Top 20 Mexican Restaurants In Mumbai

Top 20 Mexican Restaurants In Mumbai

Mumbai is a melting pot of numerous communities, languages, and traditions. It’s famous for its dynamic energy, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India and Marine Drive. Mexican restaurants provide a tasty dining experience that reflects Mexico’s lively and savory cuisine. The atmosphere in these establishments typically reflects the bright and festive character of Mexican culture. Here are the top 20 Mexican Restaurants in Mumbai :

1.Quattro Ristorante

The name “Quattro” means “four” in Italian, and it refers to the four culinary influences that inspire their menu: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Indian. The interior environment of Quattro Ristorante is distinguished by its contemporary and stylish decor, which offers a welcoming and sumptuous eating scene. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and guacamole are on the menu, and they are typically served with rice, beans, and salsa.

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2.Sammy Sosa

The setting embodies the vibrant and happy spirit of Mexican culture, with colourful design, artwork, and traditional music playing in the background. Santa Fe Chicken, Cognac Pepper Fish, Verduras Verde, Papa Fritas, Habanero Cottage Steak, Texi Mexi, and Couscous Salad are best-sellers. Mexican desserts such as churros, flan, and tres leches cake round the dinner.

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3.Havana Cafe And Bar

Havana is a culinary paradise where the vibrant flavours of Mexico meet the calm flavours of the Caribbean. Reggae and salsa music fills the air, establishing the mood for a fantastic dining experience. The menu includes a wide range of dishes that highlight Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. Skilled mixologists create a variety of cocktails at the bar, such as a Caribbean sunset mojito or a spicy jalapeno margarita.

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4.Mexican Express

Mexican Express is your one-stop shop for a quick and delicious Mexican meal. Mexican recipes are customizable on the menu. Build-your-own tacos, burritos, bowls, and salads are available. Begin by choosing your protein, followed by various toppings such as guacamole, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and lime crema. Finish with a dash of spice from house-made salsas.

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5.New York Burrito

The skill of creating delectable burritos takes center stage at New York Burrito. As soon as you step in, you’re met with the tantalising aromas of sizzling meats, warm tortillas, and a variety of tantalising ingredients. There’s a burrito for everyone, whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, or somewhere in between. Spicy Ranchero Burrito, a blend of delicate barbacoa, scorching salsa, and chilled sour cream, is their signature burrito. Each burrito is a work of art, from the carefully selected ingredients to the professional assembly.

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6.El Rancho

El Rancho welcomes you to the heart of rustic elegance, where the authenticity of a traditional Mexican ranch meets the sophistication of a modern dining experience. Begin your dinner with classic appetizers such as guacamole and tortilla chips. The ranch-to-table concept is reflected in the main course options, which include premium cuts of beef grilled to perfection. For seafood lovers, there’s the catch of the day transformed into ceviche or grilled tacos overflowing with coastal tastes.

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7.Maiz Mexican Kitchen

Maiz Mexican Kitchen is a delectable culinary destination that encourages you to discover the original flavors of Mexico through a new perspective. Corn, or “maiz” in Spanish, the show’s star, serving as the base of numerous cuisines. The menu highlights the various flavors of Mexico, including slow-cooked carnitas with pineapple salsa and grilled prawns with avocado lime aioli. Their signature dish is street-style corn on the cob, charred to perfection and coated with rich Mexican crema and tangy cotija cheese.

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8.Poco Loco Khar

Poco Loco Khar’s meals are works of art that exemplify the passion and ingenuity of current Mexican cuisine. Poco Loco Khar’s enthusiasm is amplified further with live music nights and special events, creating an ambiance where every visit seems like a celebration. Poco Loco Khar’s cuisine is a gourmet experience that combines classic Mexican flavors with new culinary techniques.

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9.Cafe Duco

Cafe Duco is a charming and cozy haven where you may infuse your morning coffee ritual with the warmth of Mexican culture and the richness of its cuisine. Duco’s passion is set on making amazing coffee beverages with Mexican tastes and flair. From Frappe, Mocha to Horchata Latte, rice milk and Mexican chocolate are used to celebrate Mexican flavors. Mexican sweets and specialties such as conchas, champurrado, and jamoncillo are also available.

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10.Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s is a warm and enjoyable dining spot that combines superb food, a nostalgic ambiance, and a touch of entertainment. With colorful booths, old posters, and comic book art gracing the walls, the atmosphere emanates a joyful and retro vibe. Pop Tate’s menu offers a variety of cuisines. Braised Lamb Tacos, Birria Quesadilla, Chimichanga, Nota Fattoush, and Bean Fajitas are the best Mexican meals here.

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11.Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl is a fiery sanctuary that captures the passion and flavor of Mexican cuisine. The menu features bold flavours, colourful ingredients, and dynamic energy that awakens the senses. Begin your culinary trip with meals like Chicken Tapanede, Sea Bass Taco, Pulled Jackfruit Carnitas, Pork and Chorizo Fajitas, and Chipotle Paneer Bowl.

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12.Fiesta Bites

Fiesta Bites encapsulates the essence of celebratory Mexican street food in every bite. The interior is adorned with vivid murals, amusing pinatas, and vibrant papel picado banners that take you to another world. Every bite is an explosion of flavour and texture, from crispy empanadas and small street tacos to savoury elote and chile-lime roasted nuts. Quench your thirst with tropical fruit-infused agua fresca or indulge in a traditional Mexican soda.

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13.Canto Cafe And Bar

Canto invites you to appreciate Mexican culture with its robust flavors, inventive menu, and lively setting. The atmosphere combines contemporary design with humorous Mexican influences. The menu includes meals from all areas of Mexican cuisine. The bar is a mixologist’s dream, with a selection of cocktails reflecting the restaurant’s wacky attitude. The Mango Chilli Margarita and Crazy Pia Colada whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

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14.San Marzano

San Marzano beautifully blends the essence of Italy and Mexico in every delectable taste. On the menu are fusion dishes such as fettuccine Alfredo with poblano peppers and penne arrabbiata with habanero peppers and a thick tomato sauce. The Mexican menu features delectable street tacos, flavorful carne asada, delicate barbacoa, and spicy grilled seafood served in soft corn tortillas.

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15.Chilli’s Restaurant Grill And Bar

Walking inside Chili’s, you are greeted by an ambiance that combines casual comfort with vibrant feelings. The interior design is a mix of rustic and modern elements that set the tone for socializing over cocktails while cozy seats and tables accommodate groups of various sizes. Paprika and Mango Gazpacho, Cordero Picado, Patatas Bravas, Fish Harissa, and Paella Valenciana are among the best-sellers.

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Nacholicious is a savory paradise dedicated to making delicious nachos with a unique twist. The decor has bright colors, communal seating, and an open kitchen where you can see the nacho magic happen. From traditional nachos smothered in melted cheese and jalapenos to creative varieties like Mediterranean-inspired nachos with feta cheese, kalamata olives, and balsamic glaze or Asian-inspired nachos with teriyaki chicken, wonton strips, and ginger aioli.

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17.Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

Spessa is an extraordinary culinary destination that takes Mexican cuisine’s lively flavors to a realm of refined elegance. Each meal is meticulously planned to present traditional Mexican ingredients in unique ways that appeal to both the senses and the palate. Mexican flavours are elevated to a degree of creativity and elegance, from mole-drenched fillet mignon to a ceviche-tasting trio with unusual accompaniments like avocado foam and edible flower petals.

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18.Mexican Tapas Bar

The energy of a bustling Mexican market meets the charm of a traditional tapas bar. Wooden tables, colorful mosaic tiles, and ambient lighting adorn the space. The menu combines the notion of tapas with the robust, and distinct flavors of Mexican food. Try the chipotle shrimp skewers or the small sopes topped with pickled red onions, cotija cheese and cilantro. The signature Tropical Paloma, a blend of tequila, grapefruit juice, and tropical fruit puree, is a must-try.

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19.Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a popular location for folks looking for flavorful and convenient meals. It was formed on the idea of providing quick and affordable Mexican-style cuisine. The inside is brightly colored and has eye-catching patterns. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos are some signature products that customers can personalize. Taco Bell’s beverage menu features fountain drinks, frozen drinks and specialty drinks.

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Mexichino is a unique culinary idea that combines Mexican and Chinese flavors. Mexichino’s menu is an adventure that combines the best of both countries with meals such as Sichuan Tacos, Dumpling Empanadas, Kung Pao Burritos, and Sweet and Sour Tostadas. Mexichino’s flavour fusion is about achieving balance and harmony between two distinct culinary traditions and not just blending components.

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