20 Best Street Food Of Jammu

20 Best Street Food Of Jammu

Jammu is a union territory of India. It is renowned as the capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a well-developed city. It is famous for its salubrious and calm weather. It is known as a sightseeing city where you can find many different places to explore. It is also renowned for its luscious and enjoyable food. Jammu’s street food is so delicious that no one can beat its taste. Street food is heavenly food close to our hearts; it’s an emotion. They had a specialty in their street food; by doing so, they tried to connect to the Pahadi’s ethnicity.

1.Jammu Style Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal has a distinctive method for its preparation. Rajma has been cooked in two ways:

1) Cooked in curd

2) Cooked in tomato gravy

These two methods made it different from other State rajma chawal. It is topped with panner and ghee, which relishes its taste. It is such a Sunday brunch meal for them, which is so good in taste. It is also available at local stalls. Rajma Chawal is also known as the best Street food meal.


2. Kalhadi Kulcha

It is a local delicacy in Jammu. Kalhadi kulcha is a classical dish of the Udhampur district of Jammu. Kalhadi is the traditional name of cheese, which is served with kulcha. This dish is the best go-to option for your evening cravings.


3.Jammu Peethivali Aalo Tikki

We all have eaten Aalo Tikki, but Jammu; Aalo Tikki leaves your taste buds wanting more. It is filled with a balanced number of Spices and chutney. Moreover, they served it on the Patta, which enhances its taste more. Everyone tries it once in a lifetime.



Jammu is also famous for its sweet dessert. It is the best Street food dessert in Jammu. Pahadi’s people called it ” Jammu Ki Mithas, “everyone’s favorite sweet dish. Jalebi is the best option for dessert lovers.


5.Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda is one of the most cherished desserts. It is available in many varieties at the local Street shops named Lali Shah Kulfi at Resham Colony, known for its delectable kulfi Faluda.


6.Jammu Style Kulche Chhole

It is a local Tangled and delicious version of street food. Rajma is served with stuffy kulcha, yet it is a tasty combination. Rajma is mildly mixed with traditional spices, which makes it more delicious. Rajma Kulcha is the best breakfast meal for local people.


7.Rajma Kulcha

It is a local Tangled and delicious version of street food. Here, rajma is served with stuffy kulcha, yet it is a tasty combination. Here, rajma is mildly mixed with traditional spices, which makes it more delicious. It is the best breakfast meal for local people.



Ambal is a comforting Dogri dish. It is also called Khatta Meetha soup. This soup is made up of pumpkins and classical spices. It is available at local restaurants in Jammu.


9.Sund Panjeeri

Sund Panjeeri is a delightful, sweet dish. It comprises whole wheat flour and dry fruits, so it is a nutritious dessert. It is a winter-friendly dessert of Jammu. Pahalwan’s sweets in Jammu are famous for their heavenly Sund Panjeeri.


10.Dogri Malpuye

It is also known as sweet pancakes made with flour, jaggery, and honey. It is a very delicious and delightful street food in Jammu.


11.Kachalu Chaat

It is the famous chaat of Jammu. Their main ingredients for Kachalu chaat are boiled Kachalu, chaat masala, salt, and red chili. It is available at local stalls in Jammu. This dish is so good in taste.


12.Halwa Paratha

It is the most trending sweet dish in Jammu. It is an elementary and tasty street food. Here, halwa is stuffed in paratha, which enhances its taste. It is flavored with cardamon and pumpkin seeds.


13.Mutton Kebab

Mutton Kebab is a dish that comes from the Mughals times. It is a delicious and mouth-watering dish of Jammu. Kebab is a combination of gram flour and mutton. It relishes its taste.


14.Kimb Chaat

It is a particular type of chaat in Jammu. Kimb is a kind of big orange also the main ingredient of chaat. It is mainly known as the local Street chaat of Jammu. The Lemon juice is topped on Kimb Chaat for a tangy flavor.



It is known as an evening snack, which satisfies your evening cravings. It is a fluffy and flattened bread that is deep-fried. Chutney and tea are served with Khajla.


16.Dry Fruit Chikki

Jammu is also known for its heavenly dessert. Dry fruit Chikki is one of them. It is prepared with jaggery and dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and nuts. It is available at local shops in Jammu.


17.Kud Patisa

Kud Patisa is a delightful dessert of Jammu. It is made with Shudh desi ghee. Then, it is coated with dry fruits. It is readily available at local sweet shops.


18.Dum Aalo

It is an authentic and comforting dish of Jammu and Kashmir. It is prepared with baby potatoes and Indian masala. It is the best complement to naan or rice. It is a heavenly dish for those who love spicy food.


19.Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarama is a mouth-watering dish of Jammu, North India. It is the perfect choice for non-vegetarian lovers. This dish gives the heavenly combination of chicken bones with Indian spices flavor. It is the twisted version of chicken bone. The ingredients of this dish are onion, garlic, Tomato, cumin seeds, ginger, nuts, and red chili. It is such a wholesome street food meal of Jammu.


20.Makkhan Kulcha

Makkhan Kulcha is such a go-to Street food. It is famous for its delicacy with Makkhan. Here, local vendors are served kulcha with Makkhan, which enhances its taste. Kulcha is a fluffy bread that we use a lot of Makkhan on its top, which relishes its taste. It is a comforting delight. You can’t miss it.