Top 20 Indian Main Course Dinner For Party


Are you looking for menus to select the main cold dishes you should put on your party list? You can add several cuisines, apart from Indian cuisines, like Chinese, Continental, Thai, etc. But if you want to add Indian cuisine dishes to the main course especially, let me tell you that here is a list of the top 20 delicious and mouth-watering main course dishes for dinner to delight your guests.


Biryani is one of the oldest Indian cuisine recipes that originated during the rule of the Mughals in India. However, there is a more profound history behind preparing this aromatic rice recipe. It is designed in two parts. First, the yellow rise is ready, and then the white rice is prepared and mixed. Then the large pieces of chicken are cooked and added. You can also add boiled eggs and potatoes to it.



This is also a form of Nawabi dish that originated in India. It is a tortilla recipe in which the filling is made of chicken and other Indian spices. It is best served with Aloo Dum, an authentic Indian potato curry.


3.Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka is a delicious and spicy chicken recipe that you can prepare at home very quickly. You can keep the thickness of the curry as per your choice. A roasted flavor is added to the Tikka Masala once the dish is ready.


4.Butter Naan

This is also a form of tortilla recipe in which the tortilla uses yeast to bring flavor to this main course dish. It is very soft to taste and is best served with chicken butter masala or Chili Chicken.


5.Chicken Chaap

This is an authentic Indian Chicken Curry that is best served with chicken biryani. In this recipe, large pieces of chicken are used, and the main magic of the flavor lies in preparing the marinade. Once the chicken is marinated, cook it thoroughly using olive or mustard oil, and the dish is ready.



This is a form of Indian rice recipe in which the rice is cooked using Indian spices, and a unique aroma is added to the rice without adding any essence. Pieces of cardamom, cinnamon, cashew nuts, and raisins are added to the rice and served hot!


7.Jeera Rice

Jeera rice, also known as Cumin rice, is an Indian butter rice recipe, and the main ingredient used is cumin. You can add deep-fried onions to it and season it with melted butter on top.



This is a delicious South Indian recipe made of roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. You can make it spicy or keep it light as per your choice by adding spices, chili, and pepper to it. It will indeed be served as a fantastic delight to your guests.


9.Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is a creamy Indian gravy recipe, and the creaminess of the curry comes from adding yogurt. You can adjust the thickness of the curry as per your choice. If you want to keep it thicker, add less water and stalk. If you give it a light texture, add more water and stalk.



Paratha is an Indian flatbread recipe that is native to the entire South of Asia. It is served best with Aloo Dum, Tadka, or pickles. Top a spoon of butter or ghee on top of the hot Paratha and let it melt. This makes it even tastier!


11.Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is a form of Indian tortilla recipe that has a roasted flavor in it and is best served with chicken Bharta or chicken malai curry. The primary time is needed to prepare the dough, and then the roti is baked and served!


12.Rumali Roti

It is a long, soft, and very fine tortilla recipe considered an essential main course dish at Indian parties. It is also known as Manda and is served best with roasted chicken recipes, but it goes well with Tadka also.



Tadka is a form of spicy and tasty Punjabi Curry prepared using lentils, mustard oil, ghee, Ginger, garlic, onion, chili, tomatoes, turmeric powder, and red chili powder. It goes best with rumali roti or tandoori roti.


14.Sambhar Vada

This is an authentic South Indian main course dish that is served to guests at parties. This is a form of Vada recipe that is filled with Sambar, a South Indian tamarind veggies curry, and coconut chutney. Use tissue paper to soak the oil of the fried Vada.


15.Chole Bhature

Chole-Bhature is an Indian recipe that is most common at Indian parties and is served as a combination of chana masala and puri, another deep-fried Indian flatbread. Channa Masala is a spicy curry prepared using lentils and Indian spices.



Luchi is a Bengali cuisine main course dish that is very prevalent in Bangladesh as well. It is best served with Aloo Dum or Chicken Kosha, a Bengali chicken curry recipe.


17.Dahi Chawal (Curd Rice)

Most of you might think rice is eaten as a healthy recipe and is not served at parties. But let me tell you that curd rice is done as a spicy rice recipe in many states of India. You can add extra curd to the rice to make it even creamier. Spiciness comes from adding dried red chilies, hing, and Curry leaves.



It is a South Indian bread recipe that is initially textured in the form of crepe bread. It looks similar to a dosa, but it’s prepared using green gram batter. You can serve it as a snack or a main course dish along with coconut chutney as per your choice.



Pulihora is an Indian recipe that is tamarind rice, and the main ingredients used are rice, curry leaves, mustard seeds, urad dal, lemon, and tamarind. If you want to keep it sour, add tamarind only. But if you’re going to make it sweet and sour, then you have to add jaggery to it.


20.Indian Style Chicken Curry

There’s nothing much to say about this recipe, but it is regarded as a ritual to serve chicken curry as a main course dish at every Indian party.