Top 20 Indian Restaurants in Seoul, South Korea

Top 20 Indian Restaurants in Seoul South Korea
Top 20 Indian Restaurants in Seoul South Korea

The Land of the Morning Calm, Korea is worldwide best-known for its attention-grabbing culture, hospitable locals, dazzling landscapes and unimaginable tourist attractions. As long as you step within the country, you may have a great deal of attractive stuff to try and do and places that you simply will explore on your vacation. And once you get those hunger pangs within the middle of exploring the country, you’ll simply realize a lot of great restaurants wherever you’ll relish a tasty meal. hard to believe however, there is a lot of Indian restaurants in Korea that serve authentic and luscious Indian delicacies! Thus, if you’re keen on the style of ancient Indian food then you have to inspect this list of Indian restaurants in South Korea.

1.Jyoti Indian Restaurant

Jyoti Restaurant offers its clients Indian and Vegetarian cuisines. The fine service is a great plus point of this restaurant. Each dish served here has attractive prices. The main attractions of this restaurant are the lovely atmosphere and spectacular decor. Some of the must-try dishes here are garlic naans, tandoori naan and dal makhani.


2.Amma Indian Restaurant

Amma Indian Restaurant is the best among the best restaurants. This restaurant has a peaceful environment and the staff here are very friendly and good at their service. It has a really special interior and ambience. Every food served here is excellent at a very reasonable price. It is one of the must-visit places with friends or family.


3.Luna Asia – Indian Restaurant

Luna Asia is one of the best value for money restaurants  in terms of what $ 10 can buy you in Seoul.Here you can experience the feel of typical dhaba in India which are very common on national highways there. Luna Asia has a simple but beautiful ambience. This place is a must visit for those who like Indian food.


4.New Delhi Indian Restaurant

New Delhi Indian Restaurant has a very homely atmosphere and allows guests to relax after a day full of hard work. The highlight of this place is the terrific staff who work hard, have a positive attitude and make this place wonderful. You will like reasonable prices. Modern decor helps the clients relax. One must try good naan, tandoori chicken and lamb masala. Most reviewers say that you can drink delicious lassi or great masala chai in New Delhi.


5.Chakra Authentic Indian Restaurant

Chakra Authentic Indian Restaurant is located far away from the city but it is worth a visit. They serve good Tamilnadu style food. The idli tastes good while the sambar is very authentic. A must visit place where you can experience and enjoy delicious South Indian food. They also do have a good collection of wine and beer.


6.Little India Seoul

Little India is a well-known Indian restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for both locals and foreigners. It has an exotic atmosphere with everything from the interior, utensils to dishes decorated in traditional Indian style. The most popular dishes from the menu here that you must try are tandoori chicken and curry.


7.OTSAL Authentic Indian Cuisine

Located close to the biggest university in Korea, Seoul National University, OTSAL Authentic Indian Cuisine is one of the best restaurants in Seoul. They have English menus and Indian staff who of course know English. A special feature of this restaurant is the special vegetarian menu that is available to you on request. They serve complimentary papad, Korean rice, masala tea and salads. The service is fantastic.

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8.Bombay Grill (Halal Indian Restaurant)

If you want to try Indian and Malaysian cuisines, get your chance and come to this restaurant. The service provided by the kind and hardworking staff is something that people like here. The price of each dish served here is attractive as the quality of food is much better as compared to the price. A must visit place to enjoy tasty tandoori chicken, chicken biryani and naan.


9.Gurkha Indian Restaurant

Gurkha Indian Restaurant serves meat as well as vegan. It is a Tibetan and Indian food restaurant with marked vegetarian offerings. The staff here can speak English. Some of the must-try dishes here are noodle soup, stir-fried noodles, stir-fried potato, papadam, curry, stir-fried rice.


10.Delhi India (Indian Restaurant & Bar)

At this place, you can get some Indian cuisines with piquant flavours. Delhi India has a beautiful decorations. Some of the dishes people enjoy eating here and refer to others are perfectly cooked chicken and tasty naan. This restaurant has the most appealing staff. Service at Delhi INDIA is something one can call good.


11.Taj Taste of India

It is a large, fancy Indian restaurant on multiple floors. Typical Indian dishes menu, with sections for vegetarian food. The ambience of the restaurant is really good. The dishes are very rich tasting and true to the traditional Indian kitchen. The prices of dishes served here are a bit high but the quality of each dish is top-class that makes this place worth a visit.


12.Everest Curry World

You can discover new dishes of Indian cuisine is Everest Curry World.  This is a restaurant that has fine decor and a very calm and charming atmosphere. Some of the must-try dishes served here that you must try are good chicken curry, naan and gat. Great milk tea is also one of the decent choices you must try. People appreciate this restaurant for its spectacular service.


13.Indoro Restaurant

If you are thinking in a meat-heavy Seoul there are no Indian restaurants that serve vegetarian food then you are wrong, Indoro Restaurant is a restaurant that serves Indian vegetarian food in Seoul. If you are a vegetarian then it’s worth visiting. This restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian Indian options and a bell on the table to summon a waiter. There is a  cinema screen on the wall of this restaurant that shows Indian movies. Here they serve good value food. The place is really clean and the menus they provide are in English. A must visit place in Seoul if you enjoy having Indian Vegetarian food.

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14.Om Indian Restaurant & Cafe

restaurant OM Restaurant & Cafe located in Gwanghwamun area serves both Nepal & Indian food. This restaurant serves authentic Indian curry that is made using imported spices from India. The Chefs who work here are Indian and Nepal with more than 10 years of career experience. They follow traditional local recipes and cook food using stoves that are made in India. The restaurant produces an exotic atmosphere as it is decorated with traditional Indian sculptures and Indian style ornaments.


15.Pooja Restaurant

This is an Indian/Nepalese restaurant that offers a combination of the two cuisines. The portions of the meal served here are generally enough for two people, and the food is very well prepared and tasty. The prices you pay for a meal you have here are very reasonable. The owners and the staff are very friendly at Pooja Restaurant. This is one of the many Indian restaurants you must give a try when you visit Seoul.


16.Aangan Restaurant

This is a fantastic Indian restaurant. The speciality of AANGAN Restaurant is that they have Indian chefs who provide traditional Indian and Nepalese food. The interior at this place makes you feel that you are not in Korea but India. The smooth and classic Indian music played here blares out from the side of the within.


17.Ganga Gangnam

Ganga Gangnam is the right place where you can enjoy Indian taste. The ambience is very Indian. They have fixed meals for locals who can’t choose from the menu, and for Indians who are eager to enjoy an Indian meal this place is ideal to select from the excellent menu that they have. Once you visit this restaurant it will become your favourite Indian restaurant as this is the place where you pay the right price for a full meal.

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18.Agra Indian Dining Restaurant Jamsil

Agra Indian Dining Restaurant Jamsil is one of the best places to have Indian food as the food is tasty.The food served here has wonderful interplay of flavours and beautiful presentation. Efficient service and nice ambience is another reason to visit this restaurant.The atmosphere is quiet and there are very few disturbances. This is a nice place to have Indian cuisine. When you visit here you must try the chicken Masala and chai tea.


19.Persian Queen

A very small restaurant where you can feel like you own it for yourself. Persian Queen Restaurant has amazing food and excellent customer service. They have very good deals on their lunch special. The food portions served here are generous.  Music played at this place is unique and comfortable. The owner of this restaurant is very kind and attentive. The chef is very nice and a good cook.


20.Nirvana Indian Kitchen

Nirvana Indian Kitchen has a wonderful menu of Indian cuisine under the direction of their great chef. The staff here provide prompt service and this is best known for its service. You must visit this place if you desire to have good butter chicken, biryani and lamb. The great lassi served here will make your meal tastier and you’ll surely go back to this restaurant once you get a taste of it.

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