordable rate. The DBC(death by chocolate) is something to die for level good.

Must try- death by chocolate, chocolate sundae.17

18. Loafers Lane

This place is absolute bliss for every street food lover. They have a variety of options from Mexican Chaat to Bombay Sandwich, cupcakes, Momos.

Must try-Mexican chat, Mumbai veg sandwich, Masala Puri.18

19. Fanoos, Fraser Town

Located in Fraser town, this shop makes amazing shawarmas and sheik kababs. An ideal place to hang out with your buddies and munch some delicious shawarmas.

Must try-chicken shawarma.19

20.Karnataka Bhel House – Basavanagudi

Bhelpuri is a very famous snack of Bangaloreans. When we say the best Bhel, we mean Karnataka Bhel house. It’s a purely vegetarian and outdoor seating famous chat stall in Basavanagudi.

Must try- Bhel puri, aloo Dahi puri, Sev Puri, and masala puri.20