Top 20 Indian Restaurants In New Jersey

Top 20 Indian Restaurants In New Jersey

Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines, from traditional recipes to contemporary dishes. It is healthy and delicious and offers an exceptional experience to diners. Food lovers from all over the world have loved Indian cuisine. There are almost 80,000 Indian restaurants in the USA. New Jersey has a vast range of restaurants serving Indian food. These restaurants bring the taste of India and extend their hospitality to the diners. They provide the opportunity for food lovers to get a taste of the spectacular Indian cuisine and for Indians living there to get a taste of their home. Want to experience spicy and rich Indian food? Here are 20 places where you can taste the flavour of India in New Jersey.

1.Sonny’s Indian Kitchen

Sonny’s provides the best quality flavour dishes. Sonny is a wonderful and generous host who extends warm Indian hospitality towards the diners and ensures everyone has a great time. The loving and relaxing environment, the unmatched hospitality, and the authentic flavour of Indian cuisine guarantee a memorable experience. Recommended dishes include Mango Coconut Shrimp, Sonny’s Butter Chicken, and Lamb Biryani.

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2.Paheli Indian Cuisine

The Blokhra Family runs this place in Wayne, NJ. It is a hidden treasure located in a strip mall in Wayne. It offers an extensive range of North Indian food and mouth-watering South Indian cuisine. The customer service is excellent, coupled with a warm and clean environment. Menu favourites include Goan Shrimp Curry, Masala Roast, Murg Malai Kebab, and Butter Chicken.

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3.Hyderabad Spice

This place is relatively new and started in June 2021. It is situated in Matawan. It serves outstanding North and South Indian dishes. This place guarantees a delicious meal with excellent service and friendly servers. Favourites include Samosa Chat, Hyderabad Chicken Curry, Pomfret Fish, and Chetinnad Chicken. Their biryani is a must-try.

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4.Korai Kitchen

It is considered the best Indian-Bangladeshi restaurant in New Jersey. This place provides delicious and mouth-watering home-cooked dishes. These are pocket-friendly and delightful. The staff is knowledgeable, kind and give good recommendations. The owner, Nur-E, is very welcoming, and her father, Rahman, cooks everything. It is a take-out only restaurant. Recommended dishes include Goat Curry, Chicken Korma, Fried Hilsha, Sweet Saffron Rice (jorda), and Rice pudding (phirni).

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5.Cilantro Garden

This place is known for its South Indian food. Food is served fresh and perfectly seasoned. It is accommodating to customer choices. It has a friendly environment and generous servers. It offers vegetarian meals along with seafood, goat, lamb, etc. Goat Biryani, Lasooni Gobi appetizer, Masala Dosa, Malai Kofta, Gongura Goat, and House Curry and House Curry are menu standouts.

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6.Mount Masala Himalayan Cuisine Indo-Chinese Style Restaurant

It is an excellent spot for lunch and dinner. The staff is friendly and helpful. This place serves fresh food sprinkled with the essence of Himalayan culture. The site provides reasonable prices for its outstanding food and generous portions. Favourites include Rose ice cream, Shrimp Snowballs, Himalayan Crab Makai Soup, Beef Manchurian Dry, and Shrimp Hakku Bakku Fried Rice.

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7.Chennai Flavours Food Truck

Chennai Flavours offers pocket-friendly authentic South Indian food in Jersey City. The food is delicious, and it provides a variety of options. This place remains open for only 4 hours in the evening till 11 pm. It is famous for its famous Kati rolls and dosas. Some must orders include Mysore Masala Dosa, Kothu paratha, and Paneer Kathi roll.

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8.Begum Palace Indian Cuisine

It opened about 25 years ago. It offers spectacular food, and one can choose from many options with the help of the friendly and attentive staff. The ambiance is lovely. Begum Palace offers Indian cuisine with a hint of Western flavours. Diners love Mango Lassi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Channa Masala, and Aloo Gobi.

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9.Tabla Fine Indian Cuisine

Tabla is situated in downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey. It offers dishes from different regions of India. It has a warm and hospitable ambiance. The service is brilliant and friendly. This place provides mouth-watering appetizers and excellent curries. The meat served is fresh and perfectly cooked with sizable portions. Must-haves include Lamb Vindaloo, Rice pudding, Paneer Tikka, Lamb Curry, Butter Paneer, and Malai kofta.

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10.Spice Bazaar – Modern Indian Dining

It offers an excellent dining experience with a contemporary outlook on Indian cuisine. They have a creative presentation of the dishes. They have mouth-watering veg and non-veg options. The atmosphere is intimate and comfortable. The service is impeccable, and the owners and staff are very hospitable. Highly recommended dishes include Traditional Butter Chicken, Crispy Cauliflower, and Spinach Chat.

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11.Sapthagiri-Taste Of India

This restaurant offers an all-vegetarian menu specializing in South and North Indian street foods. They serve a breakfast buffet every weekend and provide dosa and chat nights on Wednesdays in the evening. It is a pocket-friendly place that offers a variety of dosa like Mysore Masala Dosa, Onion Chilly Rava Masala Dosa, etc. Other must-haves include Gobi 65, Vegetable Korma, Masala Vada, and Chilli Chat.

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This place specializes in North Indian cuisine and offers a wide range of curries, meat, fish, and a wide variety of bread. Menu standouts include Vegetable Kebabs, Chicken Makhan, and Tandoori Chicken. They have an elegant ambiance with an attentive wait staff, which makes the experience perfect. Rasoi offers take-out, in-house dining, and catered events.

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13.Punjabi Rasoi

It provides the best Punjabi food in New Jersey. It offers a wide assortment of crispy, delicious pakoras. This place guarantees a fantastic experience due to the excellent service and comfortable interior. This place provides veg and non-veg options and the famous Makki Roti and Sarso da Saag. Other must-tries include Veg Kolhapuri, Onion kulcha, and Malai Kofta. They have many mouth-watering desserts like Rasmalia, Moong Dal Halwa, and Gajar Halwa.

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14.Brick Lane Curry House

This place offers excellent food, hospitable staff, and a cosy ambiance. It has one of the best collections of creative cocktails. Menu highlights include Tandoori Shrimp, Imlee Champe, and Korma Curry. Their food is spicy but delicious. Brick Lane Curry House has a ‘phaal’ challenge, where diners try to finish an extremely spicy curry, claimed to be the spiciest in the world by this restaurant, and it is “more sweat and pain than flavour.” Mango Lassi is awarded to those who complete this challenge.

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15.Moghul Express

They offer traditional and authentic Indian foods and many creative fusion dishes. They have an open kitchen where dinners can see the kebabs grilling. They offer buffets many days a week. Some menu highlights include Tandoori Paneer Makhani Pizza, Lamb Vindaloo, and Orange Kulfi. They have a new addition, that is, the bake shop. They also offer Golden Milk, which has been part of the Indian culture for years.

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The word “swadist” means delicious in Sanskrit, and they are true to their words. It offers traditional Indian food with a calm and relaxing ambiance. The staff is excellent and friendly. They offer a variety of options with sizable portions. Favourite options on the menu include Malai Kofta, Malai Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Jalfrezi, and Gulab Jamun. Diners have complimented the Masala Lemonade.

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It is known extensively for its creative cocktail menu and authentic Indian cuisine, especially from North India. The entire restaurant has elegant decor, which includes a modern take on the Mehndi designs. They offer an assortment of tandoor dishes. Some diners’ favourites include Shrimp appetizers, Chocolate Lava Cake, Dal Mehndi, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

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18.The Nizam’s

This is a perfect place for fine dining. It offers a fusion of North and South Indian foods. They offer different types of kebabs and kormas. The menu favourites include Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Lamb Ashari, Shaam Savera, Chili Shrimp, and Lamb Seekh Kebabs. The Nizam’s special Kulfi and the Kheer are a must-try. The ambiance of the restaurant is excellent, and the interior is decorated beautifully.

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19.Biryani Pot

It offers authentic Indian cuisine, freshly made and perfectly cooked. The food is flawless and has ideal spiciness. This place nails the Hyderabadi flavours in each dish. Chicken Dum biryani is delicious and a must-try. Some of the favourites include Shrimp Tikka Masala and Chicken 65. The atmosphere is warm, with a simple but chic ambience. The staff is kind and generous.

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20.Delhi Garden

It offers North and South Indian cuisine, like Samosas, Lamb dishes, and seafood. The food is freshly made, spectacular, and pocket-friendly. The ambiance is excellent and cosy. The must-haves include Tandoori Soya Chap, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chicken Makhani. Lamb bhuna is one of the diners’ favourite dishes.

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