Top 20 Indian Picnic Dishes


The Festival has started. They brought many holidays to all who aren’t having any festivals in their house. However, in India, the lights in one’s house make ten neighboring houses bright. This signifies the rich culture of India. But still, there are days when we have nothing to do. How much time will we sit before the laptop watching those boring Netflix shows? Come on, let’s be excited and go out hiking. Let’s ride to the mountain, to the nearby lake, to an unknown destination. This tripping will give you lots of happiness and refreshment. Plus, you can try the top 20 Indian Picnic Dishes. Let’s see what they are.


You cannot argue with me for placing Paratha first on the top 20 Indian Picnic Dishes. It deserves to be there. When you carry Paratha, you don’t need to take Rotis and Sabzi separately. It is a two-in-one dish. Plus, it is stomachfilling, easy to eat, and easy to transport, and everyone loves it. Try taking a chocolate Paratha for your next picnic.

2.Desi Namkeen

Desi Namkeen includes bhujjiya, shivaiiya, chips, farsan, gathiya, Kurkure, and more. Mostly, they come in packed foods. Indians prefer taking branded foods from Haldiram or Balaji. This is a ritual during picnics. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Indian Picnic Dishes.

3.Chakli And Jalebi

Now Chakli and Jalebi are famous and opposite-tasting dishes. However, you can include both in your picnic cuisine. Make sure Jalebi goes into an air-tight container. A similar goes with Chakli. Henceforth, you can serve sweet and spicy at the same time.

4.Onion Fries

You must have had onion rings in your picnic box. However, we have Onion fries in India. These are Gram Flour and Onion mixture. They fry it in oil and the crunchy Onion fries are ready. You can enjoy it with sauce, chutney, bread, or all by itself. You can even make it to the picnic spot.

5.Chapati Rolls

Chapati Rolls is a complete homemade dish. Mothers use Potato Sabzi, Jam, Butter, Sugar, Coconut filling, and more. Plus, This is a favorite dish of all the children in the group. They try experimenting with it using tomato ketchup, tea, coffee, etc.


Basically, they are veg and non-veg. Non-veg cutlets have mashed chicken or fish with other veggies and spices. The veg one has only veggies. Personally, I like the veg cutlet. They are easy to carry. Cutlets go well with curd, sauce, chapatis, rotis, or bread. Henceforth, you can add them to your picnic basket.

7.Rava Cake

Homemade Rava or semolina cake is an all-time favorite for many people. Basically, people carry fruit cakes, sponge cakes, cupcakes, and so on. Rava cake is an Indian twist to the cake. You can make it at home. It is easy to transport, stays for a long time, and is delicious.


Thepla is Paratha’s younger brother. Just kidding!! Basically, Paratha comes from Punjab. Whereas, Thepla comes from Gujarat. It is a good picnic dish. Furthermore, it is nutritious to a high level. It goes well with any sabzi or sauces.

9.Peanut Chikki

You can take Peanut Chikki for a tinge of sweetness. It fulfills the protein requirements of the body. You can eat it while driving, dancing, eating, trekking, walking, or doing almost anything. During a picnic, Peanut Chikki becomes the energy drink for your body.


Chorafali is a Gujarati namkeen dish. It is similar to Fafda. Plus, You can take it for your picnic. Everyone alone will love its taste, texture, and crunchiness so much. You can make it at home and pack it into an air-tight container. Do give it a try and let us know what you feel.

11. Bhel

A picnic without Bhel is incomplete. Bhel has puffed rice, onion, tomatoes, chili, spices, dried mangoes, coriander, and more. This is a stomach-filling dish. Children and adults both like it a lot. Majorly, beach parties and picnics have Bhel in their picnic trunk. It is a symbolic dish for such open places.

12. Khakra

You will see Khakra in every Gujarati house. They even like carrying it wherever they go. Hence, they bring it to the picnics too. Khakra is as similar to Fafda. The difference between them lies in the ingredients present in them. They are deep-fried goodies with lots of taste. Henceforth, You can pack it into an air-tight container. This way, Khakra will not break apart into pieces.

13. Omelette And Bread

Now, this dish has the essence of some foreign countries. Basically, it is like French toast. However, here the bread has a coat of mixed eggs. Deep fry this bread and serve it with ketchup. It is a perfect dish to take to a picnic. It goes well with maple syrup too.

14. Laddoo

There is a large variety of laddoos in India. Some of them are healthy.  Some are not healthy. It’s up to you which one you want to take. Mostly, people take Peanut, Sev, Rava, Besan, or Poha Laddoo for picnics. Some nutritionist prefers to carry a protein ball with them. While some people switch to a completely unhealthy cycle. They bring fried Kachori balls.

15. Sandwich

I won’t say a Sandwich is an Indian dish. However, Indians have tried their best to modify it in their way. Henceforth, an Indian version of a Sandwich can go into your picnic box. Now, there is a large variety in that too. Hence, make sure you take something you will love to eat. It should make your tummy feel good too.

16. Banana Wafer

Some readers might think I missed this dish. No, it is not possible. People might forget their toothbrushes. But they will never forget the banana wafer while going on a picnic. A banana wafer is a favorite dish of many. It is a timepass dish. Plus, it provides us with fruit nutrition too. However, having too much banana wafer can make you obese and lazy.

17. Aam Panna

Talking about food, the seventeenth dish we have is Aam Panna. Everyone loves this refreshing Raw Mango Juice. It is very relishing in the hot summer times. You can take it with you while going to humid places for a picnic. We know beaches are cold. However, hot summers make beaches catch up to higher degrees. Here the Aam Panna stands to be useful as a refreshment.

18. Chivda

Chivda is a Maharashtrian namkeen dish. Chivda can be of Poha, Corn flakes, Puffed rice, and mixed ingredients. Basically, you can take Chivda for your picnic and enjoy it while watching the beautiful scenes. Children might like Chivda. Mostly, aged people love it.

19. Cup Noodles

Currently, Cup Noodles are in huge trend. All they need to be ready in warm water. If you are going for a couple’s date picnic, then Cup Noodles are your answer. They will fill your stomach and leave you with a pleasant taste too. One-time consumption of Cup Noodles is never harmful.

20. Chocolates

Last in the top 20 Indian Picnic foods we have, Chocolates. Take them with you for your picnic. Give it randomly and see the happiness it will bring on everyone’s face. It is a wonderful boost to the maybe tiring trip.